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I've been practicing my soprano to get it ready for Wednesday since I'm hella out of practice. But damn, I have a sore throat . . . and all my notes are hella shaky . . . I've been singin' Les Miserables (Cosette's part of course) and Phantom of the Opera (Christine's part of course!)

I remember when I was like the only one around that could hit that high C. That was the greatest. I still can, but it's tougher now that I'm out of practice. Wow, singing "Think of Me" brings back memories. That is like so my song right now. Damn!

I'm hella cold right now . . . and I've gotta go babysit for my boss in like an hour . . . but it's so cold I wonder if I should even bother washing my hair before I leave. It always makes me hella colder when I do that. Eh, maybe I should. I've got time and a hair dryer. Sure, why not?

::sigh:: I can't wait 'til Wednesday. I want to sing with the choir! And I want to practice bells more! We've got to play on the 9th . . . and I'm hella nervous. I'll only have like three rehearsals down when I perform. Total nervousness! Oh well.

I better go upload this and then get ready so that I'm not late. Somehow lately I always lag and come really close to being late all the time. -_-;;;! I'm off!

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Today I felt really lazy. I woke up, typed stuff, ate some food, watched a movie with my family . . . and now I'm here blogging . . . and after this I'm going to write a fanfic . . . or at least start one.

Yesterday I hung out with Ass-Kickin' Jupi. It was fun. Her mom was so cute. She made her own parking space and everything. It was total cuteness.

Wow, I watched Shrek and now I'm all hella reflective. Now that I think about it, I haven't felt like a princess (hime) much at all . . . just a normal every day girl who blends into the scenery and is totally overlooked. I think I've been too busy trying to integrate into life to feel all princessy. If anything I feel like one of those princesses with a curse on them! LOL! But, I don't turn into a ogress at night or anything.

I think how I'm feeling is stemming from the fact that I've been feeling like I'm hella trying to come back from being put down so much. Like I'm climbing up a mountain side I was just pushed off of a little while ago.

I'll feel like my normal princess self in no time, I'm sure. But this makes me realize I've still got a ways to climb before I'm at the top. December's gonna be the hard month. But I'll make it through . . .

I haven't gotten mail in a while. I miss it. Send me some nice mail if you have the chance, please?

And please go visit my message board. It's got 5 members so far. Total sadness. Go say hi to the hime! She'll say hi back, I promise!

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LOL @ otouto! In order to smell something that was cooking in the kitchen he turned off the radio to be able to smell it better! ROFLMAO! That's so funny!

Decided to join the choir. Well, for now at least. It makes things easier with transportation and whatnot. Plus, I totally miss singing soprano and I miss being in a choir. It'll be a nice thing to go back to.

Today I've been feeling like I've been walking through a thick fog. I don't even know how I ended up here. I've been so tired and stuff that I just floated through today. And it wasn't a bad day either. Paperwork's going well . . . Weekend is having lots of potential . . . I have a feeling it might just turn out to be a very very nice weekend. We'll see. ^.^!

Teaching Big O the basics of piano. LOL! It's so weird to be playing Beethoven one minute and saying, "this is the note C." I wish I knew how to teach it better though. Oh well, trying to get him to take piano with me. Hopefully he'll do it! 'cause I know he can do it! ::nudges Big O with her elbow:: You can play the piano! Don't be afraid to learn. It's not as confusing as you think it is! Monica can teach you to play, yo!

Well, tomorrow I'm cleaning the house . . . then I'm gonna hella work out with Ass-Kickin' Jupi and teach her some Tae Kwon Do before we go to class together on Monday night. That should be hella fun!

I'm gonna go back to my deep conversation with Otaku In Training about men and women and society. Great thought provoking stuff. I love it! Ja matta, minna-sama!

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Omg, handbell choir is so fun!!!!!! The hour practice went by so fast though. ;_;. But it was so exciting! All the ladies were super nice to me. They were like all hella o.O! when they found out I could already read music. I'm like, "Well, I should . . . I play clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, and sing soprano . . ." They were ultra happy they didn't have to explain the music to me. They even were trying to get me to join the choir. I wish I had more time, then I'd do it! I miss singing.

LOL @ all the elderly ladies telling me how to stop the handbells from resonating! "Just put the bell to your shoulder . . . but in the all girl choir (well, besides the bass bell ringer), we like to say, 'just put it to your boob!'" LOL! Can you imagine elderly women saying things like that to you! LOL! Hilariousness!

