Welcome to Envision. Last update: 09.18.01


Function in the Envision group: What ever I can do.

Skills: People skills, thinking, martial arts

Weaknesses: Too many

Favorite Anime: Too many, sorry. But I do find myself buying Slayers a lot.


Least Favorite Anime: Sailormoon

Favorite Song: "Chase the Sun"

Favorite thing to scream: ROBSTER!!! CRAW!!!

Favorite weapon: Katana

Favorite phrase: People are people a person is unique

Favorite curse word: Fuck'n eh

Favorite drink: Diet pepsie

Favorite number: 13

Favorite time of day: Any time

Favorite place: My home

Favorite element: Wind or water

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite fruit: Honey dew

Favorite scent: Amanda

Favorite animal: Panther

Favorite anime villain: The guy from Ninja Scroll (the one with the string)

Favorite manga villain: Don't know

Favorite movie (non-anime): Matrix

Favorite cereal: Fruity pebbles

Favorite flower: Rose

Favorite artist/band: O.C. Supertones

Other favorite artists/bands: Creed

Favorite gum flavor: Watermelon

Favorite tea: Earl Grey

Favorite season: Spring

Favorite ice cream flavor: Peanut butter

Favorite book (non manga): Left Behind

Favorite restaurant: Carriage

Favorite fast food joint: Del Taco

Favorite music to sleep or nap by (that is, if you even listen to music then): Christian

What do you think of cell phones?: They're good when you need them

What do you think of boy bands?: They're okay

What do you think of Japanese boy bands?: They're okay (said in japanese)

What's the funniest Japanese commercial or advertisement you've seen?: Haven't seen it but nudi

What do you fear?: Loseing Amanda

What bothers you?: Not much

What's the best meat you've ever eaten?: Fish

What is your taunt of choice?: What ever works at the time.

What's one thing you wouldn't mind doing each day: Kissing Amanda

What's one thing you do each day: Wake up

What languages do you know or are studying/have studied?: German

What kind of shoes do you like?: Ones that fit

What size shoe do you wear?: 11

What's the funniest anime/manga picture you've seen? (not including fanart): The guy from DNA^2 throwing up

What's the funniest piece of fanart you've seen?: This messed up pic of Rei

What one thing do you need each morning to wake up?: To stand up

What do you do when you're angry?: Depends

What games do you like playing?: Many

Do M&M's really melt in your mouth and not in your hand?: Not always

Do you listen to J-pop?: Sometimes

If so, what bands or artists?: Sorry I don't know the names

Do you want to go to the moon?: I guess depends with who

Do you watch Iron Chef?: Yes

Do you know Japanese?: Sadly no

How about Hiragana?: No

Katakana?: No

How's your kanji?: Are you calling me names?

Do you watch sumo?: Yes

Do you get carsick if you read in a moving vehicle?: No

Do you like rain?: Yes

Do you get lost alot?: No

Do you like Asuka from Eva?: Sometimes

Do you draw fanart?: No, I can't draw

Do you write fanfiction?: Yes

Can you do the Junk Boy dance from Maze?: Nope

Do you even know what the Junk Boy dance is?: Nope

Do you DDR?: Yep

Do you DDR well?: On three pads

Do you like subtitles?: Hell yeah

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?: 345

How fast can you read subtitles?: Really fast

How many things can you do at one time?: 4

How many pillows do you have when you sleep?: 1-2

How many wall scrolls do you have?: 4

How many anime cards do you have?: 3

How many anime CD's do you have?: 4

How many manga do you have?: 3

How many other things anime related do you have?: Too much

How DID Hitomi's pager manage to operate on Gaea?: Don't know

How many Miaka's can you see before getting sick?: Don't know

How many episodes of Fushigi Yuugi can you watch before throwing up?: Don't know

How many languages can you sing in?: 2

If your life had a theme song or BGM, what would it be?: Mission Impossible

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?: If I could bring Amanda, Australia. If not, Mesa Arizona

If you could have a different hair color, what color would you choose?: Blue or green

If you could seiyuu for any anime title, what roll would you pick and why?: Not sure too many to chose from

If Kenshin and Van fought, who'd win?: Kenshin

If Balgus and Hiko fought, who'd win?: Balgus

If you had to spell the main pilot from Gundam Wing's name, how would you spell it?: Never seen Gundam Wing, sorry

If Envision had a mascot, what would it be?: Otaku In Training

If you were in a J-pop band, what would the band's name be?: Robster Craw

Name a habit you wish you could kick: Nail biting

Name a few things you're proud of: My martial arts championships, Amanda

Name some things you wish you could do: Be faster

Name a song (if any) you listen to when angry: I listen to a station 95.9 the FISH

Things you find yourself humming: Christian music

You can't go anywhere without: My insulin pump

Anime seen (not complete list): Too many

Pepsi or Coke?: Both

Have any favorite Japanese actors?: Yes

Subtitles or dub?: Subtitles

Things from anime that come in handy: Spells, weapons

Things from anime you wished you had: Weapons

Last movie you saw in a movie theather (or mock theather i.e.: AX2000 style): Dude Where's My Car

Ever broken anything valuable?: Nope

Are you dangerous in the kitchen?: Nope

Sport of choice: Martial arts

Can you sleep sitting up?: Yes

Who's costume from anime/manga would you love to have?: Not sure

Would you rather sleep on a futon or on a regular bed?: Bed

Powers you wish you had: Invisiabilty or teleportation

Funny moments: Tripping on a tiny rock

Random words of advice: THINK BEFORE YOU LEAP, There is always someone who will listen to you

You wish you had: A personal teleporter

Fears and dislikes: Spiders, loseing Amanda 

Is anyone or anything "out to get you?": Some times and I have an alien I call Elvis at my window every night

Can you count?: Yes

What do you think of math?: Ehhhh

The anime/manga character you're most like is: Don't know

The anime/manga character you most resemble is: Saitou

The anime character you sound like is: Don't know

Clothes you often wear or enjoy wearing: Dragon shirt and leather jacket

One thing you would change about yourself is: My charisma

One person I'd like to meet in person is: If it can be any one alive or dead, Bruce lee. If it has to be alive Jackie Chan

One person I did meet is: Chuck Noris

Inside jokes: Robster Craw

Things you say too frequently but can't help: I know I have some but can't think of any

Bad habits: Nail biteing

Are you a hard worker?: Yes

The most annoying anime character is: Oh, can't remember her name but she's in Slayers

The anime character you think has no purpose at all is: At the moment none are poping in my head

Weirdest anime you've seen: Akira 

Sadest anime you've seen: Akira

Most pointless or boring anime you've seen: Dragon half

Anime series you couldn't help but make fun of: Dragon half

Something you do that bugs you: A lot of things

Can you cook? If so, what foods?: Yes a lot of things my best is lasagnia

Are you a gamer?: Some what

You're standing on the second floor balcony looking out at the beautiful scenery and you're thinking: I wish Amanda was here

Which would you rather do: turn into the opposite sex at night or when splashed with water?: Water

Which of the following would you rather be: a samurai with god-like moves, a mecha pilot, or someone with angel wings? Tough choice I would love to be all of them but I guess a samurai with god like moves