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Today Enkou and I hung out for a while. We were going to hang out more but something came up . . . Still, it was nice to spend time with him before the week starts. Techincally my week doesn't start 'til Tuesday . . . and we might hang out again tomorrow . . . Eh . . . I'm too tired to fix it . . .

We had fun game shopping. It was so funny milling over the rack of reduced price Nintendo games and reminiscing. I even found an old game I was looking for. "The Goonies II" . . . I used to love playing that game even though it frustrated the hell out of me. I could only find Chunk out of all the missing Goonies . . . And I'd get so lost. Now if I could only find "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" for Nintendo and "Ghengis Khan" for Sega . . . those games were cool. ^.^

Played my old Nintendo today. Well . . . after beating the crap out of it numerous times to get it to work . . . Played "Zelda" for a while . . . "Goonies II" . . . um, tried "Adventure of Link" but my game's so messed up it glitches. I'm so sad. I loved that game. ;_;. I need a new copy . . .

Why have I been on such an old school gaming high lately? That's crazy. I must be bored . . . but, what can I say . . . it's fun. Guess I'm just nostalgic lately . . . Eh, it gives me something to do.

Anyway, I'm going to go eat coffee cake and maybe sneak a glass of chocolate milk . . . 'til next update. Ja matta minna-sama!

{ Song : "First Love" by Hikaru Utada }
{ Best memory of today: Spending time with Enkou }
Hitomi-sama  { 09.09.01, evening }

I was just playing Super Mario Bros on my old SNES out of boredom. I don't get it . . . In Mario 1, every time you reach the end of the level, you hear, "but our princess is in another castle." How many freakin' times can you hear that and not lose your mind? If I were Mario I'd have quit after the fourth or fifth castle. And how do those mushrooms know where she's at? And if they know, why can't they just say, "she's in the ninth castle."

And in Mario 3 . . . Mario has to do all this stuff . . . and when he gets to the castle there's a freaky monster. Toad tells him to get the magic wand back. If I had a magic wand capable of turning me into a monster, I'd lock it away or something. Shoot. And then they automatically think Mario is going to come to their rescue and get the wand back! What if he doesn't want to? And when he does, what's his reward? A letter from the princess.

o.O?!? Wha?

Why does he have to do something like that just to hear from his girl? Does that make any sense to you? Imagine having to save the world just to get your mail. That's messed up.

Kicked back today. Obviously played games . . . cleaned the house for a while. Damned dishes. Then went online and for some reason decided to go on MSN Messanger . . . I barely ever go on that stupid thing anymore . . . but I ran into Dilly-sama from the Escaflowne Fortress. We had a nice talk. What else did I do today . . . well . . . was going to hang out with Eternal Phoenix but she had somewhere to go. And Enkou was busy so I got to see him for about a half an hour. But I got to see him so I'm not complaining . . .

Tomorrow the group's planning a bowlingday/evening. Sounds like fun. ^.^ I can't wait! ::sighs:: The past two days have been filled will plans that have fallen through . . . but the weekend has just begun!

Anyhow, that's about all for now. See you all next update!

{ Song : "Niea_7 ending" }
{ Best memory of today: Seeing Enkou for a half an hour }
Hitomi-sama  { 09.06.01, evening }

Tired . .  so tired I kept falling asleep all day . . . right in the middle of all my damned work I had to do. Geez. It was terrible. I hate days like that. I got 5 hours and 54 minutes of sleep last night, what the hell? I've been less exhausted when I was running on 4 hours and 50 minutes of sleep. What gives? ::sighs:: I need more sleep . . .

Updated the webcam . . . just 'cause I felt like a new pic  . . . and I really liked the Hikaru and Michi pic where they're holding hands. It's neat. So yeah . . .

I really don't like people who are annoying. I don't mean just annoying in a subtle way . . . or even in toned down way. I mean out in the open, public, loud annoyance . . . So many girls today have been annoying in public. They act like they're in elementary school. All super loud and giggly and stuck up . . . Seriously girls, grow up! If I wanted to hear the conversation about what you and your boyfriend are going to do this weekend and what color your nail polish will be tomorrow, I'll stand in the general vicinity. I don't wanna hear it ten feet away when I'm minding my own business.

