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"To~morrow shall be~ my dan~cing day . . ." Omg, I totally have that song stuck in my head. o.O! And it doesn't help that I only know half of it. So the middle is a lot of mumbles and then the choruses of "oh my love, oh my love, my love, my love this have I done for my true love!" It won't get out of my head. And I'd sing it out loud but the first soprano part I sing is super high. I'd be hella embarrassed to start busting out "G's" and "F's" all over the place with people around. And @_@ at the "A" we have to hit in another song! But that's not bad, I can hit the "C" above that.

Today was super funny. A girl in the preschool was totally being bad and lying to me. One of her playmates started crying and I didn't see what happened . . . so I asked, "Girls, what happened?" One little girl stands up and goes, "I didn't scratch her!" Oops, wrong thing to say. So I confronted her about it. Sometimes you can catch little four year olds in their lies and they'll come clean. But she wasn't about to confess. She simply started crying, hiding her face behind her hands and kept saying, "I didn't scratch her!" (which I never said she did). So basically, she booked herself a one way ticket to time away from the group . . . call it time out if you will. But LOL! Total hilarity! Tonight we okaasan was trying to blame someone for something I held up my hand and said, "I didn't scratch her!" She hella busted up laughing.

Tomorrow should be interesting. ::sigh:: Too much to do and I don't even know half of what I'll most likely end up doing. You know how it is. You get up and on impulse decide to go to the mall or the beach or something like that. So yeah. That'll probably end up happening. Well, hopefully that'll end up happening . . .

Tonight I'm feeling a little negative and down. I have to keep singing these songs from choir to remind me to keep my spirits up. Going to jubilate/chancel choir makes me feel so much better. ::deep sigh:: I love being so involved. ^.^v! I'm a little nervous because I have a concert this Sunday . . . and rehearsals Saturday and Sunday morning/afternoon. It should be interesting to say the least.

But getting back to what I was saying before, I have to keep a few happy thoughts so I don't get all sad. There's no reason for me to be sad.

Anyhow, I'm off. See you!

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First of all, revision to my Christmas list thingy below! I mean the X TV episodes, not the OVA. Sorry, got the two confused. And oh yeah, I added Beethoven stuff. ^.^ Gotta love Beethoven.

Omg, Lubriderm is total nastiness! I smeared it all over the poor dry skin on my shins and it's all hella gross. I'm offended by this. I thought it was supposed to be all cool and give you soft skin. All it does is make me more itchy!

Lemme see . . . other than hella stressin' over that piano thing, I had a wonderful day. The piano performance didn't go that bad though. I had a little problem with three bars, but after that it was pretty smooth sailing. Everyone was hella impressed. I was really happy. But my poor leg! I kept pushing the damper pedal with my foot and my poor leg was shaking so badly! At least my hands weren't shaking and I didn't feel like I was going to pass out!

Otousan gave me a little plastic multi-colored star slinky today. It's really cool. I don't know why I'm fascinated by it so much. I can't seem to put it down. ^.^;! Otousan had it laying around in his car so he told me I could have it if I wanted. I was like, "Cool! This matches the bigger one I have!"

Oh! My magazine came in the mail today. Total happiness! I really like the new manga "Mars." But I think Kira's character is changing a little too fast for my tastes. That's just me though. I mean, all of a sudden in chapter two she's gone from hating a guy to being all friendly and crushy with him? o.O? And o.O! @ "Peach Girl." What a drama! I can't wait to see if Sae really gets put in her place or not! And "Planet Ladder" is just @_@? I don't understand what's going on at all. And of course, I've never cared for "Juline." Stopped reading it after the second chapter. Isn't it by the same person who does "Vampire Princess Miyu's" manga? It looks like it . . . Anyways, I love sitting down reading through my magazine. I'll read it another two times through before I go to bed tonight, I'm sure. ^.^

And wow! I never thought someone would ever mention yaoi in an all shoujo manga magazine! o.O!!!

Yesterday Ha-san told me about a site called Playsite.com. It's pretty cool. Free online gaming for all the old school games. We stayed up late and played Scrabble.I won (though I'm not sure how since I was losing just before the end) . . . We were going to play checkers but the server sucked and I had to go to sleep because I had to wake up early today. So if you guys sign up (it's free by the way) look for Hitomi-sama and challenge me to a game. But lemme know you're a loyal blog reader of mine, okie? I'll be happier to accept the game invite. ^.^!

Let's see, let's see. ::sigh:: It was just a really nice day. And I totally deserve to relax. So I'm going to sit down, put my feet up, eat the granola bar Big O gave me, and chill . . . read my magazine again and um . . . relax.

