Welcome to Envision. Last update: 09.18.01

Otaku In Training

Function in the Envision group: Aside from being regular Escaflowne, I'm also the one who transports everyone here and there, and, so far at least, I've been the one getting most of the supplies. 

Skills: A bit of html, a bit of graphic design, a bit of this, a bit of that. Mostly, a jack-of-all-trades, master of none.

Weaknesses: I procrastinate, lose inspiration quickly, I'm fragile, and a bunch of other weaknesses that are better left off of the page.

Likes: Anime, debating, chocolate, stand-up comedy, and cats.


Dislikes: Dubs, role-players, Kansas, spiders, and zucchini. 

Favorite Anime: Saber Marionette J (I love Megumi Hayashibara!) 

Least Favorite Anime: Giant Robo (stupid whiny piss-ant mech . . .) 

Favorite Manga: Ranma 1/2 

Least Favorite Manga: Tenchi Muyo! 

Favorite Song: "Duvet" by BOA, from Serial Experiments: Lain. 

Why Escaflowne Cosplay?: At last year's Anime Expo, I noticed that all of the people with really good costumes would get asked for pictures. I also noticed that the people with insanely good costumes would not only get asked for pictures, but, when they were having their pictures taken, other people would also join in to take pictures of the costume. I want to receive so much recognition, I won't be able to move because so many people are taking my picture.

Favorite thing to scream:  "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" (Excel Saga's Pedro)

Favorite weapon:  The infamous Stupid Stick, used for punishing blatent acts of stupidity.

Favorite phrase:  "Oh well . . ."

Favorite curse word:  umm . . . I don't really like cursing, but I usually say, "dammit!"

Favorite drink:  A combination of Dr. Pepper with a little bit of Coca-Cola mixed in.

Favorite number:  2

Favorite time of day:  Nighttime.  All of the best things happen at night, namely sleeping.

Favorite place:  In my room, where all of my anime tapes are hidden.

Favorite mecha:  Escaflowne, of course.

Favorite element:  Hmm, I've always been rather partial to carbon, because it's so useful.

Favorite color:  Red.  Red all the way.  Not pink, or burgundy, but red. RED!!!

Favorite fruit:  Peeled Golden Delicious apples.

Favorite scent:  Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Don't ask why.

Favorite animal:  Birds. They're the one animal I have no fear of.

Favorite anime villain:  Faust-sama, from Saber Marionette J.  He was 
pimping it.

Favorite manga villain:  Hmm . . . I can't say, seeing as I haven't read that much manga.

Favorite bishoujo/bishonen:  Ooh, tough one.  All right, I know that she doesn't really qualify for bishoujo, Rei from Eva.

Favorite anime/manga couple:  Rei and Shinji, from Eva.  Man, do I love Rei.

Favorite movie (non-anime):  Life is Beautiful.  The subbed version, mind you.

Favorite cereal:  Kix.  So simple, yet so delicious.

Favorite flower:  Chrysanthemums.

Favorite artist/band:  Japanese:  Hayashibara Megumi.  Non-Japanese:  Rage Against the Machine.

Other favorite artists/bands:  DoCo, Shaggy, The Beatles, Iravati, and The Offspring.

Favorite gum flavor:  Fruit punch.

Favorite tea:  Camomile.  Always good for making me fall asleep.

Favorite season:  Spring.  Not too hot, but not at all cold.

Favorite ice cream flavor:  Call me old-fashioned, but chocolate chip has 
always been my favorite.

Favorite book (non manga):  Rama Revealed, by Arthur C. Clarke and Gentry 

Favorite restaurant:  Karuta, a sushi bar and teppan restaurant.

Favorite fast food joint:  Carl's Jr., though I'm also partial to Taco Bell.

Favorite music to sleep or nap by (that is, if you even listen to music then):  I can't get to sleep if music is playing.

What do you think of cell phones?:  They're leashes.

What do you think of boy bands?:  They're all gay guys who can't sing.

What do you think of Japanese boy bands?:  Not only are they gay guys that can't sing, they also look like women.