It must be public annoyance day today. Is that it?

Anyhow . . . I'm sitting here wondering what in the world happened to Enkou. I was supposed to call him . . . and I have . . . every five minutes for the past two hours . . . So I'm not sure what's up. I hope everything's okay.

Well . . . gonna go try again . . . and most likely get Enkou's answer machine again . . .  ja matta for now minna-sama.

{ Song : "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" by A Newfound Glory }
{ Best memory of today: Falling asleep . . .  }
Hitomi-sama  { 09.06.01, evening }

My stomach is killing me . . . I don't understand it . . . I just feel really yucky today. Not having sufficient nourishment can do that to a person . . . I'm so broke . . . ::sobs:: I barely even had enough money to buy food. Thank goodness Enkou forced me to take that $2.00 the other day or I would've been stuck with nothing.

Now that I'm actually home and have eaten, I feel bad. My stomach is all crazy. Why? I drank some milk to try and make everything better. ;_;! This sucks . . . Eh . . . I'm sure I'll be okay in a bit . . .

Got home and found out Enkou got called into work. I kinda figured that would happen . . . It just kinda sucks . . . when you're looking forward all day long to talking to someone on the phone and then not have that person there . . . kinda sucks. Oh well . . . he'll be home soon. Then we can talk. I can wait. Maybe by then my stomach ache will be all gone. That'll make me a much more agreeable hime to converse with.

Oh, by the way, got "Niea_7." It's actually pretty cool. I liked it better the second time I watched it. Normal series with a cool twist. Seems to address so many problems . . . student life, school, studying, jobs, being broke, racism, adversity . . . Perhaps I'm reading more into it than what's meant to be . . . but it seems pretty deep in a subtle way to me. And Niea's cool. I'd like to cosplay as her. Or that other girl (I forgot her name, but she's the Chinese looking alien). That'd be neat.

I'm tired. I think I'm going to go read some old stories of mine and curl up with some anime to keep me company until Enkou gets home. See ya next update.

{ Song : "Niji" by L'arc~en~Ciel }
{ Best memory of today: Learning more "Moonlight Sonata"  }
Hitomi-sama  { 09.04.01, evening }

Hung out with Nova and Enkou for a while. Then Nova went to a baseball game. So Enkou and I hung out with his family for the remainder of the day. That was pretty fun. We played Kirby 64, Super Smash Bros., and Mahjong. We had a really good time. ^.^

Another nice day. I'm glad. Only . . . ::sniffs:: I have so much crap to do tomorrow . . . ;_;! No! It's not fair! ::does her little Pedro impersonation:: Nooooo~!

Well, right now I'm designing a webpage for Enkou. It's all green and stuff. ^.^. The strange thing is . . . it resembles this page in so many ways . . . Hmm . . . ::sarcastically looks surprised:: Maybe it's because I've had like zero time and no ideas . . . I hope he likes it.

I'm off to drink Pepsi until bedtime. Woot.

{ Song : "Slow As Hell Anime Theme" }
{ Best memory of today: Playing Mahjong with Enkou's family }
Hitomi-sama  { 09.03.01, evening }

Yesterday was actually a lot of fun. That was something I didn't expect. Oh well, I'm not complaining about it.

Enkou and I were going to hang out with Nova, Otaku In Training, Shougo, and a bunch of our friends but Nova was feeling a bit under the weather. So instead we headed out to the mall. Going to the mall when you have the urge to buy something and only $3.00 in your wallet isn't the coolest thing. But I had fun window shopping for formals. I found a really nice forest green dress. ^.^! Enkou liked it alot.

We shopped around for clothes. Enkou got a really cool "X" shirt. I'd always wanted to get that shirt. ;_;! At least he got it. ^.^! Then we just sorta hung out at the food court eating candy and talking about random things . . . like Dilandau. Don't ask . . . it's just one of those unexplainable things . . . It's great to just sit and talk about things.

