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Oi minna-sama! ^-^. How're you all doing? Did you miss me yesterday? Gomen for not updating. That paper work took me all my free time yesterday and this morning. But I got it done, just in the nick of time. Yea me.

::bishonen cheer enthusiastically::

According to a bunch of hyperactive four and five year-olds, I'm Jackie Chan'sgirlfriend. O.O???? I'd like to know where they get things like that . . . It's scary to admit but . . . maybe Freud was actually kind of right with his whole psychoanalytical theory . . .

And no, I'm not together with Jackie Chan . . . Jackie Chan? O.O???? I still wanna know where that came from . . . And I'm sure if I actually was with Jackie Chan I'd be beaten or severely injured by Shorty.

Hmm . . . well, I actually had some quality relaxing time yesterday. Went gaming and bowling with Enkou and Nova (Shougo, Shorty, Otaku In Training, and Eternal Phoenix were going to come too but something ended up coming up . . .).

Yea DDR 4th mix! I passed four songs and got mostly "B's" doing it. I know, I know . . . that's far from an "A" or an "S" but hey . . . I'm no pro. I won at Marvel vs. Street Fighter. Power to the Chun Li/Morrigan combination! And I also won once at King of Fighter '99. I love that game. Enkou won the other game. It's only 'cause my arm was tired from button mashing the first time.

Maze: Yeah, right.

Tokiya: (bashing him over the head) Shut up, moron.

Then we headed over to a nearby bowling alley and got to play three games in the dark. They turned on black lights and music and stuff. It was cool. Bowled a pretty good game too. I'm proud.  An 86! I've bowled maybe three or four times in my entire life . . . and I got an 86, twice! I even did cool things like put a spin/curve on the ball . . . a few strikes . . . and even made a 7 - 10 split. I'm so proud! I have no idea how I did it . . . neither do Enkou or Nova. But it was sure funny watching the expressions on their faces when I would make impossible shots. I just wish I could do what Enkou does. His ball travels the gutter and then pops out at the very end, taking a few pins with it. Now that's skill right there.

I love children, don't get me wrong. Some children are very interesting to meet too. I recently met a boy who is the ripe ol' age of eleven . . . and I have to tell you . . . from what I heard and observed . . . he does not seem like he's eleven.

Children around the age of eleven should not have foul mouths, throw things at you, or call you any sort of name. They should get a stern talking to, in my opinion. They're eleven. Not even a teenager yet.

Enkou: Alright mister, that's it! I've had enough of your shenanigans! (drags random foul mouthed eleven year-old out for a stern talking to)

I wrote a rant on MST's a while ago but I can't find the paper! ;_;! I'll have to sit down again and type it up when I have time . . . this week I have none of that so . . . you'll have to wait on the edge of your seats until the week after.

Anyhow, we've got an Envision meeting tomorrow . . . I hope . . . We should. We have to have one! It'll be short but, hey, at least it'll be a meeting! I'm off to do my managerial thing for now. See you all next update!

Before I go, I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eternal Phoenix. ^-^. Congrats, 'kachan. ^-^

Hitomi-sama   { 05.19.01 }


Not much to report over here. I've got a ton of paper work to do and too many deadlines to meet. Advil is my new best friend.

Played the first third of "Moonlight Sonata" today in front of some people. Came off really well. ^-^. They said I've come very far in the past few weeks. I've even had people making me promise to give them my autograph when I become famous. ::laughs::

Hitomi's funny joke of the day: I play a great piano! . . . I think it's a Yamaha. ::laughs:: Thanks for that Frank Sinatra. Bless old movies first thing in the morning.

I'm off for now, my mouse is dirty and so the arrow thingy is going everywhere but where I want it . . . I'll try to update tomorrow morning if I can . . . Too much paper work might make that impossible but, I'll give it my best shot!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.17.01 }


Ah . . . I feel so much better now . . . my stomach ache is gone now. It was stress, I knew it. Once I sat down and talked through the reasons why I was stressed with someone who was level-headed, I felt tons better.

Now if only I can get all this stuff done . . . I've got things to do before Saturday and like, no time to do it in . . . I hate deadlines . . . I want a vacation. ;_;!

