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Entr'acte, pianissimo

I can't sing. I can't even talk. I'm so heartbroken! I haven't had my voice since Friday afternoon (when it started to leave me). I want to sing so badly . . . but I don't have a voice to do that with . . .

And I still feel pretty sick. I'm doing my inhaler every four hours so that I can breathe properly. Which, if you don't know, isn't a good thing. Because I normally don't use it at all. And the most you can use it is every four hours. So yeah . . . I'm pretty sick. I'm apparently supposed to see the doctor tomorrow. And I'm hoping he'll say I'm doing well enough that I don't have to have a shot or an IV or something. ::crosses fingers::

Anyhow, I'm coming to the end of my non-stressful weekend. Which means it's back to stress pretty soon. After all, I've got lots of paperwork and stuff for the next 18 days . . . and I still have to finish learning the Beethoven piece. I have to play it the 16th, after all. ::scare::

Well, I'm off to go use my medicine again. It's about time afterall. And I'm coughing my head off. See you later! Ja ne.

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Adagio, piano

Went to see one of the movies I've wanted to see for a while but felt too stupid to go to a theater without children and see . . . So I went with the preschool class and no one thought I was stupid at all! We all went to see Peter Pan: Return to Neverland.

It's not the best movie in the world, but it was nice and we all had a good time and whatnot. I liked the movie but I was left wanting more. I would've liked to have seen more Peter and Wendy screen time. ;_;. And Jane got on my nerves too much. She seemed like she had to be super independent all the time. It got old quick. I liked Tinkerbell and Peter . . . but then, I always love them.

And why can't I find the soundtrack mp3's online? ::cries:: I want to download a few of them but I think I'll actually have to buy the CD now. ;_;. I hate it when that happens. Buying a whole CD for only a song or two. ;_;.

Changed my webcam pic. So, yeah. I like it. The end.

I keep coughing and I have no voice. Therefore I'm going to go get some rest so I can hopefully get my voice back for Sunday choir. I doubt it'll happen, I sound pretty bad right now . . . As for the coughing, I'm going to go take my inhaler so I can breathe. Oyasumi.

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Dies Irae, fortissimo

I'm really let down . . . here it was one of the specialist days of my life and most of my friends didn't even remember! I wasn't going to mention it, just so that I could see how long it'd take, but I'm just too disappointed to not say anything anymore . . .

I went to Ass-Kickin' Jupi's party today. And though I had a lot of fun, it also made me sad. Because I would've liked to have had one for me too. And I'm almost tempted to make a party for one of the upcoming weekends but . . . how pathetic is it to have to throw your own party because no one else will throw it for you?

Pardon me if I sound like I'm whining or bitter . . . but it really meant a lot to me and to not even have people call or email . . . it really hurts me.

And not to say I didn't have fun spending time with my family on Saturday . . . because I did. We went over to some shops by the beach and shopped and went to an antique store where I found a really neat movie poster of "Hook." And it was nice hanging out with my family and just enjoying them. And today at choir was nice too, 'cause everyone sang a special song to me. It was really pretty. And Jupi's party was fun too. With all the water balloon fighting and the talk about "Starkisha" and stuff. It was fun.

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Title-less symphony!

Happy birthday, Ass-Kickin' Jupi!!! ::hug:: And also, happy birthday to ototou who's birthday was on Wednesday! Wow . . . so many birthdays this month . . . and most of them this week . . .

Tomorrow should be interesting. My family might take me to an amusement park and then to a fancy dinner. Yummy!

Omg, it's raining!!! ;_;! I have to teach today. No outside playtime for the little ones today. Makes my job a lot harder. ::cries:: Oh well, I'll just pop in a video or something. I'm sure they wouldn't mind watching something . . . only, what? ::sigh:: I've already showed them the Sesame Street movies I have . . . I guess I'll have to find something else before I go in.

Well, I'm off to get some breakfast. I'm starved and I have to get ready soon. See you later! Ja ne!

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{ Hitomi-sama sang an opera the morning of 04.26.02 }

Scherzo, forte

I said before that I wasn't really looking forward to AX 2k2 very much (though I can't remember if I actually posted me saying this or not). And for the most part, that's still very true. However, yesterday I visited the AX website and saw that the manga artist for Rurouni Kenshin will be there. I admire his work and think it would be exciting to see him. Finally, a panel I want to see! So, though I'm still not looking forward to it all with as much enthusiasm as I thought I would, the prospect of seeing Nobuhiro makes me feel a little better.

