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    02.18.02, evening

    SAnother week, another semi-meeting. ::sigh:: I'm really starting to think I'm a bad manager 'cause we're not getting anything done. ;_;!

    Anyhow, added Gosu's real profile. Sorry it wasn't up sooner, I've been having computer problems. But now it's up.

    This meeting was pretty fun. Shorty, Otaku In Training, and I went out to eat and just mill around. We discussed some things but we were lazy. Later we hung out with Gosu. A good time was had by all!

    Next week the founders are planning on going to a city with lots of Japanese stuff and having a lot of fun. Looking forward to the wonderful Japanese food!

    See you next update!

    02.04.02, afternoon

    Sorry about the non-update status for so long. We've been trying to decide on our skit and stuff. ::sigh:: When the number of people change, it makes it difficult to think of ideas. But, we have a tentative plan.

    I'm too tired to do another revamp right now though.

    Added another member. Technically he was a member a long time ago, he just didn't know it and wanted to keep denying that it was true. Welcome to Envision, Gosu. So you'll see that the webcam page, member page, etc. looks a bit different.

    Anyhow, I have to do my laundry soon. See you all next update which I'm going to force myself to make soon!

    10.04.01, afternoon

    MINNA-SAMA! Did you miss me and my updates?!? Gomen, gomen, gomen! It's been chaotic ever since AX 2k1. ::falls over:: But we're back and we're ready for our second year of cosplaying.

    The revamp's done (for the most part). The colors have changed. The font has changed. All the banners are new. We've even got a new theme. Well . . . for those of you who saw Envision in it's infancy, you know the theme is really just the one we postponed last year . . . But it's back now! And we're planning on doing it for the masquerade at AX 2k2.

    Updated webcam pics for everyone in addition to doing everything else. Oh, and before I forget to mention it . . . "Aoshi" has finally given us his official nickname. Say hello to Big O! Yes, his name is Big O. I'm not exactly sure why . . . nor do I really think I wanna know . . .

    ::The Big O reminds Hitomi-sama too much of Giant Robo type anime . . . -.-;;;::

    Parts of the site that aren't finished hopefully should be finished soon. ::crosses fingers:: 'til next update, see you!

    By the way, Envision meetings start in October! Last week's meeting consisting of half the members doesn't count . . . we never even mentioned Envision once that day . . . but there was too much going on at the time.

    This Sunday (hopefully) will mark the beginning of the real meetings . . . let's hope . . . 'cause we have to get moving on these mecha . . . or else we'll be doing something else for the masquerade again . . . -_-;;;;.

    07.03.01 evening

    Well, the stress is pretty much gone now . . . The group decision yesterday at the meeting was that we're going to wait until next year to be in the Masquerade. We just weren't ready this year. Reasons why:

    1. The only people who have their costume realistically done (meaning, on finishing touches) are: Hitomi-sama, Shorty, and Nova.

    2. The people who can possibly get their costume done in time: Enkou, Shougo, and maybe Otaku In Training.

    3. Those who don't even have their costume started: "Aoshi."

    Do we see a problem with this? ^.^;

    4. Only one person out of the entire group has seen a Masquerade and knows what goes on in one.

    5. Our skit still needs fine tuning and really isn't what we had wanted to do in the first place.

    So . . . what are we going to do? Simple really. AX 2003 is where you'll see the final ironed out version of Envision Ruroken.

    This year, those of us who have their costumes are going to cosplay in them. And we'll be attending the Masquerade if possible. That way we'll know what to expect, what the audience likes, etc.

    Hai, it's disappointing, I know . . .

    Just think though . . . our next skit is done. All we need is to finish the costumes. ^.^!

    Hurrah for Envision Escaflowne!

    See you after the con when I'll put up my con report, pics, and other goodies. ^.^! Ja until then!

    06.20.01 evening

    Minna . . . I'm so stressed right now. Turns out Envision's in the Masquerade now! ::falls over:: I can't believe it . . .

    This is . . . news . . . 'cause . . . we sorta kinda need a skit to be in it now . . . not to mention costumes. ^.^;;;;;;;;. We lag. If we had to do this thing right now it would consist of a Kaoru with no ponytail, a Yumi with no decorations on her kimono and no obi . . . and a bunch of people drapped in about six yards a piece of colorful material. 

    Yeah, I'd say someone is lagging . . . ::looks around and is sarcastically surprised:: Oh look . . . it's us. Imagine that.

    Anyhow, I'm off to go sleep now. Yesterday's meeting tired me out. Being a manager is hard, hard work. I hope I get some sort of recognition for all I've been doing for this group . . . ::laughs:: Well, I can always dream, eh?