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Wow, today I spent all day writing an original novel I'd been wanting to write for a long time now. Originally it started off as a manga idea. I'd been sketching character designs for the past couple of months and decided, it would be cool if I wrote stuff out before I started drawing. Then it just kinda grew into a novel. I've got the first twenty pages or so written so far. Half of it is the real beginning of the book whereas the other half occurs in random other spots later on in the novel. I'm really excited about it. Maybe when I finish it I'll try to get it published, but not under my pen name. And then I'll tell you guys all about it. I'll be so excited if I actually end up being published. ^.^v! The book's a little darker than I thought it was going to be. And I never imagined I'd be writing half the things I am. (No, it's not hentai you guys! Shame on you if you thought that!) I'm excited though. I can't stop writing it!

Been downloading the Love Hina mangas that Gosu's been emailing me. Thankies! They're really cool! And I didn't know my inbox was that big (not the Hotmail one)! I was really surprised.

Tomorrow I gotta play Beethoven and I can't get through the damn end of the song. There's this one part that really just messes me up and then I'm retarded for the rest of the song! So, I don't know how I'll do. I figure, it's really nothing to get hella stressed over. I mean, I'm already stressed but I'm not going to make myself sick over it. If I can't do it, oh well.

After I'm done tomorrow I'm gonna treat myself to something. Maybe I'll light my new dulce de leche candle in my room and just sit and smell it. Then I'll just sit there and be like, it's all downhill from here.

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Feeling all HTML-y right now.

<embarrassment> I totally got rid of the blog I did a few days ago. I almost said the wrong thing and then . . . that would've been bad. And I would've looked like a hypocritical idiot. At least I was able to vent some of my anger by blogging though. </embarrassment>

<stress> I'm so busy! And I'm so stressed out! Tomorrow I have to get up hella early to go to handbell and chancel choir practice. And I'm playin' bells and singin' tomorrow morning after rehearsal. Hella nervousness! And then I babysit my boss' daughter tomorrow night. I have to learn one more page of Beethoven by Tuesday (which is when I'm supposed to play it). I'm really hella stressin' 'cause the last four systems I need to memorize are tricky and I'm having a super tough time with them. I hope I can do it! By Wednesday I'm going to be all hella: @_@!!! Then I'll fall over and sleep for days and days . . . or until Thursday when the madness continues. </stress>

<sadness> All this crazy schedule stuff is horrible! And it just keeps going. I'm not going to have it let up until the 21st of December. ::cries:: </sadness>

<omg> Today I ran into my cousin and her family at the mall. We were all visiting my grandfather who works in the mall. So, we're all standing in front of this vendor who sells sunglasses. My grandfather says to otouto, "You see some glasses you like over there you just go take them!" (My grandfather apparently knows the mall vendors pretty well, so he can say stuff like that) We were all like: o.O!?! Later, me and my cousin were just jokingly trying on pairs and he says, "You like them, they're yours! Go on!" and he leads us away from the stand before we could even protest. My cousin and I were like: o.O!!! "Omg, we're like shoplifters or something!" And we were all hella dramatic. But I'm sure my grandfather went back after we were gone and paid the man. The vendor was cool and if he'd minded or something he would've said so and acted all mean. They're a nice pair of glasses and all, but I still feel kinda bad. My grandparents always like to get me things and I feel real bad about it 'cause I feel like they do it too much. </omg>

<wowness> I heard someone playing Coldplay's "Trouble" on the piano the other day and it was hella kirei. I wish I could play it. I just downloaded the mp3 . . . and I'm searching for the sheet music. I think it'd be neat to play and sing along. </wowness>

<wants> I didn't know there were Love Hina bilingual manga out! I totally want them now! I'd tell people but they'd either not know what I'm talking about or wouldn't be able to find them. Sadness! </wants><coolness> Bought a Love Hina calendar today. It's really neat, and I can use it now! I don't have to wait 'til 2002! Calendars are so expensive though! ;_;! </coolness>

<talk to real life friends> If you guys don't know what to get me for the holidays, here's some ideas . . . you really don't have to get me anything though! But I know you'll argue with me for hours and hours if I say that. So I'll save you having to dish out a beating and give you some ideas:
 * Candles, votives, other types of candle holders
 * Love Hina bilingual manga
 * Small turtle stuffs
 * Book of Beethoven's sonatas for the piano
 * A CD of Beethoven
 * X TV DVD (It's out now! ;_;) (Hella expensive though)
 * Love Hina artbook (Hella expensive though)
 * An empty box (har har har)
 * $0.26 (who remembers this joke?)
</talk to real life friends>

<exhaustion> It's late and I've gotta get up and be active early. ;_;. ::cries:: <pain> And the cold is making my leg hurt bad. I better go to bed and get all cozy warm . . . get me a good night sleep so I'll be all set to ring them bells! </pain></exhaustion>

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