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On the Wings of an Angel
This is my most recent story. I put it out in parts so that I can really give minna a good story. Itís such a hard story to explain. Itís about Mamoruís past as Prince Endymion but thereís so much more to it than just that. Usagi really learns the meaning of love here. 
   On the Wings of an Angel: Part One { v i e w }
      Part Two { v i e w }
      Part Three { v i e w }
      Part Four { v i e w }
      Part Five { v i e w }
      Part Six { v i e w }

Precious Gems: A Diamond is Forever { v i e w }

Precious Gems: Skipping Stones { v i e w }
This story is the second in a series that I never got around to finshing but think I should try if everyone likes it. This series is what I thought shouldíve happened to Diamond and Rini.

Tatakai No Tame Ni Ai (Fight for Love) { v i e w }
This takes place in the first season. The Rokuji gang is not a group to be messed with. Usagi gets in a little over her head when her anger gets the best of her. What will happen when the gang seeks revenge for the insults? 

Not Too Big of a Hero {v i e w }
This was the first fanfic I ever wrote. I only put it up because Eternal Phoenix liked it so much. Mamoru and Usagi are confronted by Emerald. What happens when Sailormoon is unable to fight and it's all up to Tuxedo Kamen?

Eternal Pheonix (

My Fair Lady
Serena is a seemingly poor woman living on the streets of England. What happens when a wealthy man named Darien takes her in? What will happen when he finds out Serena really is more than she seems?
   My Fair Lady: Part One { v i e w }
      Part Two { v i e w }
      Part Three { v i e w }
      Part Four { v i e w }

Till Death Do Us Part { v i e w }
Boy is this story cute! It features a nice little run-in between some unlikely characters that'll definitely have you laughing!

Forever and Always { v i e w }
This was Eternal Phoenix's very first fic. Well done too. Serena is so crushed by her breakup with Darien that she runs away! What will Darien do? Tracking her down is only half the battle!

There's No Me Without You { v i e w }
This is a story that explores Darien and Serena's feelings briefly after their breakup.

Guarding Angel { v i e w }
How romantic for Valentine's Day! Serena and Darien broke up and they're both heartbroken! This point of view story is great to read if you believe in love! 

Don't Forget Me! { v i e w }
What would have happened if Darien had gotten his memories back after the fight with Queen Beryl instead of Serena? Read and find out!

Summer Love { v i e w }
Serena gets sent away to a summer camp. Who just happens to be one of her camp mates? Why, Darien, of course. But do you honestly think that's all there is to it? You know how annoying Darien can be at times. Read this and see how Serena deals.

Man of My Dreams { v i e w }
Darien and Serena are planning on going to the same masquerade ball. What will happen when they meet . . . and what will happen when Serena finds out the true identity of the masked man from her dreams?

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