After that we went back to Enkou's grandma's house. She very kindly let us watch "Arc the Lad" and surf on the internet before and after we took her out to dinner. She's a really sweet woman. So we hung out, watched DVD's, surfed online, went outside and looked at the full moon, and had a really wonderful time.

What a beautiful day. I look forward to having more days like this. See you next update.

{ Song : "If . . ." by Da Pump }
{ Best memory of yesterday: Looking at the moon with Enkou }
Hitomi-sama  { 09.03.01, afternoon }

Not much going on today. Mostly just falling asleep (or trying to without much control over it) at the most inopportune times. Sitting almost directly in frontof someone and not being able to keep your eyes open and focused as they talk at you isn't the best thing . . . I don't know what happened. I got an extra hour of sleep last night.

Hmm . . . a start of a new week for me. ;_;. Tuesday thru Thursday are the hardest days for me to get through. But after that I get a weekend. And this weekend . . . hmm . . . I'm wondering if Nova, Enkou, and I have work. And, blast it, I left my calender in Enkou's car.

Hey Nova or Enkou . . . could you email me with the next days for work and when they are and stuff? I know I can't work next Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday . . . but I can't remember if there's more. And . . . I'm pretty sure there was . . .

Gomen. Anyhow, back to the update. Didn't get my "Niea_7" yesterday but I'm actually hoping to get it tomorrow. ::sighs:: I just hope they're still holding it for me. I'll be sad if they weren't. But that's okay. Yesterday Enkou and I went walking and had a nice dinner out.

::laughs:: I never thought I'd ever choose to put up an 80's song for my song of the update. ::laughs again:: I just usually think of 80's music as . . . well . . . one of the things that made the 80's a scary time. Big hair and bad clothes were some of the others . . . But out of all the artists from the 80's I think Cyndi Lauper was the only one I both remember and liked. And the only song of hers I remember is the one from "The Goonies" 'cause I watched that movie so many times. ^.^; It's a catchy song, try it sometime.

By the way, the DVD of "The Goonies" is really cool. There's an option on it that lets you view the entire movie but . . . the entire main cast (the kids) are there giving commentary through the whole thing. It's really neat to hear what they had to say about the behind the scenes stuff.

Anyhow . . . not much else going on . . . Can't decide if I'm going to be taking a lazy day tomorrow or not. It'd be nice to not have to do anything . . . I could sleep in . . . sit around . . . relax . . . ::sighs:: That sounds good. Think that's what I'll do.

Take a look at the creepy Kodama I added on the sidebar. Dunno where I got it. That's for you, Enkou. It's still creepy!

See you next update! Ja matta, minna-sama!

{ Song : "Goonies R Good Enough" by Cyndi Lauper }
{ Best memory of today: Sleeping after I got home }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.28.01, evening }

Don't forget to read the update previous to this one . . . I wrote it up but never had time to upload it . . . It's not really all that important but . . . in case you wanted to know, it's there . . .

How's everyone doing? Well . . . ::sighs:: After the terrible weekend I had, things actually managed to get better. I guess it's due to the fact that I want to make sure that everything works and I refuse to let things fall apart . . . or at least, I refuse to take it all sitting down.

Random advice: If life hands you lemons, make lemonaide.
More random advice: If it's worth having, it's worth fighting for.

Anyhow . . . I got another job. So now . . . I'm holding two jobs. Both aren't full time but . . . I'm sure if you add up the time for both of them it'd be like I've got a full time job . . . or at least somewhat close to one. Eh, it's extra money, I shouldn't complain. The work takes getting used to but . . . it's not bad . . .  It's sorta like a waitressing job but . . . you have to help get everything ready on top of serving people and setting tables . . . Hey, I always said I wanted to try waitressing.

I added a cute little Sakura on the sidebar thingy . . . she's cute. But you'll have to forgive me because I picked the .gif up somewhere and have no clue where I found it . . . ^.^;!

Anyhow, I'm tired . . . and I want to go watch the new "Goonies" DVD that got picked up during the course of the week . . . I've always loved that movie. Favorite Goonie: It's a toss up between Data and Chunk. Data was a crack up but I dunno . . . Chunk was just a riot! Favorite scene: I loved it when Mikey tossed his inhaler over his shoulder and said, "Aw, who needs it?" 'cause I always dreamed my asthma would get better and one day I'd be the one doing that . . . Ah, I can always hope, ne?

