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Another day where I come online and suddenly ask myself, "have I updated today?" I have to get a better memory . . . or get past "hell week" . . . and I don't think it's my memory 'cause it just recently started. Damn "hell week." I can't wait 'til it's over.

Well, dunno if there'll be an update tomorrow seeing as how Nova, Enkou, and myself are going to the mall for that anime/gaming run I was talking about yesterday. There'll most likely be one Friday morning though . . . 'cause again, Envision's having a relax session that afternoon. ^.^!

What else to say . . . hmm . . . Hi to Nova from Envision! And hi to anyone who's looking over his shoulder at the screen as he's visiting! It's always nice to have new visitors. And welcome everyone who's found me via Anipike. I'm in the process of getting all my old links changed. And they've changed two or three of them . . . thus more visitors. Welcome all you new people!

Well, I'm off for some much needed sleep. See you next update minna-sama!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.23.01 }


It's almost 10:00 pm when I suddenly realize . . . where's the daily update? ^-^;! Uh . . . it's right here, honest!

"Hell week" is almost half over. And that has earned me (so long as everything goes as planned) one trip to the mall complete with anime and gaming run and a cool session of bowling (like last time, in the dark). Can't wait! Just gotta hang on one more day . . . Thursday afternoon . . . Thursday . . .

Anyhow, just got back from a concert. I think bowties are pretty cool. ^.^! It was a lot of fun. But I hate songs from "The Sound of Music." For some reason, those kinds of songs irritate me to no end.

Before I go, I just wanna say that I sincerely hope Enkou's sister is okay and gets better soon. Today her car sorta had a run in with another car (it wasn't her fault). I hear she's fine but she hurt her leg a bit. So, Enkou's sister . . . I hope you get well soon!

Ja ne for now!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.22.01 }


I'm totally exhausted, minna-sama . . . I really wish there was a way I could sleep twenty-four hours straight and not have to do anything for an entire day this week. I'd really like that.

This is what many people consider "hell week" . . . there's way too much to do (and do well, might I add) and not enough time to do it in . . .

In other news, I never thought hats could be so much trouble . . . kusou . . . I borrow someone'shat for a while and what happens? I get bombarded with five million games of Twenty Questions. It's a freakin' hat! Okay?!?

I'm on edge. Can you tell "hell week" is getting to me already? Chikushou . . . I want a vacation.

Random list of things I want this week: Peace, quiet, no stress, quality time, anime, comfort food, sleep, a Ruroken or Esca marathon . . . I doubt I'll get any of those but hey, it doesn't really hurt to dream . . .

By the way, I actually found my MST rant. The paper just appeared out of nowhere. So, if I have any time this week, I'll type that up and send it on it's merry way. How does that sound?

I don't even know what to say right now . . . I'm so exhausted. I've been trying to do my best at relaxing. Got a few books at the bookstore. Almost finished one of them. "A Child Called 'It'" is a really sad story about child abuse. And when I get to reading "Sybil" I'll let you know how that goes . . .

Thinking about it, I really should do what I did last year around "hell week." I should say, "to hell with all this stress" and go watch anime. That sounds fun. I think I'll go do that right now . . . unless somehow I fall asleep . . . which actually looks very possible . . .

Van: We've got pillows here, just in case.

Hitomi: The Pillows? I love that band!

Kenshin: Not the band, de gozaru.

Kamui: These. (throws one at Hitomi)

Takky: Hey! That's not nice!

Gatti: You'll pay for hitting Hitomi-sama!

::Hitomi falls over unconscious and sleeps on the pillow thrown at her by Kamui::

Kamui: See? My madness has a purpose after all.

Link: Shh! Let's let her sleep now.

All: See you all later, minna!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.21.01 }



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