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::yawns:: Ohayo minna-sama . . . I actually have time to update . . . I know it's been a while . . . gomen . . .

Costumes are coming along . . . slowly . . . I hope we're done in time . . . ::crosses fingers:: Shougo's costume's almost done . . . Kenshin's half done . . . Aoshi . . . well . . . ::looks pained:: His jacket still consists of well . . . sheets of uncut fabric . . .

Skit's done. Just adding final touches to it right now. ^.^! That's what I'm happiest about at the moment (regarding Envision that is).

All this working and cosplaying is making me tired . . . Yesterday was the first time in a week I've actually gotten a chance to eat three complete meals and sleep for more than 5-6 hours. Ah, blessed 8+ hours of sleep . . . wonderful concept . . .

Anyhow . . . I'm off for now . . . but if you see me at Anime Expo, don't hesitate to say hi. ^.^. I'd be glad to talk to you, especially if you mention the fact that you've read my work (and maybe even enjoyed it too ^.^). And if you can, definitely check out Envision in the Masquerade (assuming that everything gets finished and all . . .)!

See you all later! Ja matta!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 4 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 07.01.01, morning }


Well minna-sama, gomen for the lack of updates. But as I've said I've been extremely busy. I'm like never home . . . I come home only to sleep . . . it's sad really . . . get up, go to work, come home, grab my stuff (which takes all of a minute), then go to the Envision meeting until it's time to come home and sleep. I have no time.

Anyhow . . . the varying schedule is going to continue at least until the 9th of July at the very earliest. Then it'll be back to normal. So look forward to that. 'cause I'll be fixin' up my con report and all sorts of other goodies for you all . . .

Gomen, I'm so pressed for time I didn't even have time to color the font. ;_;.

See you next update . . . whenever that happens to be . . . ^.^;;; . . .

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 9 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.26.01, morning }


Oi minna-sama . . . I'm still here . . . lagging and very busy, but here. Gomen for the long absence. Things are chaotic . . . Lots to do, not enough time to do it in. Terrible . . .

For starters, Envision's now in the Masquerade. ::sings:: We're movin' on up! We're no longer Masquerade rejects anymore! Whoo hoo! The only thing is, now comes the hard part of figuring out a skit and all . . . I hope all this managerial stress stuff pays off in the end, that's all I have to say . . .

We lag. Seriously. ::pauses:: Did I mention how much Envision lags? ::laughs and then falls over:: Geez, we need to get moving on these costumes or we're not going to be ready for the Masquerade.

Well . . . the update schedule is going to be really random for the next few weeks. Work . . . Envision . . . uh . . . sleep . . . maybe some food if I'm lucky . . . and then more work . . . ::goes on and on in a vicious circle:: I have no time for anything any more. ;_;. Not fair . . .

In case you're wondering, yes I'm still using last week's blog page. I figured the week's half over anyway, what's the use in making a new page? I'm too tired for it. Maybe later . . .

I'm off to sleep . . . Oyasumi.

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 15 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.20.01, evening }


Hmm . . . how are you all doing minna-sama? ::sighs:: I'm tired . . . I mean really exhausted. I just kept falling asleep today . . . everytime I did something . . . boom! I'd fall asleep . . . It's not like I was doing anything exciting anyway . . . watching television, working on my Kaoru outfit, watchingmovies . . .

My legs hurt. I went out dancing last night with Enkou. It was a lot of fun. ^.^!

Now speaking about the lack of update for Thursday . . . I was napping when all of a sudden Shorty calls and says that half the gang is going out for some good Japanese food . . . so I went. It was fun . . . though we got lost . . . horribly lost . . . and ended up driving through the wrong parts of town . . . and then we ended up going the wrong way and going a half hour out of the way . . . so instead of getting home at 11, we all got home at 12. -_-;! It was some adventure though . . . ^.^;

Tomorrow there's no meeting for Envision 'cause there's some holiday going on. ::rolls her eyes:: Darned holidays always interrupting meetings. -_-;;;! Anyway . . . meetings are going to be almost daily soon. So hopefully everything will be okie.

I'm off. See you next update. Oyasumi.

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 19 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.16.01, evening }


::sighs:: Well, I'm totally exhausted. I dislike June for the reason that it totally drains me of all energy and sanity . . . what sanity I actually have left . . . ::looks at her bishonen:: Do I actually have sanity left?

Gatti: At present no, Hitomi-sama, you do not. (bows)

Guess that answers my question . . . ::sighs again:: I'm so tired of working and dealing with things and endless hang-ups. That explains my recent moods . . . none of which seem to work on that stupid sidebar thing . . . I'm tired of it. I'm just going to remove it. It's been a broken link eyesore long enough.

I'm ready for a vacation. How about you? Next few weeks promise to be chaotic. Oh joy . . . you know that's exactly what I need right now.

