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The past few days have . . . well . . . sucked to put it mildly. Oh well. What can you do, huh? I'm just hoping that things will get better. I want to have a good weekend. Well, weekend meaning Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 'cause those are the days I can be a lazy hime instead of doing things I don't want to do . . .

Today I spent the majority of the day sleeping. After I woke up I spent a lazy day playing "You Don't Know Jack vol. 2" while waiting for people. And . . . that's all I did. And I found out numerous times that, I don't know jack. -_-;;;. I would've done something else but . . . there really wasn't much to do . . . especially since I wasn't sure who was free when (since everyone's busy all the time now) . . .

Updated my webcam pic. Cool pic from a screenshot of the new Smash Brother's game with a quote from the Goo Goo Doll's "Iris."

Really just kinda tired . . . depressed . . . gonna go talk to Enkou and hope I'll feel better . . .

Before I leave, here's a little randomness.

Fortune of the day: (brought to you all by Hitomi-sama's fortune cookie) It's time for you to explore all those new interests.

Hitomi: What new interests? o.O?

Lucky daily numbers: 17, 21, 23, 25, 32, 38 . . . and as always the numbers 27 and 47 . . . 'cause they're bonus lucky numbers.

{ Song : "Fatlip" by Sum 41 }
{ Best memory of today: Sleeping in }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.22.01, evening }

Okay, so technically I didn't upload yesterday'supdate until today . . . Gomen. I was going to upload yesterday but my browser was convulsing and having fits. So I had to wait. Plus, I wasn't home last night . . . or I would've done it then . . .

I was at a minor league baseball game. The team we were supposed to be rooting for lost . . . but that really doesn't matter . . . 'cause I got to hang out with friends . . . got to worry about getting smackedone in the jaw by a runaway baseball (which would probably have killed me due to the fact that my chin is still slightly puffy from where I fell last week) . . . got to wear Enkou's jacket . . . Then I came home and ate ice cream with cherries and chocolate sauce on it. Yum. I had a good time . . . even if the team we were rooting for didn't win.

I just don't understand why in the world they had cheerleaders. Yes, the minor league baseball team had cheerleaders. ::falls over:: And it wasn't just one cheerleader or even two . . . no, this team had four, count them, four cheerleaders. ::falls over again:: Why? What purpose do they serve? They weren't even good at dancing and jumping around! And as Nova and Enkou pointed out, they weren't pretty either! You don't need cheerleaders in baseball! C'mon! But I'm convinced that if they had cheerleaders for every sport, I'd be qualified to cheerlead for the sport of golf. Yes, my little tumbleweeds, golf. It would consist of walking over to the flag, picking it up out of the hole, waving it once, whispering "yea," putting the flag back, and sitting down.

My face was fine until I decided to sleep on my side again. ;_;! That wasn't the smartest thing to do either . . . 'cause now my face has got another little scab on it . . . and I had just gotten rid of all the scabs! ;_; Oh well . . . it's really no big deal. They'll be gone really soon. I don't think I'll sleep on my side for at least another few days.

Anyhow, I'm hungry suddenly . . . it's 'cause I mentioned ice cream earlier. ;_;. No, I must have something with nutritional value this time! Something . . . better for me than ice cream . . . with all the junk food the bishonen bring into the house, that'll be a rare thing . . . ::sighs:: Oh well, I'll search for something anyway. Later minna-sama.

Song : "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down }
{ Best memory of yesterday: Wearing Enkou's jacket }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.18.01, morning }

Got up this morning to find that my face is just slightly a bit more pink than my normal skin. It also doesn't have that "skin" texture yet. It's still kinda smooth. But you can hardly tell a thing happened to me. Well . . . save for the black and blue bruise on my chin. I'm very excited that it's healed so well. So is everyone else. Some people were expecting the worst. It was depressing. -_-;;;.

