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No colors. 'cause I don't care for them today.

There's way too much going on right now. Paperwork. Work in general. Other things. Everything's made itself so damn complicated over the past few days. I hate this. I can't deal with it anymore . . .

I'm taking a break. I'll go to Gaea. I'll go to the Yangtse River. Hell, I'll go to the moon . . . just so long as I get the hell away from here!

Will there be an Envision meeting? Probably Sunday . . . I guess . . . I don't know . . . I'll let you know . . . be it by email or carrier pigeon or big blue pillar of light . . .

Alright, I'm done talking now. I'm gone. See you . . . soon . . . Well, I'll blog soon . . . as for the real seeing (for those of you who really see me offline) I don't know when that'll be. Later rather than sooner.

The evil genius has spoken. ::disappears::

{ Song : "When You're Alone" from Hook }
{ Best memory of yesterday : Calling class at Tae Kwon Do }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 11.13.01, evening }

Turns out my second job got cancelled yesterday. No catering for me! That's really a good thing 'cause I was tired and I ached from Tae Kwon Do . . . and I had a ton of paperwork to do. ;_;! But I got cancelled at 7:10ish in the morning! I was asleep! Don't people know how to take messages?!? I was sleeping! SREEPING! I'm sick, I need rest to be able to get better! ::cries:: And waking up to talk on the phone kinda sucks. I sounded so out of it.

Boss: "We don't need you to work today."
Me: "Wha? Huh? ::pauses:: Oh . . . oh! Okie."
Boss: "The account was cancelled. So I'll give you a call tomorrow."
Me: "Wha? T'morrow? Oh, okie . . . sure . . ."

I hate being all out of it on the phone. ;_;. Oh well. At least I got an extra hour of sleep out of it. Well, okay, fourty five minutes . . . the phone rang for me again before my reset alarm went off. ;_;. Sometimes I wish the phone would leave me alone in the mornings!

I was totally being hella nostalgictoday. It was so strange. I was sitting behind this girl who wore this necklace with shiny beads (dark blue, dark orange, dark purple . . . but shiny reflective) . . . and all of a sudden I was getting a flash of a memory from back when I was a little girl. Something about Christmas . . . I didn't remember exactly . . . Okaasan told me later that we used to have shiny ornaments that hung on the Christmas tree when I was very young. For some reason I remember them vaguely and was reminded of them when I saw that girl'snecklace . . . Strange how sometimes memories can float to you at the weirdest times, ne?

And then I went on to watch Love Hina . . . Tama-chan reminds me so much of a stuffed turtle I had when I was little. It was so cute, but it couldn't fly or make the kawaii "myu" sounds. ;_;! The only thing was, it was plaid, not yellow and green like Tama-chan. I miss my little turtle. ;_; I should ask Obachan for him.

Memories. ::sigh:: But speaking of Tama-chan, I want to buy a Tama-chan doll. Do they make them? Kinda like Ryo-ohki dolls or something? I would so buy a Tama-chan (or the Menchi I was trying to track down at AX ;_;)! If not, I want to make a Tama-chan. Then I could carry it around if I ever make a Naru costume.

LOL @ Ha-san and I for our conversation today about breaking people's arms just . . . because we could . . . That was so funny.

Ha-san: (to me) Go do a demonstration. ::points to friend on a cellphone who can't hear a word::
Me: No way!
Friend: ::hangs up:: What was that? Demonstrate what now?
Ha-san: Oh, she was just going to break your arm.
Friend: Break my arm? All that karate stuff. It's all in the "kiyap" huh? Just touch my arm and then "KIYAP!" ::waves around the imaginary arm he dislocated::

Anyhow, the week's almost over . . . and there's a holiday on Monday. So there'll be a long weekend. The plans? Hrmm . . . Otouto'sblack belt presentation Saturday . . . work Saturday night . . . EnvisionSunday . . . Monday? Who knows. Hopefully something fun!

The evil genius has spoken.

{ Song : "Sakura Saku Musical Version" from Love Hina }
{ Best memory of yesterday : Teacher: "Her name's 'Hitomi'." (points at me)  Little 4 year old: "Mom!" (points at me) }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 11.08.01, evening }

Today was long. Lots and lots of paperwork from here 'til Thursday. ::piku:: -_-;;;! And I have to work at both my jobs tomorrow. ;_; ::falls over:: There's no time to do anything . . . And do I honestly look like I care whether or not Lincoln and Douglas debated? Or whether Lincoln thought African Americans "deserved to be inferior" (his words, definitely not mine . . . I think we're all equal)? I can't believe he said that! All I ever thought about Abraham Lincoln just went down the drain. I remember it was the same way when I found out how much of an ass Christopher Columbus was . . .

Chatted with Big O from Envision today. We talked for a while about tons of things. We were both really insane. That's what happens when two insane and random cosplayers meet and have a conversation. We talked about lots of things . . . cars . . . how chicks are evil (?) . . . cosplaying . . . Envision . . . eating water . . . and various other things! ::laughs:: I had no idea Big O hung around where I enjoy sitting and taking a break. So I'm probably going to be seeing a lot more of him.

