Gomen nasai for not updating in what seems like forever. There's been too much going on! And lots of frustration in the mecha department. -_-. Plus, I'm trying to get things together for my Unmei revamp I'm unveiling on 01.01.01 (redundant, ne?) which is the new year and the anniversary of my pages.

I promise once we figure out how we're gonna work the mecha design from here on out, regular updates will become common. Just wait 'til everything calms down. ^_^. Until next update, ja ne!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY OTAKU IN TRAINING!!! ^_^! Today one of our own is celebrating his birthday. We at Envision send all our birthday wishes to him. ^_^. Have a good one!

Also, Happy belated Thanksgiving to all you who celebrate this holiday. Did you all eat enough turkey minna-sama? Surprisingly, the bishonen and I still have food left over . . . twenty four bishonen and you'd think all the food would be gone by now. ^_^*. Kenshin made too much . . . but it sure was good. ^_^!!! Yum de gozaru yo! ^_^x!

Well, we're supposed to be meeting on Sunday . . . I think . . . I hope . . . ^_^. So we'll have an update for you then. Now I just wanted to post a special birthday wish to Otaku In Training and Envision's well wishes to you on the day after Thanksgiving (we were all too busy yesterday to say anything. ^_^*). Until next update, ja ne minna-sama!


Well, not too much to report here. ^_^. Haven't been doing all that much lately. Met yesterday but couldn't work on the mecha due to Shorty's garage filled to the brim with cars. ^_^*.


Another update! ^_^. Well, I'm about finished with everything for this site. Just trying to get the image map working . . . then we'll be good to go!

In other news, no, I didn't get the manga I wanted. Why are they always out of volume 23 of Ruroken when I go to buy it? -_-! So what'd I get instead? The soundtracks to "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" and the newly released "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask". No, Otaku In Training, for the hundreth time, they are not a collection of expensive MIDI's!!! These are the real deal too. Imported from Japan, and I've got the empty wallet to prove it. Man, the new CD's were expensive! But that's what you get for a two disc set imported directly from Japan. And the music's as wonderful as I expected it to be! I can't wait to play this game!

Well minna, hopefully the site should be up soon! Until next update, jaa~!


Well, long time no update. Gomen ne minna! There's been alot going on.

Finally found out why Anipike hasn't posted our link. Turns out Envision wasn't Netscape compatible! So I've been working like a madwoman fixing all the coding and giving this place a new look. Like it?

Hmm . . . well, I'm not quite done yet so it's back to work.

Oh, what's in the future? Well, tomorrow Envision's taking a road trip to a Japanese bookstore. Manga here I come!!! ^_^! Woo hoo!!!

Also, there have been a few cast changes so . . . check them out.

Until next update, jaa~!


Hai, we had an Envision meeting yesterday so the mecha page is updated.

In other news . . . hmm . . . what do we have to report? Uh . . . oh! I'm actually starting to get better at DDR! ^_^. Shorty says so! And she's a pro so . . . ^_^!

Also, pumpkin smoothies are very delicious. They taste like a frozen slice of pumpkin pie. But it's not the best thing to drink it when it's cold outside and going to rain and you're sitting outside in the wind with the rest of Envision wearing a coat you borrowed from Shorty. ^_^*.

What did that have to do with anything? What do any of my rants have to do with anything? ^_^*. I'm a little like Sana-chan from "Kodomo no Omocha" when it comes to my tangents, ne? ^_^*.

Ah, we also are still waiting for Anipike. They didn't post the link so I had to personally email them to see what was going on. I haven't received a reply but maybe the link will be added to the new links tomorrow. I can hope . . . it's been a long time since I submitted my link . . . I'd really love to see this page up and running and open to the public sometime before the new year. ^_^*.

Anyway, enough of my sarcasm. 'til next update (the weekend before Halloween), jaa~! Oh, by the way, Envision's going to get together for Halloween (we aren't going as mecha because they aren't done yet -_-*!) so I'll take pictures. ^_^


Nothing much to add this update. Didn't update the mecha page because we didn't work on the mecha last meeting (I did some work over the week though, but nothing major). So what did we do last meeting? Well . . .

We traveled over to a Japanese store that sold kimonos so that we could work on our other costume (more details on that later). Then we spent the rest of the day manga shopping and hanging out. Well, I manga shopped. Got me the latest volume of X (which would be #15) and a J-pop magazine. ^_^. J-pop ga daisuki! ^_^!!!

Anyway, Envision's supposed to be meeting tomorrow due to the fact that Shorty's got somewhere to go on Sunday. But I'm not feeling all that great at the moment so I'm not totally sure we'll even get to have a meeting tomorrow. And furthermore, I dunno how they're going to like the fact that I haven't done any work on the mecha this week . . . oh well . . .

Well, I'm tired and feeling sick. I'm going to go sleep . . . or watch anime . . . whichever makes me feel better . . . I think some nice fluffy pillows and a volume or two of Tenkuu no Escaflowne sound good . . . ja ne for now.


Alright, I realize I've gotten lazy with my updates . . . gomen . . . I'm juggling lots of things right now so . . . it might take a little time to update. At least I update almost once a week and not . . . every four months or so . . . ^_^*. Or worse, annually. Hopefully things'll get better.

Anyway, slight update on the mecha page. Nothing big . . . we kinda wasted the majority of the meeting trying to decide on alternative cosplay outfits . . . and downloading/watching/etc. anime off the web. But darnit, anime's important!

Well, I brought some of the pieces home so I'm slowly working on it. I'll update more after the next meeting! Jaa~!


Yeah, I realize I haven't updated in a while . . . well, Envision cancelled it's meeting last week so there really wasn't anything to post! Sucks I had to be sick . . . in fact . . . I had gotten over it only to be reinfected! I swear, I can't stand people who don't cover their noses when they sneeze!!!

We did have a meeting yesterday so like with any Envision meeting . . . the mecha page is updated.

Okay, I think my fever's coming back so I'll c