The bells were fun though . . . it only took me a little bit to get a hang of them . . . after about two songs I was able to play the music without many mistakes. I just have to work on moving my arms in a oval to get the most out of the resonating though . . . And tempo. I've always been bad with tempo. ;_;. It's 'cause of piano . . . I can go hella slow and don't have to keep up with anyone. Piano's made me careless in my tempo! ;_;!

I'm excited. I've got four bells: C, C#, D, and D#! I like those notes anyways, so it's all good. And apparently we have to play on 12.09.01 . . . and at a community concert on 12.16.01. Now I'm all hella nervous!!! I hope I can get good enough to play without any mistakes by then! I think I can . . . but it still makes me hella nervous . . . Especially 'cause I don't know who'll be there. My family . . . my aunt, maybe my grandma . . . Ass-Kickin' Jupi . . . I don't know who else will be there . . . That's already a lot of people right there! ::hugs Tama-chan and hides under a big warm quilt:: Can't I just stay in hiding?

Omg, now that I think about it . . . I'm scheduled to work the lunch for the 12.16.01 concert. How can I play the bells and run the kitchen at the same time?! ? o.O?!? What'll I do?!? I'll have to choose one! ;_;!!! ::cries:: I want to play the bells! But I'm hardly working December as it is . . . and my boss wanted to leave me in charge of the lunch thingy there . . . ;_;! What'll I do?!? I have to remember to call her and let her know about this tragedy . . . I hope everything works out . . .

I suppose I should go to bed . . . I have to do a whole mess of paperwork tomorrow. ;_;! I hella don't remember anything about oligopoly . . . ::cries:: Maybe extra sleep will help jog my memory. G'night.

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o.O?!? Mystery! I have a phantom! Seriousness! Someone keeps calling my house and they don't say hello or hang up or anything . . . they play Phantom of the Opera over the phone for a while and then hang up. And I know the calls are intended for me 'cause all the music has Michael Crawford singing . . . and anyone who knows me knows that he is like my most favoritest singer ever . . . So it's gotta be someone I know . . . but who? So yeah, I've either got a phantom or Michael Crawford likes calling my house and playing tapes of him singing over the phone . . . That's it, that's how he gets his kicks. He randomly calls and sings to answer machines.

Anyway, the phantom woke me up this morning. I was like, o.O?!? And when I used *69 I got a message saying "the call was either out of the area or from a private number." @_@!!! So I still don't know who it is! And okaasan had a fit that I called. "It's $0.90 for that! Don't you know that?" Cool it, 'kaasan, I'll pay for the damn call. ::falls over:: Geez!.

In fact, my entire family has been freaking outtoday. Is it like "take everything out on Hitomi day" or what? Geez. Do this (::rolls eyes:: Alright!), do that, don't look at me like that (I'm not looking at you like anything! I'm not even looking at you!), don't you dare talk to me like that (huh? I wasn't even talking back!) . . . It's like, "give it a rest already. I'm not a freakin' five year old!" I really hate days like that. Watch, they'll all be all sweet and normal in a while. Geez . . . talk about retarded!

I've been trying fix up the message board with lots of neat icons and stuff but apparently all my servers won't allow outside linking. ;_; Sadness! Anyone get any ideas? I spent all afternoon making those damn things and no one can see them! ;_;! Total sadness!

Go join the message board! Getting an EZ Board account is free! Free! Almost like getting those free food samples at Costco and stuff. LOL!

Yeah! Ass-Kickin' Jupi's gonna go to Tae Kwon Do with me next week! I'm so psyched! I wish she could've been there this week . . . But she's comin' next Monday so we'll have fun working together then and hella getting a work out 'til we wanna collapse . . .

I was the highest ranking student there tonight so I had to lead the class and hella make them do all sorts of things. @_@! I felt sorta bad 'cause all the students have been in Tae Kwon Do longer than I have and here I am telling them what to do. They must've been like: o.O;;;! But the Sah Bah Nim wanted me to do it . . . and no one griped about it or anything. Either they were all cool with it or they didn't wanna say a word. I dunno.

Anyway, I have to call Ass-Kickin' Jupi back. See you all later!

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I've got my own EZ Board now . . . so click on the little link to the right (or above) and post away! All you need to do is sign up for a free EZ Board account. It's fast and it's free! And then you can post on the board! Say hi . . . ask questions . . . inquire about cosplaying . . . future fanfics . . . be insane . . . Go check it out! I'd love to hear from you!

And hey, you Envisionmembers, there'll be a section for you all where I'll be putting up Envisionmemos, calendars, announcements, etc. So yeah . . . you better go sign up and check it out and post and stuff . . .