After Japanese today, Ha-san and I went out to a local restaurant and ate beef bowls. Well, okay . . . Ha-san's was chicken . . . ^.^! It reminded me of the Love Hina episode when Keitaro tried to take Naru out to the beef bowl place. LOL @ episode 21! Today was really really nice though. We were gone for an hour just eating and talking and sharing a very nice conversation.

And LOL @ Ha-san for saying I was talking about hentai! I was talking about Maze . . . so it's ecchi conversation, not hentai! ::laughs:: And LOL @ us for driving down the street blaring the Love Hina OST's! "Sakura Saku" and "Yakusoku" forever! People must've thought we were nuts.

I'm not nuts though, I'm insane . . . there's a difference.

The evil genius has spoken.

{ Song : "Yakusoku" from Love Hina }
{ Best memory of today : Going out to eat with Ha-san }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 11.06.01, evening }

::yawns:: I'm all tired. And there's no one online right now. Where's 'kachan? Where's Ha-san? Shorty? Otaku In Training (actually, I know where he is, come to think of it)? Where's anyone? ::sigh:: Oh well . . .

Found another song I want to play on the piano. I so love Beethoven. ::hugs Beethoven:: He's such a hella cool composer. But damn, I downloaded his Opus 13 and it's like eighteen pages! @_@! I so refuse to play eighteen pages! That's so wrong! Two's fine. Three's alright. Four's pushing it. Five, now I'm startin' to lose sleep. Eighteen is hella crazy!

Tomorrow I'm getting a keyboard! I'm so happy. I'll finally be able to practice piano at home! It's a cool casio with 70 some keys . . . different tone and pitch settings . . . a stand . . . and it even has a midi sequencer. Hells yeah, that's where it's at. Gotta love the playback function. That's how you can truly start nitpicking your playing. I only wish it had a pedal function. But I don't want to pay almost a thousand just to get one with that capability. No way. This one's costing me three hundred. ::sigh::

Also, tomorrow's another Envision meeting. Wonderfulness. I'm hella stressin' over the skit. I know it's only November . . . but I keep gettin' hella confused when Misa sends me masquerade-entrants-only mails. I'm like, o.O? So half the time it seems like our skit won't work. ::crosses fingers::

Omg, I can barely see the screen anymore. I'm so tired. I was going to wait for folks to get online and maybe chat with them but I'm so going to just go to sleep now.

The evil genius has spoken. ::falls over::

{ Song : "Opus 13. Pathetique" by Beethoven }
{ Best memory of today : Little four year old callin' me mom }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 11.02.01, evening }

What a long day! I wish I could've just stayed home and slept! I felt so yucky and sick . . . and the day was for the most part a bust . . . Wouldn't have mattered if I'd stayed home or not to be honest.

LOL @ me for memorizing a whole half page of Beethoven today in like ten minutes. I can't believe I did that. o.O! I was hella hauling ass through the three lines I was supposed to memorize . . . I dun't even know how I got it down so well . . . but I figured it out . . . and now I get to memorize another half page. @_@!!! ::falls over::

Last night I went to Ass-Kickin' Jupi's costume party. Cosuprayingu foreva! I busted out my Kamiya Kaoru costume again. But I forgot to use the camera for the second year in a row. ::sigh:: I always forget. Anyhow, we chilled, scared some trick or treaters (it was acutally her mom scaring them, we were just laughing), ate pizza, and watched Blood: the Last Vampire. Omg, that movie is like o.O?!? It like made no sense and it was too damn short. What the hell where they thinking when they made it?

LOL @ Momies for having a heart attack about the dummy on the porch. And LOL @ Lourdes for thinking the dummy was actually her brother. Omg . . . that was hilarious.

By the way, please don't send me mail to my old Unmei addy. It doesn't work anymore. SOMEHOW my account no longer works. It was probably deleted. And if that's really the case, it really would've been nice to have been told about this so I could've taken care of some things before the account closed. Now I have to email all the old archives (which I've been trying to gather all the email addies for) and tell them that my email and webpage url has changed . . . but having them actually believe it's me may be a bit harder . . . Wonderfulness.

I'm tired. I feel like I want to go lay up on a hilltop with a nice cuddly blanket and stare up at the moon and all the stars, thinking about things 'til I fall asleep. That sounds so tempting right now . . . If I wasn't sick, I would do it . . . Or at the very least go out and look up at the sky in my backyard.

The evil genius has spoken.

{ Song : "Her Most Beautiful Eyes" from Rurouni Kenshin }
{ Best memory of today : Playing piano }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 11.01.01, evening }

LOL @ Nettleboat for screaming at us all at 7:30 in the morning for ten minutes straight about slavery. She was hella mad and it was really hard to keep from busting up laughing at her. I didn't know she was that passionate about the reasons behind slavery. Damn . . .