Why do some restaurants choose to lock their bathrooms? I can understand if it were the type where the bathrooms were outside. But . . . to have one locked and inside the establishment . . . some three steps from where all the employees are? Does this make sense to everyone but me?

Got home yesterday after hanging out with friends and wasn't sleepy enough to go to sleep . . . so I watched "Majou no Jouken" (hai, some of you know it as "Forbidden Love") . . . I love that drama so much. I think it's sweet. Though you'll find others out there that convulse when I even mention the name. Okay, Otaku In Training, you can stop twitching now.

In other news, I'm lagging and haven't finished that revamp yet. I should probably be taken out and tickled by random bishonen.

::Enkou approaches, a big grin on his face::

Hitomi: No! Anything but that! Don't tickle me! Please!

Enkou: It's my job. (smiles) You asked for it.

Hitomi: I didn't! There's a difference between asking for something and suggesting it.

Van: It's a good suggestion.

::a group of bishonen that include Van, Kenshin, Enkou, Takky, and Link chase Hitomi around attempting to tickle her as she runs screaming::

Don't tickle me, please! ::looks back to the reader:: That's all for this update. See you. ::runs faster::

{ Song : "First Love" by Hikaru Utada }
{ Best memory of yesterday: Having the power to roll dice and get a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in freaky consecutive order }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.17.01, morning }

Boba tea is the best. Whoot. I'm so happy, I finally got my tea. ^.^!

Things are going okay. Hung out with Eternal Phoenix and Enkou and other random people since the beginning of the week. Lots of hanging out at malls and things. Cool . . . but not when you're broke. ;_;

Good news is, I saw a friend of mine over at Suncoast yesterday . . . We got to talking and I mentioned Niea under 7. Since she works there, she told me about their cool layaway system. Now all I have to do is wait for the good people at Suncoast to call me so that I'll be able to go pick up my anime.

Other than that . . . ::sighs:: Random thoughts . . . Things have been getting me down lately . . . been having that "the whole world is spinning around me out of control" feeling. I hate it when I feel like that. I can't make heads or tails of things when things are like that. I just tend to mess things up when that happens. ::sighs:: I hope my mind clears soon.

Random epiphany of the day: When you hear a song at the same time your'e at a critical moment in a conversation or something once, that's just a coincidence . . . when you keep hearing the same song randomly through your travels at remarkably critcal moments . . . it's no longer a coincidence, it borders on fate.

Well, just got back from having a nice Japanese dinner/mall trip/arcade run with Enkou. ::sighs:: It was really wonderful to go out and just . . . enjoy talking and window shopping and just . . . enjoying each other's company. Plus, he always knows how to cheer me up. I don't know how. He's got a gift.

Anyhow . . . I better go . . . see you next update.

{ Song : "Drops of Jupiter" by Train }
{ Best memory of today: Seeing a toddler trying to play DDR by following Enkou's example }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.12.01, evening }

Welcome one and all to Hime of Insanity: Burning Rain of Insanity mix. Being the princess of the flames, I thought a flame theme was fitting, not to mention well overdue. So, what do you all think, hmm?

Well kiddies, the first ever safety lesson from the Hime of Insanity is: always, under every circumstance, wear a helmet and proper equipment when you do things like ride your bike or oh, say . . . scooter or something. If you don't, you might end up looking like Hitomi-sama does . . . or worse . . .

::pauses as the readers give her a concerned look::

Yes, yesterday I took a header off a scooter and made friends with a rather unpleasant fellow named The Concrete Driveway. Have random cuts on my hands . . . a big bruise on my left knee, right shoulder, and under my chin . . . a scrape that hurts like a wounded Zaibach on my chest . . . and a big burn-like scrape down the right side of my face. I'm okay; it honestly looks a lot worse than it feels.

The plus side: I didn't get majorly hurt (well, besides my pride. But we all have to learn to swallow that sometimes, ne?), I didn't get a concussion, I didn't have to be taken to the hospital or rushed anywhere 911 style, it's lightened my mood (heh, I had to fall off a scooter for this one? Why?!?), I didn't split anything open, Enkou got to bust out his mad first aid skills and tend to me the likes which could shame my other bishonen.

