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Someone tell my neighbors to shut up, onegai shimasu. It's 10:00 pm and they're outside playing their nasty music so loud my windows are rattling. And . . . they're singing Blink 182 . . . not that I have a problem with that . . . I'm rather indifferent to the band . . . but my neighbors cannot sing . . .

URUSAI YO!!!!!!! In case you didn't know . . . that's Japanese for "shut up!"

Gomen for being absent so long. Overload at work. And when I get home, I'm so tired I sleep for hours on end. o.O! Haven't done that in forever. It's nice though to actually wake up refreshed.

At any rate . . . I won't be updating until Sunday evening again. Another busy, busy weekend. But . . . I'm sure I'll be back with more "you're on my property!" moments. ^.^! "Aoshi's" such a good RPGer.

See you next update!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: 27 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.08.01 }


The bucket mouse wishes you a happy day. I don't know why. Call him and find out. ::laughs hyseterically::

Okay, enough obscure Zelda humor . . . Instead, let me give you a Zelda link (ha ha ha, no pun intended there) that has some really cool things like tons of mp3's and even the old Zeldacartoon in Real Media format. Definitely a must visit for Zelda fans. Click here.

In other news, gomen for the lack of update. But, I've had to deal with a full plate lately. And the icing to the cake was that Terrashare was shutting down. Wonderful. There went everything I had set up. So I had to spend twenty minutes reuploading (the first ten just happened to crash) . . . After that, I was too tired to updateyesterday. But I'm back. I'm mad as hell at Terrashare, but I'm back.

Anywho . . . My Flaming Bunny attack worked on MSN. I'm actually able to post again in the community. Hurrah! Now if only the flaming bunnies would fix Terrashare . . . but it's too late for that . . . they're shutting down in . . . oh . . . two or three days.

I have to fix all my links again. What a pain. ;_;. I hope everyone's finding their way over here alright . . . hopefully all the search engine results will change soon so more people can find me once the site goes away.

Gah, I just found out I have like half of my things still inside of my Terrashare stuff. No wonder all of the pages with the exception of this one look wrong and no links work! ::slaps her head:: Just call me observant . . .

Kamui: We can call you other things . . .

Kenshin: (going Battousai) Not unless you want a taste of my sword . . .

Well, I'm off to finish fixing this place and washing my hands of Terrashare. See you next update!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: 29 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.06.01, morning }


Ohayo minna-sama! Ogenki? ::smiles:: Lovely day, isn't it?

"Aoshi": (walks over to her pointing and shouting hysterically) Get off my property, dammit! You're on my property!

Enkou: Calm down! I've had enough of your shenanigans. (points a harmless looking staff at a nearby wall and shoots flaming bunnies out of it) Here!

"Aoshi": FLAMING BUNNIES! Oh yes! Bunnies! Come here you bunnies . . . (runs off chasing them)

Don't ask, I don't think you wanna know . . . Those crazy RPG sessions . . . they make you go nuts.

"Aoshi": I am not nuts! My name is Number One! Now get off my property!

Enkou: Quiet you! (chases "Aoshi" with his Staff of Flaming Bunnies)

Well then, now that he's occupied for the moment . . . Hmm . . . how come MSN Communities have become so difficult since they revamped? I can't even type a message now! ;_;! I'm so sad! I really need to post in the RPG ('cause I've been so busy I haven't posted in a week or so) but I can't! It won't let me! Dammit, MSN! What's going on?!?

::takes Enkou's staff and does the "Flaming Bunny" attack on MSN:: How do you like that? Huh? Huh? C'mon . . . make the thing usable for your members!

If someone from the Escaflowne Fortress MSN Community is reading this, could you contact me and let me know what the deal is?

Anyhow . . . I don't understand . . . why is it that half of the bios I click on Fanfiction.net say that the author is only 12 years old?!? I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that . . . just, it doesn't sound like they're all 12 . . . some of them it does . . . ::beats her head against the wall:: Spell check is your friend! I mean, it's human to make mistakes but when your fic is nothing but bad spelling mistakes . . . that's not so cool . . . But other authors it definitely sounds like they're alot older . . .

Either children are maturing at a younger age these days or the lucrative age to be is 12 years old . . . Why 12? You aren't even a teenager at 12. You're still a "little kid" . . . This makes no sense to me . . . 

I need new anime . . . ;_;. AX2001 . . . get here faster . . . I want anime stuff . . . I especially want to get the Rurouni Kenshin manga I've been wanting for a whole year now.

Hmm . . . I should start making a list of things I'd like to go in search of at AX. Lets see now . . . FLCL stuff . . . the Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia artbook . . . maybe a new wallscroll . . . definitely another Escaflowne cel (maybe I'll start collecting them) . . . a nice Rurouni Kenshin cel would be cool (they were so expensive last time! ;_;) . . . uh . . . I've been wanting to get a NERV button or something like that . . . hmm . . . I'm sure I'll be able to come up with lots more as the con gets closer.

And now I'm officially starting the countdown to Anime Expo. Are you all as excited as I am? Whoo hoo! ::cheers:: Anyhow, I'm off to go get phone numbers for the hotel rooms Envision's been thinking about getting. Ja ne minna-sama!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: 31 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.04.01, morning }



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