Welcome to Envision. Last update: 09.18.01


Function in the Envision group: Yumi from Rurouni Kenshin!

Skills: Drawing! o.O I can do that really weird wave thing with my tongue!!!!

Weaknesses: Plastic bags from the grocery store!!!!!!

Likes: Anime, video games, Dance Dance Revolution, drawing, art, Vash, Jackie Chan, guys with glasses...


Dislikes: Plastic bags, Key Club, and math.

Favorite Anime: TRIGUN!!!! Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ranma 1/2 are great, too.

Favorite Manga: Hmm, well, as much as I hate it, and the despite the fact that it's shoujo, Sailor Moon manga art is absolutely gorgeous. Trigun, however, is just AWESOME!!! ^_^

Favorite Song: As of now, "My OH My" by Aqua... ^.^ Anime wise, I love Cruel Angel's "Thesis" from Evangelion . . . *sigh* brings back memories.

Why Escaflowne Cosplay?: Because we want the attention, dammit!!!! Hehehe... albeit it's not my favorite series, nor was I ever fond of it, the mechs are cool goshdarnit.

Favorite thing to scream: WWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAAOOOOOOO!!! (Like Liu Kang)

Favorite weapon: Flamethrower

Favorite phrase: "Bust it out! Japanese pop star style!!!"

Favorite curse word: "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

Favorite drink: Coca-Cola...*aahhhhh*

Favorite number: 8--it's loopy. ^.^

Favorite time of day: Evening... well, after midnight, hehe.

Favorite place: Arcade Infinity (DDR IS THE SHHHIIIIITTT!)

Favorite mecha: Eva Unit 01

Favorite element: Water? Fire? Wafire!!!

Favorite color: Blue (or as the Japanese call it, "baru!")

Favorite fruit: I can't pick just one! >.< Strawberry, kiwi, banana!

Favorite scent: Watermelon lipgloss/chapstick... mmmmmmm... yummy chapstick...

Favorite animal: PANDAS!!!! PENGUINS! Menchi!!!<==--animal? o.O

Favorite anime villain: Kuno from Ranma 1/2... that guys comedy! Well, I dunno if you can call him a "villain," but he is an antagonist for Ranma... and Miaka... I don't care what you say, she's EEEVVIIILL!!!!!

Favorite manga villain: That thing from Bondage Fairies...oh wait, hahah... appropriate stuff... GOT IT! Umm... I dunno, really...

Favorite bishoujo/bishonen: VASH THE STAMPEDE! THE HUMANOID TYPHOON! *sigh* He makes my heart jump! =P He is pimp.com!!! ^.^

Favorite anime/manga couple: Err... not really a couple "couple," but Shampoo and Mousse are funny together, heh heh heh....

Favorite movie (non-anime): It's a tie between Drunken Master and Life Is Beautiful...I know, two movies that are just SO alike. ^.^;;

Favorite cereal: Frosted Flakes

Favorite flower: Eer... don't have one, I guess... but lillies are nice, I guess. ^_^;;

Favorite artist/band: Coldplay, Dune

Other favorite artists/bands: L'arc~en~Ciel

Favorite gum flavor: Watermelon... yummy watermelon... *drool*

Favorite tea: Green, I suppose. ^.^

Favorite season: Winter...even though it kills me because of allergies and sicknesses or whatnot...I love cold weather....well, California cold weather. ^.^;

Favorite ice cream flavor: Strawberry!!! Stop with the food questions! I'm craving....

Favorite book (non manga): The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

Favorite movie (anime): Loved the second Eva Movie...

Favorite restaurant: Restaurant? KARUTA!!!! mmm... sushi... doh! >.<

Favorite fast food joint: In N Out if it wasn't so friggin' far... but Carl's Jr is second choice. ^_~

Favorite music to sleep or nap by (that is, if you even listen to music then): Uhh... not really... I listen to Coldplay a lot, but that's just by default, not because I want to go to sleep. ^_^

What do you think of cell phones?: convenient, but trendy... shouldn't have so many friggin' colors, and shouldn't be bought if not needed or if only used to play games! Seems like the AzN thing to do nowadays... *sigh*...

