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Don't just randomly send me 200k mails with attatchments that say something like "Hi, I wanted you to see this." Things like that really get to me. Gah! Say something more than that. Tell me who you are or what you're attaching. Not just "Hi, look at this." How am I supposed to know what it is? How am I supposed to know it's not hentai or some random yaoi pic or some evil bishonen bent on flaming my hair? Please, please, please, please . . . ::bangs her head on the computer desk::

You know what else gets to me? People who open their freakin' mouths even after their personal well-being has been threatened. ::growls:: A certain little pyro should know I'm addressing him . . . ::cough's loudly:: freakin' Josh . . . You weren't supposed to say a damned thing . . . Thanks for wrecking everything . . . Rabid bishonen are going to feast on your toes, mark my words.

Moving on from that depressing and irritating randomness . . . How are you all doing? Me? I don't think you want to ask. I hate everything right now . . . Severe depression . . . gah . . . THANK YOU SO FREAKIN' MUCH JOSH! ::kicks him in the shin and then bangs her head against the wall, hard:: I can't thank you enough . . . really I can't . . .

I don't feel like writing anymore . . . updated my webpic . . . so look at it or something. I'm going to go bang my head against the wall some more. See you next update.

{ Song : "Kurenai" by X Japan (you can tell what kind of mood I'm in, ne?) }
{ Best memory of today: Being given the "gold star" for bus riding.  }
Hitomi-sama   { 07.25.01, evening }

Yesterday I went with Enkou and Nova to the arcade and my playing skills were so bad I couldn't pass three DDR songs no matter how much I tried. Ah well . . . I wasn't feeling all that great anyway. DDR on a leg that's been hurting all day isn't exactly the best idea. I don't feel bad though . . . Nova was also saying he was having an off day.

Son of a caffiened chocobo! I know I haven't exactly been that great with my mail lately. The fact is, I've been busy . . . that and the fact that I'm still trying to figure out where all that junk mail came from. Who signed me up to receive mail about toner supplies? I'd love to know! ::sighs:: Anyway, hopefully I'll be catching up on my mail either this week or the week after next when I return from my vacation. Gomen nasai for the delay.

Well, I know some of you are probably tearing your hair out by now trying to figure out what exactly I say when I use Japanese on my webpage. Never fear! I'm coming up with a new and improvedvocabulary index for your translating needs! ^.^! Expect it . . . soon . . . soon as I can get my handy dandy html book back from Nova . . .

For now, here's some random handy dandy translations for your random everyday purposes: Gomen nasai = sorry, ja/jaa/ja ne = see you later/bye, ne = hey or right depending on context, oyasumi(nasai) = goodnight, koibito = boyfriend/girlfriend . . .

Today I went to the park with Enkou. It was a lot of fun. We sat on top of a hill and looked up at the sky through a big tree that looked to have been sucked out of the Escaflowne movie. I always love doing relaxing things like that. I don't get the chance to just stop and enjoy the peacefulness of the sky very often. Anyhow, Enkou and I talked and played cards (he's much better at it than I) for a while. It was a nice thing to do for such a lazy day. Alright, I admit it . . . I didn't go into work . . . ::looks at everyone:: So I was feeling ill earlier . . . give me a break. I haven't had a day's rest in a long, long time. I thought I deserved one.

Enkou is so wonderful. He remembers that I said want to get more exercise so he forces me to do things like pedalling my bike up an incline no matter how much I ramble, whine, or utter things in Japanese that he can't understand. If you need to get in shape, I suggest getting friends, koibitos, or other people you enjoy to accompany you. That way you can chat, enjoy each other's company, and motivate each other. ^.^!

Other than that, not much going on . . . trying to finish the Envision revamp . . . planning out the rest of the week . . . See all of you! Ja ne!

{ Song : "Hanging By a Moment" by Lifehouse }
{ Best memory of today: Looking up at the sky, holding Enkou's hand }
Hitomi-sama   { 07.24.01, evening }

Just wanted to let you all know I'm feeling a lot better now. ^.^. Hopefully an update tomorrow . . . if not . . . as soon as possible.

I'm tired. I'm going to bed. Oyasumi.

Hitomi-sama   { 07.22.01, later in the evening }

Gomen for the absence. Been catching up on a lot of missed down time. The bright side is, I've been actually writing stories so . . . hopefully I'll have something to show for it all really really soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

Well . . . to be perfectly honest with you all . . . I'm feeling kinda down right now. ;_;. I have no idea why. Just sometimes I get the blues. So I'm really not going to do a big update today. This week though . . . I'll do at least one big update. Okay?