Omg, Katy from piano baked me some coconut macaroons! LOL @ me for forgetting they were in my backpack since 1:00! ::runs to get the cookies:: Omg! These are soooooooo good! Katy is such a good cook! She was so kind to bake these for me Omg, they taste better than store bought macaroons . . . ::falls over::

I'm watching more Love Hina. ^.^! The VCD's were scratched (;_;) so Ha-san gave me another copy in .avi format. Hurrah! So now I can actually watch episodes like 6 . . . which was really kawaii! Traded Love Hina for Kodomo no Omocha . . . so we'll see what Ha-san thinks of it. It's a kawaii series! I like it.

LOL @ Ha-san for thinking that since I'm a red belt I could take out anyone just like that. I don't have crazy Jackie Chan skills I can just bust out. I wish! That'd make things hella easier when it came to things like Tae Kwon Do and stuff . . . But then, I dunno if I'd want that. 'cause then I wouldn't have to work at it . . . and hurt . . . and sweat . . . and overcome things . . . and learn to go past my limits . . . I would just be like, "I already know that, it's easy. No point in me busting my ass over it." I don't want that. I want to hold my black belt one day and say, "This is the product of all my sweat and hard work. This is what happens when I don't give up and push myself beyond my limits."

But it would be nice to just be able to take people down Jackie Chan style . . . ^.^!

The sky looked so yellow tonight. It was so cloudy and rainy . . . I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow morning or I'll totally be walkingto work with an umbrella . . . ;_;! That'll be so cold! I don't like it when it's cold.

Hopefully if I have to walk to work tomorrow I'll actually be able to move. I'm so sore today. I can move . . . but I ache . . . It hurts to cough! @_@! What a time to be coughing . . .

Well . . . ::sigh:: This is the end of another blog. Tomorrow's Halloween. Dunno exactly what I'll be doing . . . hopefully it'll involve a costume (I wanna cosplay as Kaoru again!) . . . but I'll tell everyone about it when I blog next time.

The evil genius has spoken. ::cough:: Ow . . .

{ Song : "Departure" from Rurouni Kenshin }
{ Best memory of today : Benkyou . . . }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 10.30.01, evening }

::sigh:: What a day! My feet are killing me. Working out after not practicing for a while makes the skin on the bottoms of your feet tender again. ;_;. So it hurts to even step. Thank goodness for these fuzzy green slippers from the Philippines!

LOL @ me for the ranting I know I'll do tonight in this blog. LOL @ the two four-year-old girls who bitch-slapped me for no good reason as they played with me on the playground at recess time (who knew dramatic play could be so violent!). LOL @ me for keeping all the sour Skittles. And LOL @ me for doing those retarded push ups. @_@!

Well, I went to Tae Kwon Dotonight. My first time there ever. I was doing all the moves and . . . it was hella hard . . . But I didn't give up and did pretty much all the warm ups and stuff . . .

And I probably looked like a retard . . . I couldn't figure out how to cross my arms when I did the low block. o.O! Tae Kwon Do moves are hella different from the stuff I'm used to. We never used to do all sorts of fancy things like that. Gonna take time getting used to.

I'm just sorta sick of all the crap I get from my family sometimes. I mean, that's the way they are but . . . damn, I like a, "good job" once in a while . . . All I really got was "your kicks were like . . ." ::rolls eyes:: and "you need a lot of work" and all sorts of negativity.

And oh, I love this one: "If you're in this, you better be in it for the long haul, no stoppping. You have to be in it 'til the end." Um . . . must I remind you why I quit in the first place? Number one, I was INJURED! Cut me some slack, okay? I freakin' pulled a muscle in my hip or something. And then I was jacked. I couldn't sit without it hurting. Damn! And secondly, I was sick of all the negativity. No matter what I did, it wasn't good enough. And I got sick of hearing that.

Can't forget this one either: "The Sa Bah Nim wants her (me) back because she's a good kid (question: why do parents always call their children kids no matter what age they are?) He wants high ranking belts there that are good kids." Um, okay. That's just bullshit. The Sa Bah Nim wanted me back because, yeah, I'm a good person . . . but I'm also capable of doing Tae Kwon Do . . . and I was a very good student in my old form. My kicks were among the best in the class. And I was an example. Sure, he wants me an example to the other belts . . . but he also wants me 'cause I'm capable. He's not just wanting me back 'cause I'm "not a weirdo" (as otousan put it).

::rolls eyes:: Sometimes my family really gets to me. I love them to death, but I hate all the negativity sometimes. It gets on my nerves.

I'm done. I told you I was going to rant, didn't I? LOL again @ me.

I dunno what I'm gonna do Halloween . . . maybe spend it with Ass-Kickin' Jupi . . . dunno . . . we'll see.

I'm tired. I can feel the pain pill kicking in . . .

The evil genius has spoken.

{ Song : "Yoake no Kaze Kikinagara" by Maaya Sakamoto }
{ Best memory of today : Being in a Tae Kwon Do uniform }
{ Hitomi-sama  made a wish on 10.29.01, evening }


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