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No color. Not feeling well enough to deal with it . . .

I'm tired. Either my allergies are bothering me big time or I'm getting sick. I've been sniffly all day . . . I even fell asleep for a while at the meeting. o.O! I only sleep during the day if I'm really not feeling good.

We watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Envision meeting today. I'd never seen it before . . . and well . . . I felt like I was having my brain sucked out of my head through a straw inserted into my nose and then having it spoon-fed back to me. It was just a really really odd movie . . . Seeing Tim Curry dressed like that . . . prancing around singing . . . I think I've been traumatized . . . o.O!

What's on the agenda for the future? Well . . . hopefully I'm feeling well enough to go to work tomorrow . . . and Tae Kwon Do tomorrow night . . . Uh . . . other than that . . . Envision meeting Saturday at around noon. Dunno where, I'll contact ya'll about it later. See you there! ::points to the members of Envision::

It's . . . early though it feels later . . . Damn daylight savings time. Ack! Now I'm gonna be hella sleepy an hour early. -_-;! And so much for that extra hour this morning . . . it was nice but it would've been better if I had slept in until like noon or so . . . 8:30 isn't all that great. Though . . . I got an extra hour.

I'm ramblin' now. Must be all the medication I'm taking for my allergies. ;_;! I keep spelling "be" as "bee" and keep having to change it. o.O! You can really tell I'm not feeling well. I'm going to go lay down now. See you next update!

The evil genius has ::sneeze:: spoken.

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{ Best memory of today : "You can juggle?" ::asked to person juggling in front of her:: }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 10.28.01, evening }

I wasn't even supposed to work today. ;_; . . . I was just stopping by work for a little bit and the girl who was covering for me says, "do you want to stay? If I could go now . . ." and launches into a big ol' story. I felt kinda bad, 'cause she sounded like she could use the time better leaving rather than staying. I wanted my day off though. ;_;! No day off for me . . .

Been watching Ha-san'sLove Hina. So far I'm on episode 5. It's pretty cute. Actually more ecchi than I thought it would be. I like Naru. Especially when she punches! ::punch::

Lemme see . . . plans for tomorrow include . . . getting up hella early and treking over to the dojang where my otouto will be having his black belt exam. ::sigh:: Leaving the house at 7:00 in the morning is never my idea of fun . . . unless of course you're leaving t'go to AX or somethin'. The rest of the day will consist of uh . . . not sure. Prolly hang out with my uncle and maybe my grandma who are both comin' down to watch the test with us. Other than that . . . I dunno . . . hopefully I'll have time to be all hella lazy like I wanted to be today.

And as always (or most often than not) Sunday holds another Envision meeting.

^.^v!!!!! Wai!

The evil genius has spoken.

{ Song : "Opening from Love Hina" }
{ Best memory of today : A bunch of preschool boys saying they were the ones that made the sky-written heart for me }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 10.26.01, evening }

Let's see . . . ::sigh:: I've been doing alot. Working . . . working . . . uh, more working . . . Went to the movies to see Zoolander with Ass-Kickin' Jupi (we missed the showing of Riding in Cars with Boys ;_;) . . . had an Envision meeting . . . Did paper work . . . Went to the movies with a classful of hyper preschoolers to see Atlantis (what a rip off of Nadia!) . . . Worked more . . . and yeah, that was my week. Too busy if ya ask me!

Bought a PS off a friend . . . it's pretty cool. I went crazy and played Devil Dice for like an hour straight . . . at least . . . maybe it was longer. I dunno . . . it's rather addicting if you ask me . . . Must. Flip. Dice. Over.

Well, a few days ago I went to see my old sensei/new Sa Bah Nim to talk with him and see what's up. I'm going back to martial arts next Monday at the earliest. But seeing as how I'm switching from a different form, I had to talk with the Sa Bah Nim about my belt rank and stuff . . . He said I get to keep my old belt rank.

See, techincally, if I was switching over directly to Tae Kwon Do and converting my old belt rank, I should be a brown belt (two away from black belt). Tae Kwon Do and my old form differ in the last three steps of rank. In the old style it went: red, brown, black. In Tae Kwon Do it's: brown, red, black. But my Sa Bah Nim said he would let me keep my same belt color (which is red, one away from black). So I basically got to skip one whole level. ^.^!!! That's cool! My Sa Bah Nim was really happy I decided to come back to martial arts after so long. He said he'd help me learn all the poomses and everything to get me caught up with the rest of the class. And though it might be a while before I actually can test for a new belt or degree . . . I'll be a red belt!

