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In my opinion, poor Squall needs some anti-depressants. Someone order him some Prozac . . . That guy's so quiet in FF8! ::sighs:: Oh well . . . it's turning out to be a pretty great game so far. ^-^*. But I've just barely started on Disk 1 (PC version) so . . . ^-^***. I like the graphics. Really great. But poor Squall . . . he's so cute ::drools:: but so quiet!

I went to the funeral today. It was beautiful but really sad. Before I forget though, I've been wanting to make a page dedication. This is for my grandmother who passed away about three years ago.

This site it dedicated to the memory of my grandmother who lived a full life of 72 years. I love her, miss her, and will always carry her with me in my heart.

Okay, enough of the sad stuff for now.

I've been watching too much "Majou no Jouken" ("Forbidden Love"). I'm a Japanese dorama addict, what can I say? I love that series. So I watch it over and over on my VCR. One of my favorite doramas. I liked "L'oiseau Blue" ("Blue Bird") too but I don't have it on tape. Anyone know where I can buy decent dorama fansubs? Email me!

Hideaki Takizawa is so bishonen! ::drools:: I'm considering adding him to my league of bishonen. Hee hee hee . . .

By the way, before I forget . . . I'm in a message board based RPG for Escaflowne. Go check it out here! The following characters are already taken: Hitomi, Yukari, Allen, and Soshi (original cat girl character). If you go now you just might be able to get the character you've always wanted to RPG as! I'll post up an RPG page soon. It'll have the story as it progresses. So look for it soon!

Anyhow, I'm off for now. 'til next update! Jaa~!

Hitomi-sama   { 04.30.01 }


Like I mentioned yesterday, I went to a birthday party today. It was a lot of fun. We swam and ate lots of food and played DDR 4th mix! Fun! But I still think 3rd mix is the best!


It was pretty fun. The water was way too cold though. But we had fun laughing at Shougo who was jokingly going to give the party-goers a special Envision strip show. He would be the onlyEnvision member taking part in *that*.

My legs hurt from all that DDR . . . and I'm totally full from those burgers and cake and stuff. I'm tired . . .

Now that all my fun's over, I gotta go get ready for another week. I'm off to the funeral tomorrow. ;_;. So until then, jaa!

Hitomi-sama   { 04.29.01 }


Y'know what happened yesterday? I was eating my lunch, just minding my own business . . . enjoying my ham (normally I hate ham but it was all they had)and melted cheesecroissant sandwich thingy in the beautiful sunshine . . . when this chick comes out of no where and sits down beside me. Okay, no problem. It's a public bench and I was taught to share. All of a sudden she looks and me and says, "Mind if I smoke?"


Do I mind if she smokes? Of course I mind! But like a baka I blurted out without thinking, "No, go ahead." Gah! Me and my manners.

Yesterday I was looking at horoscopes and stuff just for fun. This was a fortune I got: "Always remember to pillage before you burn." I'll keep that in mind next time I happen to stop by Asturia or other such kingdom with my Dragonslayers.

Van: HITOMI!!!
Me: Nani?
Van: You promised no more havoc reeking on any kingdoms!
Me: Spoil my post-birthday fun why don't ya.
Van: There, there . . . you promised to not reek havoc . . . but I'm sure there are a few things you can still do that don't classify as havoc. (winks)
Me: True. (smiles wickedly)

Well, I'll be gone a lot this weekend. Saturday I have to do some work, then I'm going with an old friend of mine out to who knows where. We're celebrating our birthdays since her's was the day before mine. Then on Sunday I'm going over to Eternal Phoenix's house 'cause she's throwing me a birthday bash! All my buddies from Envision'll be there too.

I have to go to my great grandmother's funeral on Monday so I'll be a wreck all day. ;_;! But next week's probably going to be really crazy. I can handle it, I've got my bishonen. ^-^v!

Hitomi-sama   { 04.28.01 }


Site: Hitomi~sama: Hime of Insanity v. 2.135423566757843

Yokoso minna-sama! Welcome to the new pages! . . . I know that I was just complaining about having to revamp sites . . . and here I revamp my new place. ^-^*. Gomen nasai! The old layout was too boring for me. I wanted to give my site a new feel and I'm pretty happy with it. Black and white was very plain, nothing really stood out. I don't know about you, but I need images!

Besides, I promised you a new layout, did I not? And what better time to post it than on my birthday!

Well, the revamp is almost done but I'm sad to say that not everything is up! But it's more than last time! Just a few pages. I'll get them up soon. I was going to finish them all but Tuesday my great grandmother passed away. So it's been kinda crazy here.

And while I was revamping I even added another bishonen! ::everyone cheers:: I won't introduce him now but rather wait until a time where I can properly make his debut!

Below you'll find the link to the updates archive. The guestbook has also relocated to the sidebar (it's actually the same color as the page now!), joined by my current mood from imood.com as well as the internet's mood.

That's about it for this update . . . look for more soon!

Hitomi-sama   { 04.27.01 }


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