What's the funniest Japanese commercial or advertisement you've seen?:  A commerical for the series, Do-Re-Mi.

What do you fear?:  Heights, spiders, and Kansas.

What bothers you?:  ignorance, intolerance, and Kansas.

What's the best meat you've ever eaten?:  Kobe beef.  If you ever find any of it, buy it up like there's no tomorrow.

What is your taunt of choice?:  Sticking out my tongue.  Hey, I like the classics.

What's one thing you wouldn't mind doing each day:  Eating Kobe beef.

What's one thing you do each day:  Sleep.

What languages do you know or are studying/have studied?:  English, some French, and I'm going to get into Japanese.

What kind of shoes do you like?:  Comfortable ones.

What size shoe do you wear?:  9 1/2.

What's the funniest anime/manga picture you've seen? (not including fanart): A specific scene from the first episode of Golden Boy, where Kintaro swallows the one girl's spit.

What's the funniest piece of fanart you've seen?:  Greeza.  No, not Freeza, Greeza.  You'd have to see it to understand.

What one thing do you need each morning to wake up?:  Work.  I can't wake up unless I have something to do.

What do you do when you're angry?:  I write, mostly.

What games do you like playing?:  Chess, Magic:  The Gathering, and Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition.

Do M&M's really melt in your mouth and not in your hand?:  No, but then again, I like melted M&M's.

Do you listen to J-pop?:  Just Hayashibara Megumi.

If so, what bands or artists?:  Well, included in that would be Iravati and DoCo, I guess.

Do you want to go to the moon?:  No.  If I want to go to a bunch of dust with no intelligent life, I'll just go to Kansas.

Do you watch dorama's?:  No.  Absolutely not.  Not since that "Forbidden Love" crap.

If so, what's your favorite?:  I said "No."  I'm not into child molestation and statutory rape.

Do you watch Iron Chef?:  Yep.  Chairman Kaga's the man!

Which Iron Chef is your favorite?:  Morimoto Masaharu.

Do you know Japanese?:  Lol, about three words of it, but I'm trying to learn more.

How about Hiragana?:  Nope.

Katakana?:  Nada.

How's your kanji?:  If I knew any, I'd tell you.

Do you watch sumo?:  Well, I have in the past.  It's funny to watch a bunch of fat men beat each other up.

Do you get carsick if you read in a moving vehicle?: Probably, but I haven't really tried.

Do you like rain?:  Only if I'm not in it, or it's not cold.

Do you get lost a lot?:  Yes.  That's mostly because I can't follow driving directions.

Do you like Asuka from Eva?:  No!  She's the arch-enemy to Rei-lovers, and 
she's a bitch, to boot.

If not, what would you have liked to have seen done to her?:  The same thing that Shinji almost did to her in End of Evangelion.

Do you think Shishio really could've won against Kenshin?:  Dammit, I haven't seen all of Kenshin, so if anyone spoils this fight for me, I'm going to kill them.

Do you draw fanart?:  Lol, do "I" draw fanart?  No, but my arch-rival, MasterGoku_028 does.

Do you write fanfiction?:  Same thing as above.

Can you do the Junk Boy dance from Maze?:  Uh, the what with the who now?

Do you even know what the Junk Boy dance is?:  Not until I see more of Maze. I hear Junk Boy is a good song, or something.

Do you DDR?:  I have been known to do so, yes.

Do you DDR well?:  No.  I jig and convulse.

Do you like subtitles?:  Yes, what kind of question is that?  Yay subs, boo dubs.

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?: The world may never know . . .

How fast can you read subtitles?:  Well, when pressed, I can read them at twice their normal rate.  Once, I was watching this anime and the screen was so jumpy that I had to set my VCR to play at twice normal speed, and I managed to keep up with the subtitles.

How many things can you do at one time?:  Many things.  How many can I do at the same time with efficiency?  Not many.

How many pillows do you have when you sleep?:  One.  One very flat pillow. I like it that way.

How many wall scrolls do you have?:  None, unfortunately.  I don't have anywhere to hang them.  I'm tempted to buy them sometimes, though.