I also can't wait for AX2001. It's coming down to the wire, and Envision's going to start running around like mad. We've almost got a whole month worth of meetings so . . . if everything goes according to my schedule (ha ha ha) then we should be able to get our costumes done. I have faith . . .

Takky: (runs into the room) Here's the rabbit's foot you said you wanted, Hitomi!

Van: (handing Hitomi her necklace) You left your lucky pendant on the dresser.

Tamahome: And here's your lucky sock!

Kenshin: Hitomi-dono doesn't have a lucky sock, de gozaru.

Tamahome: She doesn't . . . ? Oh, right! Yeah, must be mine . . . (whispers to himself) Profit, profit, profit! (sneaks out)

Kamui: What the hell are you doing with my dirty sock?!?

Tamahome: Profi- (looks up) Your sock? But . . . (realizes what Kamui said and throws the sock at him) Dirty?!? Ew, I don't want that!

Hey, it doesn't hurt to have faith and back-up. As you can see, it's almost laundry time around here. ^-^*. Kenshin's been too busy to get to it.

Maze: (chuckling and pointing at Kenshin) Slacker!

Anyhow, it's the middle of the week. Are you all excited? I am! This week's been way too busy! I want time to relax! And relax we will! Envision's going to have fun Friday afternoon. Thus, there may not be an update then. So don't be surprised.

Before I go, I just wanted to put up a little warning on my web cam . . . I can't guarantee the content will be for all ages . . . because . . . Jaanime's random and puts up whatever she wants. Like that pic of the half naked manga chick. I'm not saying that's wrong or right, I'm just saying that so you won't be shocked. Just be wary. If you don't wanna see that . . . don't scroll all the way down.

I'm off for now . . . I think I'm going to go play more FF8 . . . Ja matta.

Hitomi-sama   { 05.16.01 }


For the first time in a long time, I dunno what to say . . . I'm not feeling well at the moment . . . my stomach has been doing flip flops since Saturday. I dunno what's wrong . . .

Would anyone care to take a stack of paperwork off my hands and take care of it for me? I didn't think so . . .

I think the flip flops my stomach is doing is from stress. I hate stress . . .

Since I'm not feeling well, you'll have to excuse me while I go lay down and attempt to feel better . . . Ja matta for now.

Hitomi-sama   { 05.15.01 }


One thing that totally and royaly pisses me off to the max is child abuse. Now, excuse me if I use words that I may not normally use . . . but this is a topic that I'm really offended by. Child abuse isn't just hitting a child. It's also sending a child outside in the rain without a coat or putting a child in time out for four hours while he stands there and holds a large rock.

::looks at the offender:: Goddammit! How would you like it if I made you stand there for ten hours holding a boulder?!? After all, four hours is a lifetime to a child. Goddammit . . . I can't stand people like you.

If you see child abuse occuring in front of you, I urge you to take a stand. The child doesn't have a voice, we need to speak up for them. Onegai shimasu! The local police department would be more than happy to give you a number to report abuse to.

Moving on to a more uplifting subject . . . uh . . . ::whispers to a nearby bishonen:: What was I going to say that was so uplifting? ::snaps her fingers:: Oh, yeah! I remember now! ::smiles:: I've added another bishonen. Now there are two mystery bishonen just waiting to be introduced.

Mystery bishonen #1: Hello.

Mystery bishonen #2: Pleasure to meet you all.

Van: Why can't you just tell everyone who they are?

Hitomi: It's a surprise!!!! Alright . . . if you want to know who it is . . . click the links below . . .

Mystery bishonen #1  here
Mystery bishonen #2  here

I'm going to be making a picture like that for every bishonen in the future.

All bishonen: Yea!!!! (cheer and throw confetti)

Anyhow . . . I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was very nice. Relaxed alot, played a lot of games, got a lot of site stuff done . . . worked a bit on stories . . . and I've made a little picture that sums up my weekend. ^-^. You can see it here.

Well . . . I'm off . . . ::thinks out loud to herself as she walks out:: Wonder if anyone's up to a game of Life . . .

Hitomi-sama   { 05.14.01 }


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