That means hard work but also . . . I won't be a white belt. Students will actually get to acknowledge all of the hard work and time I put into martial arts before I joined the dojang . . . so all of my work hasn't been wasted.

I'm just excited I'm a red belt. I thought I was going to be a brown belt for sure . . . and actually, I was perfectly fine with that . . . but being a red belt is even better.

And t'day . . . ::laughs:: Accorind to Ha-san, I'm an evil genius. ::busts out her maniacal laughter:: Just because I know Japanese and can play Beethoven on the piano . . . and even choke and almost pass out while playing said Beethoven . . . but still having it sound decent . . . That makes me an evil genius apparently.

Wouldn't I be an evil genius if I was trying to take over the world? I can't take over the world . . . I still have to learn how to make that neat jello where the fruit is suspended inside (mine always has the fruit sink to the bottom ;_;) . . . and how to make cookies that don't taste like biscuits (it was the recipe, I tell you!) . . .

::yawn:: This evil genius is tired . . . And she's going to sleep now.

^.^v!!!!! Wai!

"Blue Steel!" ::gives the crazy Derek Zoolander look:: See you next update you "really really good looking people."

{ Song : "A Place for my Head" from Linkin Park }
{ Best memory of today : Being declaired an evil genius }
{ Hitomi-sama   made a wish on 10.25.01, evening }

Omg . . . yesterday was so scary . . . I mean, it was fun and all, but it scared the living daylights out of me. ::Hitomi-sama's CD player begins blaring Two-Mix's "Living Daylights"::

We went over and visited Otaku In Training and watched the new Vampire Hunter D movie. Wai! Yutaka Minowa-sama! All his character designs are so super cool! ::hugs her sketch of D from AX2k:: Wai!

Anyhow . . . as we were making our way to the theater . . . we had a little mishap on the freeway . . . It very easily could've been a big mishap . . . 'cause well . . . we could've been killed . . . or seriously injured . . . but thankfully all the other vehicles were like five million car lengths away from us . . . But uh . . . yeah . . . Shorty's koibito, Blaine's car has stupid tires. Why? Because they're bald! Yes, little did we know the tires were bald!

And changing lanes on the freeway . . . we found out . . . Because the car started spinning out . . . the car was all over the road . . . it was so super scary . . . It took a few seconds to gain control, but once Blaine did, everything was alright.

I must've been traumatized or something because I can't really remember much of the spinning out. I just remember screaming, covering my face, and then crying when the car was normal again. I remember the fear, that's all.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't Blaine's fault (and if you're reading this, don't feel bad . . . it was your car, not you) . . . those things happen sometimes . . .

It's just one of those situations that makes you stop and realize a lot of things. So yeah . . . I'm still shaken up by the whole thing . . . Realizing you could've died will do that to a person. It's one of those, "omg" moments . . .

Anyhow, the word of the day is "numerong." ::laughs::

Email me with all yer comments, questions, well wishes, and whatnots. Haven't said that in a while. Just . . . refrain from mean emails, okie? I like flames, but not those kind . . .

^.^v!!!!! Wai!

"Go! You can make it! Go, go!" ::looks up at the sky like Leila:: Well, I'm off to go root for some gothic castle looking rocketships. Or sleep . . . whichever comes first . . . Ja matta!

{ Song : "Living Daylights" from Two-Mix }
{ Best memory of yesterday : Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust }
Hitomi-sama  { 10.18.01, evening }

Ah! ::stretches:: Getting back into karate/Tae Kwon Do is hard work! My back popped at least five times . . . my hip at least three. Stupid injury . . . Ack, my back hurts now . . . but I'm sure it won't be that way for very long. Just gotta get used to it again.

^.^! It was nice, I was streching and just decided to lay down and take a rest on the carpet outside underneath the awning that acts like my porch. It was cool. Just relaxed, thought, looked at the endlessly blue sky . . . ^.^v! Wai!

Was going to keep working out but a grasshopper decided to show up on the brick wall in my backyard. And I positively cannot stand grasshoppers! So I ran into the house and now I'm blogging . . .