What do you think of boy bands?: THEY SUCK!! They are all trite and I'm  surrounded by them at my own house! Ack!!!!!!!

What do you think of Japanese boy bands?: Depends on who they are and if they're actually good. =P L'arc~en~Ciel!!!!!!

What's the funniest Japanese commercial or advertisement you've seen?: Japanese? Hrrmm... I have to say the commercial for a bear product where a bunch of guys, a chick, and a guy dressed up as a penguin just start dancing around for no good reason and singing about how good the beer is, hahaha. My favorite American commercial, though, is a Budweiser commercial they showed three or four Super Bowls ago... EEEEEEVVVVVIIILL BEAVER!!!!!! 
It's a guy dressed up as a beaver who eats people's cabins and steals their beer!!! C'mon, guys! That's funny!!!! =D... *shuts up*

What do you fear?: Being eaten alive by giant mutant Furbies....

What bothers you?: Lots of things... hmm, examples include: grocery plastic bags, spitting in inappropriate places, stereotypes, people who live by those stereotypes, Key Club, and affection. ^_^

What's the best meat you've ever eaten?: Is it just me or does that sound naughty to you?

What is your taunt of choice?: O.o... a rather strange question. I got it! I twirl around, do a funky dance while making squawking noises, bite my thumb at my oponents, and then flip them off!!! =D

What's one thing you wouldn't mind doing each day: Eating whatever I want without gaining an ounce. =P OR... making a wish would be nice, hehe.

What's one thing you do each day: Brush my teeth...

What languages do you know or are studying/have studied?: err...English, Filipino dialect, Spanish, little Korean, haha.

What kind of shoes do you like?: O.o ummm... comfortable ones?

What size shoe do you wear?: 7 1/2 women's, 6 boys' =P

What's the funniest anime/manga picture you've seen? (not including fanart): Hentai is funny, hahaha...that Bondage Fairies guy, whoever he is, is really creative! =P

What's the funniest piece of fanart you've seen?: HAHHAHAHA!!! GREEEEZZZAA!!!!

What one thing do you need each morning to wake up?: A nice massage by a nice looking guy named Sancho and a healthy juice drink with a sprinkle of wheat germ. Well, I've never done that, but I think it would be nice. ^_^

What do you do when you're angry?: Punch things... try to breathe, and CURSE!!!! *$&@#(@#)(*(#)@!!!!

What games do you like playing?: good ones. =P hahhaa...DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!!!! ^_^ Music games, RPGs, fighting...lots o' stuff.

Do M&M's really melt in your mouth and not in your hand?: I hope so...otherwise, I've been fooled!!!!

Do you listen to J-pop?: Not a lot...

If so, what bands or artists?: Bonnie Pink and Utada Hikaru

Do you want to go to the moon?: SHYEAH!!! And bust it out! Japanese pop star style!!! =P

Do you watch dorama's?: Haaiii

If so, what's your favorite?: KINTARO!!

Do you watch Iron Chef?: Yes, when I can catch it.

Which Iron Chef is your favorite?: MORIMOTO!!! =D

Do you know Japanese?: I wish. ^_^

How about Hiragana?: Not uh...

Katakana?: *gives blank stare*

How's your kanji?: An enormous blur...

Do you watch sumo?: Well, when I see it...sometimes on really late on ESPN. ^_^

Do you get carsick if you read in a moving vehicle?: Boy, do I. -_- ;;

Do you like rain?: Absofrickinlutely! It's awesome!

Do you get lost alot?: ..............maybe.

Do you like Asuka from Eva?: HAHAHAHAH!!! no...

If not, what would you have liked to have seen done to her?: Raped and eaten alive by giant mutant furbies...

Do you think Shishio really could've won against Kenshin?: NO! Then the series would be over, silly! ^_^

Do you draw fanart?: Not good fanart, hahha.

Do you write fanfiction?: Try to avoid it....

Can you do the Junk Boy dance from Maze?: If I tried! ^_^

Do you even know what the Junk Boy dance is?: .............YEEEEESSS... =Þ

Do you DDR?: What's thaaaaaatt? =P Of course I do! What are ya', stupid?!