Van: He put bandaids on you. Big deal.

Tasuki: I sense some jealousy.

Van: Shut up.

Thanks, Enkou. If it weren't for you, my face wouldn't look 50% better than it did yesterday. You're hearby elevated to the status of Super Bishonen which promotes you to the lead bishonen spot.

::all of the bishonen have their mouths hanging open::

Van: Him? Take my spot?

Kenshin: I believe that was my spot, de gozaru.

Van: Liar, I was here before you.

Takky: Now now, boys . . .

Maze: You sound like Hitomi. (cracks up)

So, what have we learned here my little tumbleweeds? Always, always wear your helmet. If I had, I would've probably had 50% less damage to my face. Plus, it just could save your life.

Dilandau: (walking in and seeing Hitomi) Ow. Does it hurt?

Hitomi: It stings sometimes.

Dilandau: (stroking his scar) You understand my pain. (holds out a tube bitterly) Here, use this.

Hitomi: Neosporin?

Dilandau: Plus pain relief. It'll reduce scaring . . .

Hitomi: Scaring?!?

Dilandau: Calm down, you won't scar with this stuff. Besides, it just looks like a surface burn. Burn . . . heh . . . moero . . . heh, heh, heh . . .

Hitomi: Why're you giving me this?

Dilandau: Listen, if I'd had this on the Vione I wouldn't have this lovely scar that I'm so bent on destroying Van over . . . Besides, I'd hate to see another suffer my pain.

Well minna-sama, I'm off . . . I'll see you next update when hopefully the facial scrapes will be all but disappeared . . . ::crosses her fingers::

{ Song : "Sora" from Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaia }
{ Best memory of today: The flame colored lasso  }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.12.01, evening }

And you thought I'd forgotten all about you . . . ::laughs:: Gomen for the delay. Was on vacation for a whole week . . . -_-;;; . . . then came back and had a few things to deal with. You know how it is . . . holes in the walls that need fixing . . . What part of, "I want everything in one piece when I get back," don't bishonen understand?

Hey, Enkou . . . before I forget for the bazillionth time, click here to see the "All Your Base" thing that I've been telling you about forever . . . And hey, anyone else is welcome to see it again . . . by all means, that's what it's here for.

While I was gone Lianne Sentar posted the nicest page about me on her site. Arigato, Lianne! I was so honored to appear there let alone hear all the wonderful things she had to say about me. ::blushes and bows:: Please check out her site. She's an amazing author! Definitely read her "Super Bishonen Society" fic. It's hilarious!

I know you've been wondering what exactly the "best memory of today" part is about . . . It's just a little thing I'm doing in an attempt to try and become more optimistic. If I can remember at least one good thing a day, I'm better off than I was before. Just a small way to combat depression.

Anywho . . . Envision's going to hopefully have an awards party soon. Hopefully. 'cause you never know with this group, as I'm sure you're all aware. I'm thinking sometime in September. So, for those of you from Envision that actually visit my site . . . all three of you . . . see what you've got going on, okay?

Still working on that Envision revamp. It's coming along slowly. A lot to do . . . and I'm too lazy to do it . . . ^.^;;; . . . Alright, I'll work on it more this weekend. Won't be doing much 'cause . . . people are going out of town and all. So I'll be fixing things while I wait for them to come back.

Other than that there's not too terribly much to report over here. I want a boba tea. ;_;. I've wanted one for like a month . . . Why? I'm not sure. But they're good, darn it! So . . . I'm off in search of boba tea . . . or chocolate milk . . . which ever one I find first. ::goes to her fridge:: Chocolate milk it is. See you next update!

{ Song : "When It's Over" by Sugar Ray }
{ Best memory of today: Enkou and I falling asleep in the car.  }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.08.01, evening }



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