Well . . . hilarity tonight. Went out with Big O 'cause it was his birthday and it kinda sucks to spend it alone. So anyway . . . we went driving all around . . . getting lost many times and having many panic attacks. Then we went to Target. We ended up sitting in their patio furnature for five minutes planning what we were going to do next, then promptly left. Next stop was a Korean market where we bought yummy Water Jelly and mochi that was covered with sugars that weren't that great. Afterwards we went to a local pool hall where we played four games of nine ball . . . He won two, I won two. ;_;. Tie score! So, we're planning on having a rematch soon (especially since it's not that expensive for a table). And now I'm home. Fun was had by all.

And I finished some of my paperwork. So yeah.

I'm tired now. I'm gonna go to sleep. Oyasumi.

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{ Hitomi-sama sang an opera the evening of 04.22.02 }

Aria, allegro

"The Phantom of Manhattan" is very likely the most poorly written book I have ever read. I've read countless Phantom fanfics that would make better continuation stories than that book did. Writing in first person accounts and dialogue is, in my opinion, in bad taste and shows an immature style. The Phantom deserves more explanation and detail than what the author of this book chose to give. His narrative was for the most part boring, and rushed at the places I found fairly interesting. The ending was just plain horrible. And the conversations with deities! . . . That is just plain wrong. All in all, it was a poor book that I really wouldn't recommend to anyone. For my entire review, click here.

In other news . . . the Lion King went well. Only, any child who sat in the seat to my right decided they were either going to cry hysterically through the entire production, or have to go to the bathroom. So, I couldn't enjoy it like I wanted. But I did enjoy the parts I did see. I was very impressed with the costumes and other little things during the show that can only be truly appreciated by someone who knows how difficult it is to do even the smallest task in a production.

It's strange, I feel so at home when I'm in a theater. Like I belong there. And it makes me sad when I remember that I'm not the one participating in the production, I'm the one enjoying it. Oh, what I would do to roam those halls at my leisure for hours on end, or sit upon the stage and look out at the empty seats, or to just sing and let my voice fill the room and echo off the walls . . . Ah, I can dream, can't I?

Next week should prove to be quite eventful . . . lots of paperwork to finish . . . my otouto's birthday is on Wednesday, so no choir practice for me ;_; . . . and I have no idea what my weekend will hold. It seems weird it's almost the end of the month. It honestly doesn't feel like it should be past January.

I'm going to go be lazy some more and at the same time avoid the attitudes of family members who continually insist that it's *me* with the problem and that I shouldn't be like that. ;_;.

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Fermata, sforzando

Okie . . . I'm in an in between mood right now. I just got up, my stomach's growling, my hair needs washing, I need to find something to wear . . . And I'm just miffed!

If you think my EZ Board isn't amusing and slow then why don't you post there? It really irks me when people complain about things that they don't even bother to change. Granted no one's said anything on it in a while, including me . . . but I've been busy and have had nothing to contribute to the Love Hina string that picked up a few weeks ago and then died again. But a board is whatever the people make it. I can't wave my hands around and magically make it funny when I would be the only one talking to myself.

Okay, I'm going to just stop talking about that right now. >_<. I'm so hungry I'm getting upset . . .

I'll blog later. When I'm in a better mood . . . Ja for now.

{ The Phantom is: Miffed}
{ Hitomi-sama sang an opera the morning of 04.17.02 }

Crescendo, mezzo sforzando

Forgive me if I don't make sense for a moment. I just read a blog and wanted to say: If I am "HK," I am not deleting things!

Alright . . . I just got back from the mall with 'kachan. @_@! I spent so much!!! And I didn't even spend it all on myself. ;_;! Early birthday money from grandparents isn't supposed to be spent on small gifts for others. But . . . I have some extra money . . . which I intend on spending on myself . . . so it's all good. I'm glad I got some of these gifts though . . . Birthdays are coming up and I don't know when I'll be able to get out and get presents. So it's all good.

I bought two keychains, a pair of pants, and a Chobits manga in English! I didn't know TokyoPop put it out in English already!

And as always, boba milk tea makes everything better.

On Wednesday, my music teacher and a member of the choir called me a genius. I was like o.O? Maybe I felt that way 'cause it's me and I'm over critical of myself or something . . . and I don't see what others see . . . I could be a musical genius for all I know. I don't feel like one though. Personally I feel I'm having trouble with "Pathetique" sonata. But according to them, I'm a genius because I can do things like memorize a page of Beethoven or Mozart and play it in just a few hours. ::shrugs:: I just found it really shocking that they called me a genius.

I'm tired and I want to go watch "Whose Line is it Anyway?" G'night.

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{ Hitomi-sama sang an opera the evening of 04.12.02 }

Overture, sfortzando

Stick a fork in me, I'M DONE!!!

{ The Phantom is: Done with things}

{ Hitomi-sama sang an opera the evening of 04.04.02 }

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