Do you DDR well?: *shrugs* *AHEM*
www.sadcrew.com **COUGH COUGH**

Do you like subtitles?: yeeees..I can read!!! ^_^

How many licks DOES it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?: See, it's tootsie POP, not tootsie ROLL pop... hehee... but I dunno, really... best estimation would be 237 licks, but that's continuous licks, like if you didn't bother to put suck it or rest it in your mouth... straight licks... would kinda get your tongue real dry, hehe. (I just realized this entire thing sounds bad...)

How fast can you read subtitles?: Fast enough... if they're understandable and the translations are good because then I don't have to try and piece sentences together in the correct order... NEVER BUY FROM WHITE CROSS!!! >.<

How many things can you do at one time?: Not a lot...I'm not talented like that. =T

How many pillows do you have when you sleep?: As many as I can. ^_^

How many wall scrolls do you have?: Scrolls of the secret Fung-yan clan?! Tons! hehhe... well, wall scrolls, 3 actually on my walls and 3 in my 

How many anime cards do you have?: Err... like decks? Because I have 6 or 7 of those. ^_^;;

How many anime CD's do you have?: Don't remember... probably between the range of 1 and 5...

How many manga do you have?: 9 from what I can see from here to my bookshelf. ^_^;

How many other things anime related do you have?: I made a Kuroneko-sama in ceramics! hehehe... I have lots of stuffs...

How DID Hitomi's pager manage to operate on Gaea?: Asian black magic...

How many Miaka's can you see before getting sick?: ACK!!! HATE HER HATE HER HATE HER!!!! >.<

How many episodes of Fushigi Yuugi can you watch before throwing up?: First time through is not as bad... anything more than that, you're a 
friggin' nut... or a hopeless romantic... eh, I think they're synonymous.

How many languages can you sing in?: As many as I want...cuz I don't know what I'm saying! ^_^

If you had (or have) a league of bishoujo/bishonen, who would you
include?: Eh? hmm... VASH, of course... and that's it. ^_^ All the other bishonen are either bland, TOO perfect it's scary, or stupid. ^.^

If your life had a theme song or BGM, what would it be?: Magic Tower from the Bust a Move 2 soundtrack. ^_~

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?: Japan!... but 
that would require money too, ehhe... lots of it. ^.^;; Why am I analyzing?! It's a hypothetical question, Shorty!!! *bashes head against wall*

If you could have a different hair color, what color would you choose?: BARU!!!!

If you could seiyuu for any anime title, what roll would you pick and why?: Kenshin! =P hahahha... cuz I don't think my voice is high pitched enough to do a female character...

What other rolls would you love to seiyuu for?: Err... animal ones! I don't think I'd even make the right animal sounds... like my panda and my penguin would sound exactly the same, but hell.. ^_^

If Kenshin and Van fought, who'd win?: Kenshin, of course. =P Van is wimpy sometimes.

If Balgus and Hiko fought, who'd win?: Pen Pen...

If you had to spell the main pilot from Gundam Wing's name, how would
you spell it?: Heero, HAHAHHA!! Did I piss you off yet, Hitomi? =P hahhaa... Dancin' like a hero, Hiro... just let your body GOOOOOOO!!!!

If Envision had a mascot, what would it be?: A banana slug...

If you were in a J-pop band, what would the band's name be?: SQUISHY

If you had an animated conscience, you'd pick: babbit, good/bad Excel, etc?: Genma Saotome! I'd sell my children for food! =D

Name a habit you wish you could kick: Picking at my cuticles, chewing the hell out of my writing utensils, and procrastinating...

Name a few things you're proud of: My body... heh heh heh... I'm so SEEXXYYY! 
hahaha... j/k... umm... I'm proud that I can tie a cherry stem with my mouth.. =D

Name some things you wish you could do: Be a Japanese pop star. ^_^

Name a song (if any) you listen to when angry: Any music is good...