I'm going to go watch more Escaflowne and talk to Enkou in hopes they'll cheer me up. Ja ne.

Hitomi-sama   { 07.22.01, evening }

New bishonen added! Don't have a piccie for him at the moment . . . so for now I'll just have to tell you who he is. ::points to a randombishie who's intently sitting at the table fiddling with what looks to be a sort of sherbert drink of some kind:: There he is.

::bishie looks up and jumps as he sees everyone staring at him intently, his elbow bumping his drink which sends it crashing to the floor::

All: OR~PHEN!!!

Orphen: What? ::looks at the shattered glass:: I'll clean it up . . . ^.^;

Anywho . . . updated my webcam pic. About time, ne? First time I've had enough time to sit down and do a decent editing job in a long time . . . enjoy. I really like how it looks all manga style . . . and the colored moon gives it an interesting flavor. Definitely check it out.

Other than that . . . I'm tired . . . my throat hurts . . . I'm going to go sleep now. Oyasumi.

Hitomi-sama   { 07.18.01, evening }

::walks in talking like she's only updated yesterday:: Oi minna-sama, ogenki desu ka? ::dodges random items thrown at her:: Okay, okay . . . so I've been gone longer than I thought . . . I have a good explaination for it . . . really . . .

Kamui: She's been in trouble for the past week.

Excuse you . . . but I've just been . . . preoccupied with . . . well . . . spring cleaning that sorta has been postponed for months . . . Okay, so I was forced to stay in and clean up the house. At least it's done now.

Kamui: You were in trouble, just admit it.

Maze: Shut your mouth.

Kamui: Make me.

It's too late for a bishie fight. I'm exhausted. Honestly.

Anyhow . . . AX 2001 was . . . erm . . . how to put this . . . disappointing in a way? I dunno. I was expecting more out of the 10th annual bash . . . Oh well. My con report'll be up soon . . . Along with some of the few pics I actually took. Next year I'm going picture crazy . . .

Well . . . what have I been up to besides cleaning? Finding a place for all my new anime goods, working, doing various things for yearly revamps . . .

Kamui: Being in trouble . . .

Maze: Shut up! Leave Hitomi alone!

Van: Here's a first. Maze actually defending Hitomi.

Maze: I just don't like his tone, that's all.

Today I got sunburned. I don't understand why I burn now. When I was little, I used to tan and not burn. Now I burn. o.O? Will someone explain this to me? I just don't get it.

Played tennis with Enkou today. I've come to the conclusion that I totally suck at the game. I don't even know why I play . . . or why I ever passed that class . . .

Must . . . watch . . . Socerous Stabber Orphen . . . Must . . . ::forces herself to stop ranting about Orphen like she's been doing ever since AX::

Oh, before I leave I'd just like to give you all a word of advice. Never, under any circumstances ever share a piece of your banana split with anyone. For some reason it's viewed as absolutely hysterical by other people at the dinner table. Maybe it's a strange custom from some small obscure third world country or something . . .

Hitomi-sama   { 07.16.01, evening }

Things have been so crazy the past few weeks . . . Envision's gone from the Masquerade waiting list to the official list and then back off. The latter was our decision though . . . so it wasn't so bad . . .

No, Envision will not be in the Masquerade this year . . . for more on this, visit Envision's site, onegai shimasu. It'll all be explained there. Don't worry, we're planning on being the next two Masquerades . . . and now that we know what to do and what not to do . . . we'll be better prepared . . .

I hate my job . . . bleh . . . working in the summer is terrible . . . ::cries:: Anything but the "ABC song" onegai! ::bashes her head on the shoulder of the nearest bishonen:: Why must I sing the ABC's everyday? It's one of my worst nightmares come true! ;_; ::cries more::

At any rate . . . I'm just sort of waiting around for AX to get here . . .

Whoever thought "Batman" and "The Iron Giant" classify as anime should be taken out back and beaten senseless by a mob of rabid bishonen. ::rolls her eyes:: No comment . . . no . . . not going to go there . . .

I want a purple popcycle . . . well, maybe not purple . . . I'll settle for a red one. It's too hot. Geez, who turned on the humidity machine? It's so hot and sticky. Great. Perfect weather for cosplaying in . . . not! >_<! Lucky me and my big ol' kimono . . . No, I feel bad about Enkou. All those bandages and everything . . . in all this heat . . .

Lets all pray for a cold day on Saturday and Sunday, shall we?

Well, you'll probably see another update out of me tomorrow . . . but after that, not until at least 07.09.01 . . . so see you next update!

COUNTDOWN TO AX2001: 2 more days to go

Hitomi-sama   { 07.03.01, evening }



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