Had an Envisionfounder's meetingtoday. It was almost just like old times. ::sigh:: We rode in the Taurus . . . watchedanime on Shorty's computer . . . listened to mp3 files . . . talked about random things . . . but unfortunately we didn't work on anything with paper mache ;_; . . . and we didn't eat at Carl's Jr. Otaku In Training wanted Italian food (which didn't sound all that bad either), what can I say? But we did get stuff done . . . and it was a very nice meeting at that.

Got those digital cam pics from the meeting last week. I'm in the process of editing them and stuff. And today we took a bunch more. LOL @ the pic that looks like Otaku In Training is laying on the ground, falling off the wall. The joys of camera angles!

Gotta remember to tell everyone in Envision the all member meeting for December has been rescheduled . . .  to who knows when. Depends on lots of stuff . . . I'll let you all know, my little 'visionaries. LOL! 'visionaries . . . I love it! That's what I'm callin' 'em from now on.

Lemme see . . . busy schedule this week. Monday: Tae Kwon Do, Tuesday: Paperwork, Wednesday: Jubilate Bells, Thursday: Paperwork, Friday: -- nothing --, Saturday: Tae Kwon Do, Sunday: Babysitting boss' daughter. ::sigh:: Long week. December is gonna be hella busy. But that's okay. I'll get a break come Christmas time. ::looks forward to it::

Well, I'm gonna go. I'll see you all on the message board!

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LOL @ Skylynn and the magic box from Wal*Mart. "It's a magic peanut!" LOL! Also, LOL @ Skylynn's talking flower. Four year olds have some of the most wonderful imaginations in the world!

Skylynn: It's a talking flower! ::pushes petals together to make it "talk"::
Me: What's it saying?
Skylynn: I don't know, he's talking to you!
Me: Well, you can hear him too. What's he saying?
Skylynn: He's saying he wants to eat something special. He wants to go eat ::whispers:: grass!

Yesterday after my incredibly long day at work I hung out with Ass-Kickin' Jupi. We played DDR (American version really isn't that great. 3rd Mix all the way, baby!), watched her cousins, and went to Wal*Mart/Old Navy/Kentucky Fried/Taco Bell. It was a lot of fun. ^.^! I always enjoy hangin' with Jupi.

Today my uncle and his family came over. It was a nice quiet day. We ate, talked, and watched "The Mummy Returns." I fell asleep during the movie 'cause I was hella tired from the busy week . . . and my cousin also slept through the flick. She was hella tired from the knee surgery she had yesterday. ;_;. Today was kinda different than what I had envisioned myself doing during Thanksgiving a while ago . . . but then, life is unpredictable sometimes. What can you do, huh?

Looking back on the past year . . . I've seen a lot of things. Good things, bad things . . . but I know everything happened for a reason . . . And so, on this Thanksgiving I'd like to thank everyone who's been in my life this past year . . . no matter where you may be in it at this moment. For my family, my friends in real life, and even those of you who have emailed me. You've all left little footprints in my life . . . And I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't known any of you or have gone through any of what I've been through . . . I can only look forward to next year and everything I'll encounter along the way. After all, I had no idea I'd be where I am today . . . and anything can happen from now until next Thanksgiving!

Anyhow, this weekend I have no clue what's going to happen. I may be babysitting for one of my bosses . . . going to the optometrist . . . Possibly doing something with Ha-san . . . Other than that, not too much going on.

I want to have fun during this holiday weekend. After all, once it's over, it'll all be a hella crazy downhill tumble 'til Christmas what with work and all that paperwork nonsense . . . So who knows how much free time I'll have during December. ::sigh:: Well, I'm tired. I think I'm gonna go to bed now. Oyasumi!

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Dontcha hate it when you have one of those days where you wake up and you have a headache . . . and it just keeps getting worse and worse as the day progresses? My day in a nutshell.

Come totally out of hiding for one day and what happens? Grr . . . Bad day. Really really bad day. ::pulls big quilt over her head:: I'm going back into hiding again . . . I just can't do all this . . . Especially when I have some paperwork due on Tuesday and it kinda has to be done by tomorrow . . . and I've barely worked on it at all. Thank goodness I started working on it when Ha-san and I were studying in the librarylast week . . . But still, I hope I can get it all done. Eh, I'm sure I'll finish it all. I always seem to manage to get things done in time. I'll deal with it tomorrow. My head hurts too much tonight to deal . . .