How many anime cards do you have?:  Currently, I have precisely four.

How many anime CD's do you have?:  None.  I only download mp3s.

How many manga do you have?:  Currently, about eight or nine.

How many other things anime related do you have?:  Well, I have a couple of models and action figures.  That's about it.

How DID Hitomi's pager manage to operate on Gaea?:  Weird asian technology makes it possible.

How many Miaka's can you see before getting sick?:  I haven't seen FY, but I've seen roleplayers as Miaka, and they make me want to stab my eye with a pen.

How many episodes of Fushigi Yuugi can you watch before throwing up?:  As I haven't seen FY, I'd say none.  Even after I see it, though, I don't think that figure will change.

How many languages can you sing in?:  Three.  English, Japanese, and French, though not very well in any of them.

If you had (or have) a league of bishoujo/bishonen, who would you include?: 
Damn near every female character Hayashibara Megumi has done.

If your life had a theme song or BGM, what would it be?:  I'd like to think that it would be Duvet, from BOA.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?:  France. Yeah, it's not Japan, but hey, I like the countryside.

If you could have a different hair color, what color would you choose?: Blue, I think.  It's just so unnatural that it would stand out.

If you could seiyuu for any anime title, what role would you pick and why?: Otaru from SMJ, because Lime would be hanging off of me, and she was voiced by Hayashibara Megumi.

What other roles would you love to seiyuu for?:  Aida Kensuke, from Eva, because Rei would be there.

If Kenshin and Van fought, who'd win?:  Without Escaflowne, Van would get 
his butt kicked.  With Escaflowne, Van would . . . get his butt kicked.  I'm sorry, but when it comes to swordfighting, Van sucks big time.

If Balgus and Hiko fought, who'd win?:  Balgus and who?  What's a Hiko?  I'm sure I'm supposed to know that.  Oh well, for later, I guess.

If you had to spell the main pilot from Gundam Wing's name, how would you spell it?:  Like my pseudo-Uncle, Hiro.  Not Heero, or whatever the dubbed turned it into.

If Envision had a mascot, what would it be?:  Probably something made out of 
papier mache.

If you were in a J-pop band, what would the band's name be?:  Hmm . . . Squishy.

If you had an animated conscience, you'd pick: Babbit, Good/Bad Excel, etc?: Ooh, tough one.  I honestly don't think I'd want to have one.  It'd 
probably get on my nerves.

Name a habit you wish you could kick:  Biting my nails.

Name a few things you're proud of:  My speaking ability, my writing ability, and my math skills.

Name some things you wish you could do:  Fly, breathe underwater, and speak Japanese.

Name a song (if any) you listen to when angry:  I don't listen to much if I'm angry.  It distracts me from writing.

Things you find yourself humming:  The first song I hear in the morning.

You can't go anywhere without:  My amazing blazing fanny-pack.  Shut up and stop laughing.

Powers:  Umm, is sarcasm a power?  If it is, then that's it.

Anime seen (not complete list):  Eva, SMJ/R, Slayers/Next/Try, Ranma 1/2, 
Vampire Hunter D, Mermaid's Scar, Jubei-chan, Ninja Scroll, Tenchi Muyo, Nuku-Nuku, and a bunch of others.

Pepsi or Coke?:  Coke all the way, mostly because of the red can.

Have any favorite Japanese actors?:  Mufune Toshiro, and Katsu Shintaro (he played, for those of you who don't know, Zatoichi, who is the only live-action character that comes close to the coolness of Kenshin).

Things from anime that come in handy:  I don't have anything that comes from anime!  ::sob::

Things from anime you wished you had:  Ooh, lots of stuff.  A sakaba sword, a set of robotic women like the ones that Otaru had in SMJ or Nuku-Nuku, a 
mech from any series except Giant Robo . . . the list goes on and on.

Last movie you saw in a movie theater (or mock theater i.e.: AX2000 style): The Legend of Drunken Master, with Jackie Chan.  Awesome movie.

Ever broken anything valuable?:  Yep, and I still do sometimes.