Things you find yourself humming: Tora tora tora! and the chorus to that friggin' Eminem song! >.<

You can't go anywhere without: My brain, glasses, my certificate from japanese pop star school...you know, just in case.

Powers: Burping.

Anime seen (not complete list): Uhh... too many. =P I'm sleepy... hehhe...

Pepsi or Coke?: Coke... but I'm not picky. =P

Have any favorite Japanese actors?: That guy who played Kintaro in KINTARO. 

Subtitles or dub?: Subtitles.

Things from anime that come in handy: Mallets, nice bouncy hair, mechs, animal sidekicks...

Things from anime you wished you had: Vash

Last movie you saw in a movie theather (or mock theather i.e.: AX2000 style): SNATCH...good movie.

Ever broken anything valuable?: Not lately...

Are you dangerous in the kitchen?: *whistles*

Common words or phrases: pimp.com

Sport of choice: TaeKwonDo, basketball, sumowrestling, ironchefing, mad-female-shark-in-heat hunting... you know, the usual.

Can you sleep sitting up?: What do you think I am, an assassin?

Who's costume from anime/manga would you love to have?: That princess lady (Hinoto) from X. =P

Would you rather sleep on a futon or on a regular bed?: Sitting up...

Powers you wish you had: Flying...

Weird quirks: Eh? Quirks?? I don't have any of those! =P

Funny moments: One time, I slipped on something slippery and I fell...

Random words of advice: It sucks to be you. =P

You wish you had: Height..

Fears and dislikes: Eating steel.. =T

Is anyone or anything "out to get you?": Fanboys... hahah... j/k j/k... giant mutant furbies?? ^.^;;

Can you count?: OH yeah, he's a great guy...but it's weird, every time he's always like, "I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD..." and I just give him a blank stare...

What do you think of math?: I want to shank it in the eye with a chopstick.

The anime/manga character you're most like is: *shrugs* A lot of people say Akane for some reason.. =T *shrug*

The anime/manga character you most resemble is: Physically? hahaha... well, there are no fat main characters, so I'll just say I look like Misato, k? ^.~ K, good....hehe

The anime character you sound like is: Menchi...

Clothes you often wear or enjoy wearing: Bondage gear... I mean, uhh, baggy pants and a sweater/sweatshirt...

One thing you would change about yourself is: Every aspect of my physical being. ^_^

One person I'd like to meet in person is: Jackie Chan

One person I did meet is: Jackie Chan...oh wait..that was just Aaron's dad... heh heh .... umm... I dreamed I met Satan once. ^_^;;


Things you say too frequently but can't help: Curse words....

Bad habits: Curse words... staying up late doing profiles, hehe. ^_~

Are you a hard worker?: Does hardly working count?

The most annoying anime character is: Asuka, Kodachi, Miaka

The anime character you think has no purpose at all is: Asuka, Kodachi, Miaka....

Weirdest anime you've seen: Furikuri... at least I can understand Excel Saga. =P

Funniest anime you've seen: Ranma, Trigun, Giant Robo...

Sadest anime you've seen: X

Happiest anime you've seen: Child's Toy..TOO happy if ya' ask me...

Most pointless or boring anime you've seen: Tenchi Muyo... =P

Anime series you couldn't help but make fun of: Giant Robo, I'll Make A 
Habit of It...

Something you do that bugs you: Wishing I had bigger breasts. =P

Favorite seiyuu: Vash's (Onosaka Masaya)...

Who is better? Tomoe or Kaoru?: Kaoru... Tomoe would be boring in a conversation...

Can you cook? If so, what foods?: KIIIND of... fried ramen noodles, eggs... and rice! ^_^

Are you a gamer?: Probably...

You're standing on the second floor balcony looking out at the beautiful scenery and you're thinking: "I want some yan yan sticks... or maaybe some Koala Yummies..."

Which would you rather do: turn into the opposite sex at night or when splashed with water?: Splashed with water... then you could KINDA control it. ^_^

Which of the following would you rather be: a samurai with god-like
moves, a mecha pilot, or someone with angel wings?: How about a samurai mecha pilot that has concealable angel wings with god-like moves? eh? eh? =D