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Oh my goodness minna-sama! One whole day without updates! I dunno, would anyone actually call these updates or are they more like blogs? I say both. Well, gomen for not updating/blogging yesterday. I was out with the majority of Envision and a few others.

Me, Otaku in Training, Shougo, Nova, "Aoshi," and a few others were watching movies, playing games, and eating sherbert until late last night. No "Shishio" or Shorty. We all went to some site that told us "for entertainment purposes only" what we were in a past life in Egypt. Yeah, like we all lived in Egypt. Ri~ght . . . I was a beekeeper which makes absolutely no sense seeing as how I'm allergic to bees. "Aoshi" was a general and Shougo was a Priestess. ::laughs:: I can't see Shougo as a Priestess. Well, maybe I could . . .

Female Shougo: (sitting on a throne) I am your goddess, dammit! You will obey me! Ra says so! He spoke to me . . . me being the wonderful priestess I am! Bow down and worship me!

-_-*! He practically does that now . . .

But, I was so tired I fell half asleep at Shougo's. So when I got home, I went to bed. Thus, no update yesterday. But here I am now . . . and I added a new page. You can go visit it in the Library of Gaean Texts. It has to do with the RPG I'm in.

I'm planning a new page too. So . . . hopefully it'll be past the planning stages sometime in the near future. ^-^!

Hop over to Envision to see how we're . . . uh . . . progressing . . . Progressing is the wrong word. Lemme start over. Hop over to Envision to see how much we lag. There we go. Perfect.

Anyhow . . . I'm off to do some managerial stuff for Envision and some stuff for my pages and maybe even play FF8 which I didn't get to do on 05.04.01 . . . that is, after I clean some of this messy house. Ja for now!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.06.01 }


Well, I updated the "Keepers of Sailormoon" page. Memberships have been slow lately. Hope over to the page if you're a fan and want to "keep" something from Sailormoon. ^-^.

I love CLAMP. Just thought I'd let everyone know. I've been reading "Clover" since it came out here in English and it's a wonderful manga. It's so simple. I love how it makes use of minimalism. And the characters are gorgeous. Definitely check it out.

And the shoujo manga pick of the day is: "Peach Girl." Hai, minna-sama . . . I subscribe to "Smile" magazine. Hey, it's a good way to keep up with some manga. It happens to be shoujo manga but . . . shoujo manga is cool. I know sometimes I say shoujo isn't that great but, it has it's high points just like shounen has it's low points. "Peach Girl" is kind of a twisted but very shoujo manga about relationshiops. But it's nicely drawn and the presentation of the theme is nice. It's a good manga about loving yourself rather than trying impress everyone.

Well, there's not much else to say . . . Oh, yeah . . . before I go, I wanted to share something hilarious with you. I was bored last night and decided to look at how this page looked using Babelfish's translation gizmos. If you translate this page from German to English, I have the most horrible grammar! However, the site looks neat translating into Japanese. ^-^!

I'm off to play more FF8. Here's to a great weekend! ::holds a glass of root beer in the air:: See you tomorrow! Ja matta!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.04.01 }


"Moonlight Sonata" is just about the coolest song ever! I'm so happy I found it at the library today . . . and now I've gotten through the first half of page one with the hour I had to practice. There are three pages total for the piano arrangement. So getting that far makes me kinda proud because, it's a hard song to play. I'm really excited. I can't wait until I finish learning it and can play it like I'm pro. ^-^.

Only one small problem with that song . . . you have to stretch your hands out so far that your fingers get cramped and start to hurt a lot after practicing for even a little while. That and the fact that your back gets stiff from sitting all tall and straight and having to press the pedal . . . I was so sore after practice. I could've gone longer but, I had other things to do. And I can't practice again until next week. That's what happens when you don't have your own piano. ;_;! I need a piano . . .

Well, in other news . . . uh . . . what other news? Today was pretty boring. Not much going on . . . did lots of work . . . was out 'til about 5 . . . came home and ate and played some more FF8. I'm at that place with the trains and the guards and the dummy president man. Still in the beginning but . . . hey, I'm getting there. I didn't even get this far in FF7 . . . ^-^*.


There's really not much else to say at the moment. Going to try and rest at least sometime during the weekend . . . but with all that work and then Envision on Sunday . . . I dunno if I'll have much time. -_-*!

Gah . . . I'm not looking forward to that Envision meeting this weekend . . . it's starting to get crunch time and . . . things aren't looking that good for us. We're on the waiting list. So everything's totally up in the air. We'll see what happens.