    06.12.01 evening

    Updated all of the bio pages . . . nothing really fancy . . . in fact, I don't think you'll be able to notice the change, it's that unnoteworthy . . . I'm planning on adding more little cool icons like the ones I added to these two bio pages (number 1, number 2) . . . we'll see what happens . . .

    06.12.01 morning

    Nothing big to report . . . just did a little update. Uploaded Enkou's profile pic . . . fixed some error on both his and my bio page . . . and uploaded a new webcam pic. I was going to update most of the webcam portals but . . . my editing program is giving me fits this morning. ;_; . . . So you'll have to wait for the rest of the pics . . .

    Anyhow, no meeting this weekend. Gah . . . why can't Father's Day be on some other day of the week? ;_;! We'll be having non-stop meetings though pretty soon.

    It's crunch time, minna-sama!


    No meeting yesterday . . . too much going on with various members . . . And with the busy schedules that are happeneing . . . I really have no clue when another meeting will be this week, if at all. I had planned on one the afternoon of the 7th but I think people are busy that day. Damn . . .

    Anyhow, I did meet with Nova and Enkou yesterday. So . . . it wasn't really an official Envision meeting . . . all we did was hang out, eat Carl's Jr., and watch anime. Shishio's fight was great.

    Enkou was sad about what happened to his character though. Poor Shishio . . .

    Well, at any rate, I hope we have a very productive meeting soon. Really, I do. I'm getting frustrated.

    Before I go I just want to let you know what's been updated:
    Member page - updated
    Enkou's profile - added
    Hitomi-sama's profile - updated
    "Aoshi's" webcam pic - updated

    Have fun! See you next update! Ja ne!


    ::starts out by banging her head against a wall:: Hi minna-sama, it's that time again . . . time to tell you how much Envision lags. ::hits her head again::

    Well, the meeting was going alright until Shougo decided suddenly that he was going next door in the mall while we shopped for used clothes to use. After walking the entire mall (it was one of those tiny strip mall things) we didn't find him . . . nor did we find "Aoshi" who went with him.

    Calling Shougo's cell-phone . . . we found that Shougo had gone home! Like we didn't need him to look for his costume and buy materials and stuff.

    So Shorty, Otaku In Training, Enkou, and myself went to the fabric store and bought patterns. We also found lots of potential costume material. Which is a good thing.

    As for Shougo . . . that leaving in the middle of the meeting was really really really really uncalled for. I don't know what's going to happen . . . I'd hate to have to do something "drastic" but . . . he doesn't seem committed at the moment . . . eh, I'll talk it over with the other members.

    Anyhow, that's it for this update. This week we won't be having a "meeting" meeting. We'll just be getting together to watch movies and stuff. Otaku In Training and Shougo have a play they're putting on so, a formal meeting is out of the question.

    Ja ne until next update!


    Well, minna-sama . . . another update . . . nothing much to report . . .

    Put up Nova's profile finally. Gomen nasai for the huge delay. ::bows:: I've been so way beyond busy. Gomen, Nova!

    And we got another nickname! Whoo hoo! "Shishio" will now be known as Enkou. For those of you who don't know what that stands for . . . it's Japanese for  "flames." Kinda appropriate for someone playing Shishio, don't you think?

    Anyhow, I'm tired and I've got stuff to do. See you next update!


    Envision got it's first award!!! Hurrah! Hopefully this is just one of the many more to come . . .

    No, we did not have a meeting yesterday. People had "previous engagements." And next week isn't looking that good either . . . but I've planned out the rest of Envision's meetings (which makes me feel so much better now) and we've got plenty of time and things to get accomplished. I personally think we can do it.

    I've arranged the meetings so that we're all working on certain costume parts at the same time. While everyone is sewing, glueing, pasting, and everything else they need to do, I'm going to be working on the wigs (I've never given a haircut before but I'm willing to try now . . . I've seen enough people do it . . . I'm confident I can style a few wigs . . . I hope . . .) and helping anyone with things they may need. Only thing I'm worried about is . . . no one knows how to sew. We'll figure something out. We always have, ne?

    Anyhow, I'm off to upload. See you next update! Ja ne!


    Did some work on my day off. Webcam gallery now has cool pics for every member. Just remember though, not all of us have webcams (I think only one of us does at the moment) . . . but we have webcam pics anyway!

    I did all of these . . . except for Shorty's . . . and I'll change them from time to time . . . maybe the members will be able to do their own webcam pics in the future . . . hmm . . .

    Anyhow, enjoy the gallery! I'm off! Ja ne!