::sigh:: I'm thinking of joining the Jubilate Bells in my community. I'm not sure though . . . It looks like fun and I'd love to try it. They're so pretty when they're being played! I hope I have the time to be able to play them . . . I know I'd be able to play them (skill wise) if I put my mind to it. It's a plus that I already read music. ::laughs:: I don't even know how the conversation turned into an invitation to join Jubliate Bells. One minute you're wishing someone a happy Thanksgiving for the upcoming week and the next you're being invited to join the Bells. ^.^;! I would so love to be a member of the Bells. We'll see what happens.

Shorty, if you haven't done so already, could you send me all those pics from today? Thankies.

TodayEnvision went nuts and took a whole bunch of random piccies, just for the hell of it. I'll make sure to post some of them. They're really quite amusing. I even took piccies of Crystal Tama-chan. And those will definitely be up. Myuuu!!!

I feel really exhausted. After a weekend of going out with Ass-Kickin' Jupi to the mall to hang out and take piccies, shopping and hanging with Eternal Phoenix, Tae Kwon Do, and Envision I'm totally wiped out. And I have to go to worktomorrow (I think . . . even if I don't have to work I have to xerox some stuff) and Tae Kwon Do . . . and work on all that paperwork . . . and I'm tired! The week hasn't started yet but I'm already tired! At least the week is only three days long and then HOLIDAY! I'll be looking forwardto it.

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Today I went to Tae Kwon Do and broke my first board!!! I'm really psyched about it! I didn't think I could do it . . . but it just goes to show that you can do something if you put your mind to it and really concentrate and overcome everything inside you. I take things in Tae Kwon Do as a test. It's all about doing battle with insecurities, short comings, and fears. And I'm always surprising myself and doing so much better than I thought I could.

I do more warm up drills than I thought I would be able to handle. I learn the poomses faster than I thought I would. I break boards even though I doubt that I can . . . it's all a matter of coming to terms with yourself and overcoming yourself. And when you're done, you're a better person from it all.

I really like that. I enjoy going to Tae Kwon Do and pushing myself beyond my limits. I like the fact that I'll see my hard work will pay off one day. I enjoy it so much.

I still can't believe I broke a board today. I'm very proud of it. ^.^! ::hugs her two pieces of board:: Man! @_@! I had no idea my skip side kick was so powerful! @_@!!! I'm proud of my side kicks though. They've come a long way. I remember years ago when I could barely kick belt level 'cause I wasn't bringing my knee up high enough. And now that same kick breaks boards. Damn!

I'm really tired . . . and the carmel frap. from earlier is making me sleepy. #1, don't ask me why coffee is making me sleepy . . . #2, don't ask me why I drank coffee in the first place. I have no clue why! I'm gonna go to sleep. See you all next blog!

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There's a little revamp here, not much though. Just cleaning up a few things, adding a bit of newness with a pic or two . . .

Hmm . . . I've been working on another fic for those of you who still read my stuff . . . It's a Celena/Dilandau story . . . really quite depressing at the moment . . . Who knows if it'll get more uplifting as it progresses . . . ::shrugs:: If I finish it anytime soon, I'll put it up.

LOL @ me and Shorty's conversation last night. "They must like the taste of socks . . ." LOL. That was hella funny. And LOL @ me and Ass-Kickin' Jupi's conversation today. "Your room looks like half a bowl of Lucky Charms."

"Oh no! Not the gumdrop buttons!" LOL @ the Shrek DVD . . . I feel so bad for that poor gingerbread man.

I think I'm going to go to Tae Kwon DoSaturday morning. Maybe I'll even go tomorrow night . . . depends on if my uniform is washed and if I'm too tired or not . . . All I know is I wanna work on my poomses and . . . I wanna learn more ways of breaking people's arms. That's hella fun . . . Unless the person you're training with doesn't know their own strength and almost hella breaks your arm. ::rolls her eyes:: C'mon! It's called control people. Learn it!

Yea for Tripod. You can see my new webcam piccie now. Hurrah!

Well, I'm tired. So I think I'm gonna go t'bed now. Plus, my turtle here's lookin' kinda sleepy. Hurrah for the Tama-chan-like turtle! ^.^! Anywhos . . . I'll be seein' y'all . . .in a matter of speaking . . . next blog . . .

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See? I told you I'd be back . . .

I updated my webcam pic. I really like it. Please check it out. (Assuming that Tripod becomes very nice and it's server lag stops showing my old webcam pic . . .)

Oh well, I have to get ready for work now . . . and I'm feeling really bad, so looks like it's back to disappearing for a while. I'll be back . . . at least, on the blog page that is . . .

It's like they say . . . how does the saying go? "Don't call me, I'll call you . . . 'cause if you call I'll freakin' break your arm and feed it to my dog?" Wait, that's not how the saying goes . . . Oh well . . .

::walks off like Kenshin::

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