Today, I'm hopefully picking up "Niea_7" too . . . so I'll tell you all how that is when I see it . . . ::crosses fingers::

Well, I'm off for now. See you next update!

{ Song : "Konya Tsuki No Mieru Oka Ni" by B'z }
{ Best memory of yesterday: Dressing like a waitress }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.27.01, evening (amended) }

It's amazing to me how things can go from bad to better to even better to worst all in the course of three days. Things are . . . bad. Well, when you wake up and all you hear is bitching, justifications, and "I told you so and you knew it" every five minutes . . . that's usually not the definition of a good day. Nor is it when you burst into tears every ten minutes . . . or are so depressed you barely know what to do with yourself . . . So yeah, I'd say I'm not having a great day.

Later I'm supposedly going somewhere with Enkou. Good. Get me the hell away from this house. So hopefully I'll have time to talk with him and . . . hopefully I'll start feeling a little better. I'm hoping . . .

I'm starving right now . . . no, not because my stomach is growling and empty . . . but because of the fact that it's been like that for the entire morning and I've pretty much decided not to do anything about it. Yeah, I know . . . it's not good for you . . . blah, blah, blah . . . and I care because why?

Yes, I'm that depressed.

Don't worry . . . Enkou'll make me eat. He always does when I skip a meal or something . . . So you don't have to worry about me wasting away and being all anorexic . . .

Check out the new song feature thingy at the bottom of the right hand madness over there. The first song (which happens to be the song of this update) is something which . . . well . . . sums up my state of mind right about now. I've always liked this song . . . ::sighs:: Ah, memories. It's a good classic song from Globe. Though I still can see flashes of "L'oiseau Blue" every time I hear it . . . I miss that dorama.

The weirdest search engine query that posted my site in the results: "I'm always exhausted." Um . . . when did I ever say that? I don't doubt the fact that I've probably said that . . . but it just seems odd my page would be listed for that. I was also listed for "Japan webcam Hitomi." Yeah, I wish I was in Japan . . . Oh well . . . I wish I were happy too but that's not happening either . . .

::laughs bitterly::

Oh well . . . I guess that's really all for this update . . . I'll update again . . . um . . . I don't know when . . . sometime within in the next few days . . . all really depends on where I go, what I do, and how long I can stay away from this damn house and try to fix my life . . .

{ Song : "Wandering Destiny" by Globe }
{ Best memory of today: I have none }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.25.01, afternoon }

Things are alot better now. ::sighs:: I was a wreck for a while there. Stressed, depressed, heart problems resurfacing . . . but don't worry, I'm okay now. All it took was sitting in a Del Taco, crying my eyes out to a very sympathetic Enkou, who helped me work all my problems out. Thank goodness for bishies. ^.^

Yesterday Otaku In Training, Nova, Enkou, myself, and a friend of ours went bowling. I wasn't very good, but I got a strike. We only played one game because poor Otaku In Training had to leave. Here's the breakdown:

1. Otaku In Training - 107
2. Nova - I forgot his score . . .
3. Enkou - I think he had like 86
4. Hitomi - 66 -_-;;; I know, I'm bad . . .
5. K - I forgot her score

Today we're going back to bowl with all the black lights and music and fog machines and stuff . . . apparently that only happens on Fridays. But since it's the weekend, we don't have to worry about people really having places to go tomorrow. Hopefully I get better than a 66. I'll be sad if I don't . . .

Well, right now I'm actually supposed to be heading off to my place of employment . . . some of my co-workers want to see me before our work year starts . . . but for some reason people left the house without waking me up and telling me what's going on . . . so I'm not sure if I should call them and ask what's up or just take the bus. I'd ride my bike but . . . we know how trusting I am of things that have two wheels.

Oh well, I'll figure something out.

{ Song : "Welcome to Paradise" by Green Day }
{ Best memory of yesterday: Working out my problems }
Hitomi-sama  { 08.24.01, morning }


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