Today I ate musubi (sushi rice, nori, and spam) and masago (sushi with fish eggs) for lunch. It was pretty good but the masago wasn't salty enough and the rice for the musubiwasn't sweet . . . It was still good though. ^.^!

Ha-san's let me borrow Love Hina but . . . I can't get the VCD's to work. ;_;! I wanna see it . . . 'cause once I'm done with 'em, I get to borrow Photon! Wai! I've wanted to see Photon for a long time!

Tomorrow we're hopefully gonna visit Otaku In Training and go watch the Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust movie. ^.^! I wanna see it! That should be fun . . . if we don't though . . . eh . . . I dunno . . . I'll probably end up doing something I'm sure . . . It's kinda boring just staying home and not doing anything.

::sigh:: I hope I get back into the swing of all this Tae Kwon Do stuff pretty soon . . . 'cause I'm all sore from doing all the kicks and stuff that I haven't done in ages . . .Well, I'm at least going to wait a couple of weeks before I rejoin . . . 'cause otouto is testing for his black belt and all . . .

The daily declaration of "wai" and the crazy quote of the day ends the post as usual.

^.^v!!!!! Wai!

"Do-you-understand-the-words-that-are-coming-outta-my-mouth?!?" Catch you next update!

{ Song : "Sobakasu" from Rurouni Kenshin }
{ Best memory of today : Nice weather }
Hitomi-sama  { 10.15.01, morning }

Giving little kids apple juice makes them super hyper. Not to mention it gives the people around them headaches from their hyperness. Oushies!

Anywhos . . . went to work today. ^.^;! Then came home and . . . I have no idea where the last couple of hours have gone. o.O?!? I spent sometime talking to Ass-Kickin' Jupi . . . but that's about it. Guess I've been messing around on the computer too long . . . Duntcha hate it when you've suddenly lost like a few hours and you realize you haven't even been doing anything . . . ? Eek . . .

Ah well, it's all good. Tomorrow is full of boring paperwork I'd rather put off 'til later. But I get to see Ha-san tomorrow and borrow anime! Hurrah! Borrowing anime is always cool! ^.^!

Updated my webcam piccie. Check it out.

Say, what happened to Anipike? o.O? I haven't been able to view the page for the last couple of days. I wanted to fix my link too! ;_;! Are they down for repairs or what? Anyone know? But by the time I actually post it . . . the site will most likely be fixed . . . 'cause that's just how it goes.

^.^v!!!!! Wai!

"Whoa . . . I know kung fu . . ." ::gives crazy Keanu Reeves a la Matrix style look:: See y'all next update, minna-sama! ^.^v!

Hitomi-sama  { 10.15.01, evening }

^.^! Wai! Yesterday was so . . . ^.^v!

We had an Envision meeting that actually could be called a meeting. Well . . . according to me that is.

According to me, a meeting is when there are actually more than four or five members there and we actually discuss things for the costumes. According to Otaku In Training, it's not a meeting until we break out the buckets and the starch and start paper mache-ing something that ends up cracking and breaking and being totally misshapen to the point where we have to ask ourselves, "Is this your leg piece or mine?"

Wai! ^.^! We all talked about costumes we wanted to do . . . possible skits . . . And though we may not be going to do the mech idea (dunno, but it's a possibility) we sure had a lot of fun. We all missed seeing each other. It was cool to catch up for the months we've lost. But . . . we still aren't sure what we're going to do. It's all up in the air right now. We'll figure it out . . .

^.^! We were gonna see the Vampire Hunter D movie too . . . but the theater we wanted to go to closed down. So we're saving the movie for ::crosses fingers:: Wednesday.

Other than that I haven't been doing too much. Just watching "Majo no Jouken" . . . and I was trying to find my old tape with "Rintaro," "Salaryman Kintaro," and "Beautiful Life" on it. But I can't. ;_;. I love all those dramas . . . I'm actually thinking about buying some VCD's of some cool dramas for the hell of it. I'd like to see Long Vacation . . .

^.^v!!!!! Wai!

::sings:: "You've been hit by . . . you've been struck by, a smooth criminal!" ::pow:: I'm off to pop popcorn. See you next update, minna-sama.

{ Song : "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm (I know, repeat!) }
{ Best memory of yesterday : All the Envision madness }
Hitomi-sama  { 10.15.01, morning }


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