Gosu Gewkie

Welcome to Envision. Last update: 02.18.02

Gosu Gewkie

Function in the Envision group: Lending a helping hand to the Envision members whenever they may need it. Repeatedly insists he's not a member of Envision Cosplay. 

Skills: Computer whiz, able to do the cool Saitou voice, knowing Cantonese, able to think up lazy ways to do things like drink from Carl's Jr. cups.

Weaknesses: Dogs.

Likes: Anime, computers, Love Hina . . .


Dislikes: Dogs, UCR, and hugs. 

Favorite Anime: FLCL. 

Least Favorite Anime: Gravitation . . . why didn't anyone tell me?

Favorite Manga: Love hina/Dna^2.

Least Favorite Manga: FLCL. 

Favorite Song: It's not really a song rather a piece, "Air."

Favorite thing to scream:  "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

Favorite weapon:  A spork.

Favorite phrase:  "My ass it is."

Favorite curse word:  Fudge.

Favorite drink: Anything that doesn't have wierd jello things in it. Damn you, Orbitz.

Favorite number:  The one after infinity.

Favorite time of day:  Any time that involves food.

Favorite place:  On the roof at night.

Favorite mecha:  Unit 01.

Favorite element:  Fire 'cause it cooks my food. Most of it anyways.

Favorite color:  Black, yea I know it's not a color.

Favorite fruit:  There's nothing you can't do with a pineapple.

Favorite scent:  I'm allergic to scents.

Favorite animal:  Definitely not dogs but cows are cool.

Favorite anime villain:  O_o.

Favorite manga villain:  ::shrugs::.

Favorite bishoujo/bishonen:  Does Naota count?

Favorite anime/manga couple:  Akito and Sana.

Favorite movie (non-anime): Um, Braveheart?

Favorite cereal:  Lucky Charms all the way.

Favorite flower:  Allerigies.

Favorite artist/band:  Megumi Hayashibara.

Other favorite artists/bands:  Deltron.

Favorite gum flavor:  Fruit punch.

Favorite tea:  Green tea, the type they serve at Yoshinoya.

Favorite season:  Winter.

Favorite ice cream flavor:  It's all good except that weird green tea.

Favorite book (non manga):  Les Miserables or Brave New World.

Favorite restaurant:  Norm's . . . so much food! ^^v!

Favorite fast food joint:  I guess Carl's Jr.

Favorite music to sleep or nap by (that is, if you even listen to music then):  Doesn't matter.

What do you think of cell phones?:  Annoying.

What do you think of boy bands?:  We should strap them to chairs and let Shougo play with them with his maggot hand.

What do you think of Japanese boy bands?:  They're boys?

What's the funniest Japanese commercial or advertisement you've seen?:  Anything that deals with McDonalds.

What do you fear?:  Myself, dogs, and touchy feely people like Shorty.

What bothers you?:  Dogs and hugs.

What's the best meat you've ever eaten?:  It all tastes the same.

What is your taunt of choice?:  ::shakes fist::.

What's one thing you wouldn't mind doing each day:  Not sleeping.

What's one thing you do each day:  Not sleep.

What languages do you know or are studying/have studied?:  Fluently: nothing, Pieces here and there: just about everything.

What kind of shoes do you like?:  Shoes that fit and don't hurt my feet.

What size shoe do you wear?:  9.5-11 depending on the brand.

What's the funniest anime/manga picture you've seen? (not including fanart): The character intro for FLCL.

What's the funniest piece of fanart you've seen?:  I refuse to look at fanart.

What one thing do you need each morning to wake up?:  My eyes.

What do you do when you're angry?:  Go outside, sit, and think.

What games do you like playing?:  Anything entertaining.

Do M&M's really melt in your mouth and not in your hand?:  Never gave them a chance to do so.

Do you listen to J-pop?:  May as well.

If so, what bands or artists?:  Utada Hikaru.

Do you want to go to the moon?:  Yes so I can carve my name there so all the martians can see.

Do you watch dorama's?:  Nope.

If so, what's your favorite?:  Read above.

Do you watch Iron Chef?:  Why not, gives me something to do.

Which Iron Chef is your favorite?:  Dunno, I always watch the Japanese version.

Do you know Japanese?:  Nani?

How about Hiragana?:  Oro?

Katakana?:  Ara?

How's your kanji?:  I think he's in a coma.

Do you watch sumo?:  Yes because they're sexy.

Do you get carsick if you read in a moving vehicle?: Very.

Do you like rain?:  So long as I'm in a nice warm place.

Do you get lost a lot?:  Unfortunately.

Do you like Asuka from Eva?:  Sure why not.

If not, what would you have liked to have seen done to her?:  Read above.

Do you think Shishio really could've won against Kenshin?:  Doubtful, Kenshin had to fight two times before the crusty scab.

Do you draw fanart?:  Stick figures count?

Do you write fanfiction?:  Me no Engrish.

Can you do the Junk Boy dance from Maze?:  I can only do jigs.

Do you even know what the Junk Boy dance is?:  I don't even know what a dance is..

Do you DDR?: I tried.

Do you DDR well?:  I sat down and used my butt.

Do you like subtitles?:  I don't dislike them.

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?: 672.

How fast can you read subtitles?:  I'm done before they finish talking.

How many things can you do at one time?:  Many things.  How many can I do at the same time with efficiency?  Not many.

