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Library of Gaean Texts Archive

Welcome to the insanity! Last update: 02.12.01

Here's where all of my stories live after posting. Read things you may have missed or fics you like so much you can't resist reading again!

Rain Washes Everything Away  { v i e w }
This story takes place during the middle of Escaflowne. Dilandau is forced to come to terms with his past. Will he be able to continue to follow the Zaibach once he does?

The Second Vision of Escaflowne
My own continuation of the wonderfully done anime series by Shouji Kawamori.
Vision One, Episode One: Angel Dream  { v i e w }
  Episode Two: The Kingdom of the Dragon  { v i e w }
  Episode Three: Invisible Wings  { v i e w }
Vision Two, Episode Four: Alliance of Honor  { v i e w }
  Two, Episode Five: The Fallen Angel  { v i e w }
  Two, Episode Six: Stronghold of Darkness  { v i e w }


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