Until next update, ja minna-sama!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.03.01 }


When twenty-two roudy preschoolers suddenly break into an eerie repetition of the phrase "I want candy" over and over like that annoying song by whatever-his-English-teeny-bopper-name-is, you know it's time to run for the nearest exit or hide under the desk closest to you and not come out despite the fact that your bishonen are trying to drag you by your fingers!

Other than that . . . nothing much to report here. Getting stuff done . . . Oh, and I'd like to point out that I'm starting work on "Second Vision" again. I promise to have the very least, one episode done within the next few months.

Hmm . . . I haven't spilled this info at Envision yet but . . . I'm pretty sure I'm going to go ahead and start working on a secret cosplay outfit that I won't debut until close to or at AX2001. ^-^v! Not even my cosplay group knows what I'm doing! But . . . I have no doubts I'll get questioned about it in the next few days.

Envision members: "C'mon and tell us, Hitomi! What're you making? Just *who* are you going to be?"

Me: (being utterly sarcastic at the question) "Goku. Yeah, that's me. Super Saiyan Goku. Hair and all. Oh yeah."

It wouldn't be a secret anymore if I told, now would it?

Anyhow, I'm tired. My allergies are bothering me so much . . . and all I want to do is sleep . . .

Before I go, here's an old link that got taken off of the page. For those of you who want to see "All Your Base Belong to Us" again . . . for whatever reason that may be . . . laugh, cry, bash your head against the wall . . . it's here for you to see anytime. Click here.

Okay, oyasumi minna-sama.

Hitomi-sama   { 05.02.01 }


Rant ahead. Caution . . . momentary cursing ahead.

I can't stand people who try to sell me things. What I dislike even more is when they do a crappy job of it!

Here's what happened to me today:

Man: "Have you been sitting here long?"

Why? Is this *your* spot? I don't see your name on it!

Man: "I'm so-and-so and I'm supposed to go around and get strange looks from two hundred people."

I can give you more than just a few strange looks, buddy . . . How 'bout a lovely hand gesture and a Tae Kwon Do move to the body part of my choice?

Man: "I'm kidding. I'm selling magazines to help children-"

As much as I love children, my answer is no.

Man: (sits down) "This'll only take two minutes and then I'll be out of your hair. Fair enough?" (spies the mini birthday cake my friend gave me) "How'd you know it was my birthday?"

Eyes off the cake, buster. This suger high's m-i-n-e!

Man: "If you buy some magazines I'll get a savings bond and a trip to Hawaii."

Whoopie for you. I ain't getting anything out of it 'cept for a dent in my wallet. No thanks!

Man: "Have you ever been to Hawaii? Want to go with me?"

::laughs:: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!! Shyeah, like *you'd* take me to Hawaii. Ri~ght. Even if you did, why would I go with *you*? This guy's so majorly pathetic . . .

Man: "Do you have a boyfriend?"

Like is't any of your business! ::bishonen gather around her, ready to punch the guy's lights out::

Man: "Everyone's getting magazines for their boyfriends."

That's nice. And if everyone jumped off a cliff, would I do that? Since when has that become a motivation to buy anything?

Man: "By the way, I like your shirt."

Thanks. It's anime. But you probably would think it's a cartoon . . . unsophisticated moron . . .

Man: "My girlfriend would love your jumper."

I'm getting pissed now. First of all, they're overalls damnit. Second, that's two articles of clothing you've complimented in less that thirty seconds. Thirdly, you have a girlfriend and you "offer" to take *me* to Hawaii? Shyeah, ri~ght.

Me: "Sorry. I don't have any money."

Man: (looks wounded) "Did I say something wrong?"

O.O? Did I *say* you did? Did I stand up and shout "Look here you goddamned bastard . . . take your magazines and shove them!!!"?

Man: "You don't have any make up on but you're very good looking. I've got a girlfriend though, so it's just a compliment."

Oh, good. For a minute I thought you were trying to hit on me or sell me magazines or something. NANI?!!? Okay, it makes me feel so wonderful to hear that "compliment" when I look like a total wreck. All I did yesterday was cry so I look all ragged, my head hurts, there's too much to do, I got up at 5:50 am, and I threw on some overalls, a T-shirt, tennis shoes, and my new shirt from Hot Topic (brought to you . . . or rather bought for me . . . by Jaanime)! I don't think this barely even qualifies as looking anything more than decent!

Arigato for ruining my self-esteem for today, pathetic magazine man.

Before I leave (wow, didn't think that rant would take up so much room!) I'd like to tell you the best part of my day. One of my friends gave me the coolest present ever! A box of twenty-four stipped dripless birthday candles!


Hitomi-sama   { 05.01.01 }


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