    Yet another week without a meeting. It's alright, I kinda saw it coming anyway. Which leaves me another week to get things together and plan out what I'm going to say in my managerial speech next week.

    It's going to be an interesting meeting next week, I can guarantee that.

    I think I'll be adding more people to the webcam thingy. Maybe make a space for every member of Envision. Doesn't matter if most of them are cam-less. I'm cam-less too but that isn't going to stop me. ^-^. Hopefully I can get that done really soon and be able to even post it tonight with this update.

    I'm inspired by randomness, I'm going to go work on that now. Ja ne.


    Found out last week that Envision's been placed on the waiting list for the AX masquerade. WON~DERFUL. So basically this is sort of a "stress out and possibly not even get to do anything" kind of deal. That's the last thing, I as manager need.

    Gah, I'm stressed enough as it is! ;_;! This next meeting is going to be a definite one to write about, I'm sure. I plan on making a managerial speech about this entire thing on Sunday. So we'll see how that goes.

    I'm sure no one'll know about it before Sunday because . . . honestly, how many Envision members actually come see this site? Maybe one, at most. -_-. And we have seven members (six not including me, because I run the joint)! That's pretty pathetic. Hey, I'm not picking on anyone here guys . . . but this site is to keep everyone informed . . . Not just the public.

    ::Hitomi adopts a stern "mommy scolding her children" look::

    And how many of you members have looked at the rules? One if any? -_-. Get the lag out, guys! Like I'm going to be telling you on Sunday, we need to get our act together! I say "we" so I don't have to single people out. After all, we're a team and as such we need to work together for the common goal. Even if that goal may be reduced to just walking around AX2001 in our costumes without performing.

    ::smiles again:: Okay, now that I'm done with that . . . I'd just like to say that I'll be updating hopefully right after the meeting on Sunday. Until then, ja ne!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY . . . ME!!! Hai, minna-sama today is my birthday. So I'm off to spend most of the weekend partying . . .

    Before I do, just wanted to say that I added a page for our webcam pics. So definitely check that out.

    By the way, a new rant is coming soon!

    Matta ne!


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AOSHI!!! ^_^! Today one of our own is celebrating his birthday. We at Envision send all our birthday wishes to him. ^_^. Have a good one!


    Meeting? What meeting? ::laughs hysterically:: There was supposed to be a meeting but some people had to catch up on work and the like. So instead, we watched Video Girl Ai. Pretty good series but . . . let's say it together Shorty:

    It's shoujo!

    That was hilarious because everytime Yota got fru fru with Ai, Shorty verbally expressed her opinion of shoujo anime or struck her forehead in pain. Ah! The pain of shoujo anime! Hee hee hee . . . Well, I thought it was amusing.

    Today's scrabble combination of the day is: DEORUBN. Bwahahahahaha! Or as the Tokio song goes: "Wahahaha!" ::does a Japanese style square dance as she listens to the mp3::

    Envision (okay, just me, Otaku In Training, Shorty, and Nova) played Scrabble today. Of course Shorty won. It might be because she has the game . . . hmm . . . Here's the breakdown:

    1. Shorty
    2. Hitomi-sama
    3. Nova
    4. Otaku In Training

    Otaku In Training actually beat Nova but, at the end he got docked 6 points for some reason I didn't understand. I can't believe I got second! Especially after I tried to put a "r" over  the "w" in "wide" to try and spell "pride." I thought we were playing Upwords dammit! I'm used to playing that, not Scrabble!

    As of last Wednesday, Shougo has decided that his Ruroken cosplay character is going to be his nickname. Now all we need are "Aoshi" and "Shishio's" nicknames . . .

    Added an update from Wednesday. Forgot to post it. Too many things going on . . . way too many . . .

    By the way, more webcam pix coming your way! Alright! And as an added bonus, you just might be able to catch us on Jaanime's web portal every once in a while!

    What else? Is there anything else? Naw, I don't think so. I dunno if there'll be a meeting next week. I mean, there will be but I don't know if we'll be gathering materials like we did on Wednesday. Why no real meeting? 'cause I wanna celebrate my birthday Envision style! Yeah!


    Konnichiwa! Guess what we did this meeting?

    ::one of the bishonen make an ultra dramatic scary voice which says: I know what you did last meeting!::

    Well fine then, guess I don't have to update then. Jaa~! ::walks away::

    ::the bishonen apologize for ruining Hitomi-sama's update and accept their punishment of cleaning up the house and doing laundry::

    Anyhow . . . what did we do at the meeting? We went cosplay shopping! We got a great deal on swords, face make up, and gloves. 50% off! We were really lucky!