How many pillows do you have when you sleep?:  One.

How many wall scrolls do you have?:  3, I think.

How many anime cards do you have?:  More than I want.

How many anime CD's do you have?:  4 or 5.

How many manga do you have?:  10 or so.

How many other things anime related do you have?:  More than I wish to count.

How DID Hitomi's pager manage to operate on Gaea?:  Really good service unlike this verizon crap.

How many Miaka's can you see before getting sick?:  What's a Miaka?

How many episodes of Fushigi Yuugi can you watch before throwing up?:  I won't throw up. I've seen Gravitation.

How many languages can you sing in?:  I can't sing.

If you had (or have) a league of bishoujo/bishonen, who would you include?: 
Naota and Canti.

If your life had a theme song or BGM, what would it be?:  Blink 182 - dammit.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?:  Somewhere where the night sky is clear and it's warm..

If you could have a different hair color, what color would you choose?: Blue.

If you could seiyuu for any anime title, what role would you pick and why?: Someone with a super monotone voice.

What other roles would you love to seiyuu for?:  I can't do any others.

If Kenshin and Van fought, who'd win?:  Kenshin 'cause Van is a lil sissy.

If Balgus and Hiko fought, who'd win?:  Hiko 'cause Balgus is old and has too big of a sword.

If you had to spell the main pilot from Gundam Wing's name, how would you spell it?:  Hiro?

If Envision had a mascot, what would it be?:  A sloth or some type of retarded drooling slow creature.

If you were in a J-pop band, what would the band's name be?:  Apathy.

If you had an animated conscience, you'd pick: Babbit, Good/Bad Excel, etc?: Babbit 'cause I can eat him if I get hungry.

Name a habit you wish you could kick:  Sleep.

Name a few things you're proud of:  Sucking a blizzard through a straw.

Name some things you wish you could do:  Punch people and get away with it.

Name a song (if any) you listen to when angry:  Air.

Things you find yourself humming:  Anime endings.

You can't go anywhere without:  My feet.

Powers:  The ability to suck things through straws.

Anime seen (not complete list):  Everything on my cds.

Pepsi or Coke?:  They taste the same I say.

Have any favorite Japanese actors?:  Nope.

Things from anime that come in handy:  Chopsticks.

Things from anime you wished you had:  The ability to hurt people and get away with it..

Last movie you saw in a movie theater (or mock theater i.e.: AX2000 style): Can't remember the title. Some stupid patriotic American movie.

Ever broken anything valuable?:  Hehe, the corolla.

Are you dangerous in the kitchen?:  Only if I'm cooking.

Coolest anime/manga villain:  Kaoru, if you can call him a villain.

Common words or phrases:  "Ahhh" and "Not really."

Sport of choice:  Monitor staring.

Can you sleep sitting up?:  Yes. I can even sleep upside down.

Who's costume from anime/manga would you love to have?:  Meh.

Would you rather sleep on a futon or on a regular bed?:  Beds 'cause they're softer.

Powers you wish you had:  Didn't we go over this already?

Weird quirks:  Sleep walking.

Funny moments:  Walking into a pole.

Random words of advice:  "If a cucumber has jello, multiply 2 by 10."

You wish you had:  A nice piece of cheesecake.

Is anyone or anything "out to get you?":  Everyone, particularly Shougo, Otaku In Training, Shorty and possibly Hitomi >_> <_<.

Can you count?:  With numbers?

What do you think of math?:  1 + 1 = go away.

The anime/manga character you're most like is:  Shinji Ikari.

The anime/manga character you most resemble is:  The ape from Vandread.

The anime character you sound like is: Saitou I guess.

Clothes you often wear or enjoy wearing:  My grey turtle neck sweater and a pair of black slacks.

One thing you would change about yourself is:  My one hair spike that always sticks up.

One person I'd like to meet in person is:  Someone with telepathy so I could steal their brain and take out the telepathy part and put it in my brain.

One person I did meet is:  Hitomi.

Inside jokes:  Not really.

Things you say too frequently but can't help:  Not really.

Bad habits:  Insomnia and drinking outta several straws.

Are you a hard worker?:  Only if I have others depending on me.

The most annoying anime character is:  Anything from Digi Charat.

The anime character you think has no purpose at all is: Anything from Digi Charat or Tiny Snow Sugar Fairy.

Weirdest anime you've seen:  Damn FLCL.

Funniest anime you've seen: Excel Saga.

Sadest anime you've seen:  X TV is pretty up there.

Happiest anime you've seen:  Digi Charat.

Most pointless or boring anime you've seen:  Digi Charat.

Anime series you couldn't help but make fun of:  Digi Charat.

Something you do that bugs you:  Insomnia.

Favorite seiyuu: Megumi Hayashibara.

Who is better? Tomoe or Kaoru?:  Tomoe I say.

Can you cook? If so, what foods?:  Sorta. Whatever I have in the kitchen.

Are you a gamer?:  Sure. Go Scrabble.

You're standing on the second floor balcony looking out at the beautiful scenery and you're thinking:  Crap, I'm too high up. I'm going back inside.

Which would you rather do: turn into the opposite sex at night or when splashed with water?:  Water 'cause of the benefits . . . woohoo.

Which of the following would you rather be: a samurai with god-like moves, a mecha pilot, or someone with angel wings? Someone who can cook great meals so people with those abilities will savor my cooking and as they do, I stab my spork in their armpit.