What I need is a few days to take a breather and not have to worry about doing anything. Alas, work and Envision fills my days. It'll pay off in the end, I'm sure . . . at least, that's what I'm hoping.

Shorty got her costume almost done. I congratulate her with her common expression of excitement: wOOt! I . . . have no clue what it means so, don't ask, onegai shimasu.

Well, I'm off to . . . to, uh . . . to eat some watermelon. Have fun. Jaa~!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 22 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.13.01, evening }


I'm back, minna-sama. Miss me? ^.^!

Well . . . I haven't been doing much . . . worked a bit on site stuff . . . listened to some pretty cool songs today while I was working away . . . played Zelda: Majora's Mask. I don't care what anyone says, I'm proud that I cleared the Woodfall Temple in only an hour. ::beams with pride:: And people were teasing me because I couldn't even fly poor Deku Link around . . .

I've been wondering something for the longest time . . . I thought about it again while I was watching a rerun of "Martial Law" tonight . . . why is it when there's a gang of people verses one person, the gang takes turns attacking? It doesn't just happen in shows like that. Even in shows like Dragonball GT and Ruruoni Kenshin the gang attacks one at a time. If Cell's such a big threat why stand around and beat him one by one? Wouldn't it be more effective to throw everything at him all at the same time? Or in the case with Shishio . . . Shishio was going to take over Japan. If it was so imparative he be stopped, why didn't they just all rush him and beat the living daylights out of him?

::Hitomi's radio automatically begins to blare Two-Mix's "Living Daylights"::

I just don't understand things like that. ::sighs:: That's why some people hate watching things with me. I point out stupid things like that. I wonder if I'll ever get a decent answer to that. And I hate it when people give me that "it's about honor" stuff. These guys are out to save the world. Hmm . . . saving the world . . . or honor . . . tough choice . . .

Anyhow, enjoy the rest of your night . . . or day . . . whenever you happen to be reading this . . . I'm off for now. See you next update. Jaa~!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: still about 23 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.12.01, evening }


Ohayo, minna-sama . . . Well . . . to start a wonderfulday off . . . I get woken up by my work which pratically forces me to agree to working the "crazy" shift for the rest of the week. Eh . . . I don't mind but . . . I'm always so exhausted after I'm done that I just go home, crash on the couch, and sleep for hours until it's time for dinner. ;_;. Oh well, at least it's more money for AX2001.

Lifehouse is a great band. I know, I don't usually listen to English bands . . . but when I heard their "Hanging by a Moment" one day when I was in the car with a bunch of my friends, I couldn't help but like them.  Definitely worth a download or two . . .

Hmm, in other news . . . I feel almost completely better now. No headache, no fever, nothing. To my dismay, my rotating fever/chills came back yesterday. But I'm okay now.

Hmm . . . lets see . . . as far as I know the update schedule looks good this week up until Friday. But other then that one day, I should be updating every day.

Anyhow, I'm off to upload and work more on this lovely site . . . expect new things! Ja matta minna-sama!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 23 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.12.01, morning }


Gomen, gomen, gomen minna-sama! I know I said I'd update yesterday evening when I got home . . . but I was feeling so bad I just went to bed. I spent all yesterday with a fever of some kind. I almost felt like I had a cold. I was hot all over, then I was shivering because I was cold . . .

At any rate, I'm feeling much much much better now. ::looks over to Nova and Enkou:: Don't worry about me guys, I'm fine now. And yes, I still think everything is hilarious. ^.~!

Why are very small pieces of wood called splinters while bigger pieces of wood are called sticks, twigs, branches, and trees? ::laughs hysterically:: This deep thought was brought to you by Enkou.

Hmm . . . there hasn't been much news . . . well . . . other than the fact that I lost the fic/pic contest over at Escaflowne: For Lovers Only. ;_; . . . Congrats to the winner . . .

Anyway . . . I love Zelda music . . . If you ever get a chance, go to Zelda Power and download a song called "Zelda Medley" (I think it's in the Symphonic CDsection). It's a collection of all the theme songs from the first Zelda, the second Zelda, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Zelda: Link's Awakening. Power to the "Ballad of the Windfish!"

Y'know, I really hope I'm counting down the days right . . . I mean, I thought I was doing it right but now I'm not sure . . . oh well . . . I added the word "about" just in case I may be wrong. ^.^;

Well, minna-sama . . . I see there are a lot of visitors these days. I'm very glad to see that. I don't know why or how it happened, but I'm glad. ^.^! I just hope they keep coming back.

New stuff is coming . . . just slowly . . . I'm busy . . . and since that contest, I just got really frustrated with my writing . . . it's not turning out how I want at all. I know you are all waiting so patiently. I hope you will continue to await new episodes and new fics . . .

Tomorrow on my day off, I'm going to at least work on, if not finish an episode of "Second Vision." Okay? Okay!

Well, I'm off . . . I've got a ton of things to do. Ja matta minna-sama!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: about 24 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 06.11.01, morning }



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