    So we've begun to shop for materials but we're not even close to being done. I hope we can gather them in time for everyone to make their costumes . . .

    Well . . . we should be meeting again soon for more shopping. Until then! Ja ne!


    Woo hoo! An update right after a meeting! What's going on? ::laughs:: I'm trying to get better at this updating thing, I tell you.

    I found out why I was feeling so sick right after last update . . . ::laughs weakly:: I was coming down with the flu that appeared . . . oh, about five hours after I uploaded the pages! I was sick for three days, it was awful! Anyway, I won't go into details because . . . you just don't wanna know . . .

    Well, what did we do today? ::laughs:: I sound like that commercial. "Where do you want to go today?" That aside . . . we had a meeting! Yes we did!

    I drew up the sketches for everyone's costumes so we can start puttin' things together. After that, we decided to focus on the Ruroken dubbing . . . and what better way to do that than to pick up a copy of one of the DVD volumes . . .

    Kenshin, Shishio, Saitou, Yumi, and myself all went down to the mall and picked up (rather, I picked up) the volume with the Raijuta saga on it . . . (don't remember which volume) not my favorite but it had the train episode! ::laughs:: I love that episode!

    After we dropped Yumi off at her house, we went back to Saitou's and watched the dubbing . . . and I must say . . . IT IS SOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!! The grammar! Oh the grammar! It's horrible! And the acting!!!!!!!! Oh my . . . Sano is the worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Sano! Gah! The voices are just so way beyond wrong . . .

    All we know is . . . this thing's going to be funny. Real funny. ::laughs:: See you next update!


    Alright minna-sama . . . in the traditional updating style, here's another update! Hee hee hee . . . why am I updating again? Well, I made a list of everything Envision needs for the masquerade. It gives me peace of mind to know that everything has been written up and planned out.

    Every member of Envision should look at the rules page and read it carefully! If you have any questions, feel free to email me, okie?

    Well, I'm feeling really bad . . . though I'm not exactly sure why . . . bleh . . . I feel like I'm going to be sick and my head is floating . . . I'm going to go lay down now.

    Oh, but before I leave, I have something I think you might enjoy . . . a webcam pic from 03.01. I misplaced it but . . . I found it so . . . here it is! Otaku In Training looks like that silly boss Andross at the end of Star Fox 64! ::laughs:: And there's me, in my infamous "v-is-for-victory" pose! ^-^v!

    Ja ne minna-sama!


    Had a huge meeting today! Everyone in Envision was there! Yeah!!!!!!

    Before I talk about that, I'd first like to say gomen about the page not being here for a couple of days. Tripod had a technical problem that's fixed now. No biggie. We're still here!

    Also, I updated the member page a while ago (only I forgot to post that I did ^-^*!). So I added Shorty's profile. I'll add Nova's soon. I dunno why I haven't added his yet because he gave it to me a long time ago. ^-^***! Also, we'll be getting the rest of the member pages up soon too. Yea!!!

    So, what did we do today? Hee hee hee . . . there was a lot going on . . . mostly we all watched Ruroken because not all of us have seen it . . . (Since half of the group doesn't have nicknames as of yet, I'll just use character names for now) We decided that we were gonna have a Shougo instead of Kamatari (gomen if I spelled that wrong, I'm tired).

    Shougo now thinks he's a "sexy bitch" (he said it) who could beat the crap out of anyone, and began to make random threats against Kenshin (Otaku In Training), Saitou (Nova), and Shishio. He's so not the person to be messing with. It's SHISHIO for crying out loud! I promptly reminded him that Shishio could kick his butt.

    Shishio began boasting about how he was going to take over Japan with all of his henchmen. Then he decided that he was going to divide the land into ten parts and give each memeber of his Juppon Gatana a piece. ^-^*. This guy is so Shishio that it's funny.

    Yumi spent a lot of the meeting reading . . . novels . . . ^-^.

    Kenshin helped the other members understand what was going on in the series. Then he drove us different places and almost had his poor Taurus overheat and die. Poor Kenshin . . .

    Saitou practiced narrowing his eyes a lot. He looks so much like Saitou that it's scary. Only, he needs longer bangs.

    Aoshi did what he does best. He was very quiet. ^-^! But he thinks his character is pretty cool.

    And what Kaoru do? Well . . . I took measurements of everyone and basically gave everyone the general information of what's going on.

    Geez, all memebers of Envision really resemble or act like their cosplay characters in one way or another! It's kinda cool yet . . . scary at the same time!