Are you dangerous in the kitchen?:  Well, not OVERLY dangerous, no.

Coolest anime/manga villain:  Ilparazzo-sama from Excel Saga, if he could be considered a villian.

Common words or phrases:  "Dammit", "Oh well", and "Tell you what . . ."

Sport of choice:  Judo, though I'm not very good at it.

Can you sleep sitting up?:  No.  I tried once.  Wrecked up my back.  I can sleep with my eyes open, though, which is really weird when you consider that I talk in my sleep.

Who's costume from anime/manga would you love to have?:  D's, from Vampire Hunter D.  That guy was cool!

Would you rather sleep on a futon or on a regular bed?:  A futon.  Takes up less space, and I can sleep most anywhere.

Powers you wish you had:  to be able to fly, to be able to pilot a mech, to be able to use a sword like Kenshin, and to be able to attract women like the bishonen.

Weird quirks:  I find myself being a jerk sometimes, even though I don't mean to do so.

Funny moments:  When I started washing my hands in starch instead of water.

Random words of advice:  No matter how tempting, never hug your toaster.

You wish you had:  a life-size mech that I could pilot.

Is anyone or anything "out to get you?":  I'm pretty sure that my back is. It's always trying to kill me.

Can you count?:  Yep, all the way up to ten, I think.

What do you think of math?:  I love it.  It's my favorite subject, I think.

The anime/manga character you're most like is:  Probably the worrysome one of the three roommates who live next to Excel in Excel Saga.  I forget his name . . .

The anime/manga character you most resemble is:  Aida Kensuke, from Eva. I've got the hair, the glasses, and the build.

The anime character you sound like is:  I haven't the slightest clue, 

Clothes you often wear or enjoy wearing:  A red polo shirt, khaki pants, and white tennis shoes.

One thing you would change about yourself is:  How nice I am to others.  I'd like to be nicer than I am now.

One person I'd like to meet in person is:  Hayashibara Megumi!!!

One person I did meet is:  Naitou Yasuhiro.  Well, I kind of met him in person, sort of.  I love Trigun too.

Inside jokes:  Ho-ho, Mitah GK!!!

Things you say too frequently but can't help:  Oh well . . .

Bad habits:  Biting my nails, procrastinating, being lazy, et cetera.

Are you a hard worker?:  Lol, no, not really.

The most annoying anime character is:  Miaka is pretty annoying, but I also hate Asuka.

The anime character you think has no purpose at all is: Kuroneko-sama, from Trigun.  Still, it's awfully cute!!!

Weirdest anime you've seen:  Houshin Engi, by far.  O.o

Funniest anime you've seen:  Golden Boy.  Oh my god, I couldn't stop laughing.

Sadest anime you've seen:  Call me mushy, but the end of SMJ was pretty sad to me.

Happiest anime you've seen:  Do-Re-Mi.  Yeah, I sat through an episode.

Most pointless or boring anime you've seen:  Tokegami, or something like that.  That was pretty damn bad.

Anime series you couldn't help but make fun of:  GIANT ROBO!!!

Something you do that bugs you:  I piss people off sometimes.

Favorite seiyuu:  . . . I'll give you a hint:  her initials are Hayashibara Megumi.  Any idea of who it is?

Who is better? Tomoe or Kaoru?:  Haven't seen Tomoe, so I'll go with Kaoru.

Can you cook? If so, what foods?:  Depends what you mean by cook.  I'll leave it at that . . .

Are you a gamer?:  Depends.  For video games, no.  For dice-and-book games, yes, for life.

You're standing on the second floor balcony looking out at the beautiful scenery and you're thinking:  "Where in the hell am I?  This isn't California!!!"

Which would you rather do: turn into the opposite sex at night or when splashed with water?:  Water.  I can at least control that.  That would be 

Which of the following would you rather be: a samurai with god-like moves, a mecha pilot, or someone with angel wings? With angel wings, I'd be shot by hunters.  As a mecha pilot, I'd need to have a mech, with I don't.  So, through the process of elimination, I'd be a samurai with god-like moves.