    Well, we sent in the application form a while ago . . . so we'll see if we actually have a spot in the masquerade or not . . . hopefully . . . ::crosses her fingers:: and hopefully we're done and all ready to go . . . ::crosses her fingers again::


    ::sighs:: Oi minna . . . I'm taking much needed resting time in order to update. So feel special. I'm so sick I can barely sit up . . . and here I am updating . . . that's dedication for you . . . or stupidity . . . Ack . . . it's practically been another month since I updated. I gotta work at updating more often . . . have patience with me, onegai shimasu! There's been a lot going on lately . . .

    Anyway . . . we've been slacking in the costume department and have been focusing more on our other site, Anime Cow. ::cheers and then coughs like Hyatt from Excel Saga:: So yeah . . .

    The masquerade page is up at AX which makes us at Envision wonder . . . what with all the delays, schedule conflicts, and constant laziness . . . will we be able to actually enter the thing? That's something we'll be deciding next meeting . . . hey, if worse comes to worse we can always sign up and then decline if we aren't ready for it. ::shrugs:: I dunno . . .

    In other news . . . the first ever Envision tennis tournament transpired this weekend. There was a lot of "raquet stroking" (trust me, it's not what you think) by two little ecchis that'll remain nameless. So who won? Well . . . I think I did . . . maybe it's cause I actually was instructed on how to play . . . Nova wasn't bad either . . . and Shorty and Otaku In Training tried hard. ^-^!

    Well, like I said before, I'm sick. So I'm going to say "ja" for now and go lay down on the couch and watch some anime. See you next update!


    -_-*. It's been almost a month since I updated. Gomen nasai! Not that we've been doing much in the cosplay department . . .

    I've been busy relocating my Hime of Insanity site and now I'm all settled in my new home, Anime Cow! I also have a new email addy. Email me at or click here.

    So if we haven't been working on costumes what have we been doing? Well . . . that's easy! We've been watching anime!!! Mononoke Hime . . . great flick but the Kodamatachi are a bit scary with those noisemakers for heads . . . and uh . . . Risky + Safety . . . one of my top ten . . . and a new anime named Furi Kuri . . . if you look on my bio page you'll see Furi Kuri is listed now as #7 on my top ten list. What can I say? It's a great series . . . but in the infamous words of Shorty . . . "I don't understand what the hell is going on in it at all!" You'll have to see it for yourself.

    I updated a few pages with my new links and email . . . that's pretty much it . . .

    We're planning on getting the entire gang together soon and working on the costumes. So check back then! ^-^


    Added a new page today! What's the title? It's called "Rants" and you can find it on the Site Stuff page. That's where I'll be putting all sorts of random insanity. I didn't think Envision's site had a healthy amount of insanity . . . You know how I am . . . And the first ever rant is up now! Check it out!

    I also updated each page and removed the "center" command. I like how the text lines up now. It looked a little too uneven for me the other way . . . hope you like it now!

    Well . . . we haven't really started working on our costumes yet . . . other than me hand sewing the edges of my hairbow because it was all ragged. So . . . hopefully we can report more later.

    I'm off! Check out the new page! Ja matta minna-sama!


    Lots to tell you today so brace yourselves! This'll be a long update! Ready? Good! Here we go!

    Uploaded the new renovations (as you can tell). Every page has a new look to it! Every page is updated too! New pix, new colors, new rolls, new members, etc.

    Also, the much awaited AX2000 page finally works. So, Envision's con report (or rather, my con report) is up and ready for viewing. The images I wanted to put up never turned out the way I wanted. So I decided to scrap them and put the pages up before the next Anime Expo got here. -_-!

    Added a few sites to the links page. One is of a way cool cosplay links page. Sorta like Anipike but it's got only pages related to cons, cosplay, etc. Check it out (we're listed too)! Also, a nice Kenshin image gallery's in the links page. They were one of the pages I actually remembered I got images from . . . -_-!!!! Gomen everyone else. I'll try to put up links to those pages who had images I posted, okie?

    Other than that, nothing else to report. Waiting for the newly added members to give me their information for their bio pages. Hopefully they should be posted within the week . . . if not, they know I've got angry bishonen that'll come after them . . .

    Well, 'til next update, ja ne!


    Have you noticed the change around here? Hai . . . Envision was feeling the time crunch and it's become highly unlikely the mecha will be done in time for AX2001. But have no fear, we're planning (and crossing our fingers tightly) to show them off at AX2002!

    So for now, our main theme is Kenshin. That is . . . so long as we don't change our minds again. -_-!!!!!!!!

    'til next update, ja ne!

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