A pirate spots his enemy!Arg, matey!  
Welcome to Envision. Last update: 11.13.00 


Escaflowne isn't just mecha . . .
Here are the other non-mecha
cosplayers . . .

  • Hitomi Kanzaki cosplayed by Hitomi-sama 

  • What would Escaflowne be without Hitomi? Yes, at AX2001 I'm cosplaying as . . . myself! ^_~!

  • Allen Schezar cosplayed by Nova 

  • Sapphire-kun has been replaced by another member, Nova. And we're 100% sure, he'll be there. 

  • Van Fanel yet to be decided 

  • We have someone in mind for this but we aren't definite yet.

  • Dryden Fassa cosplayed by ???  

  • Upon the deletion of Dilandau, we have decided to replace the role with Dryden who will be cosplayed by ???.

  • Dilandau Albatou has been removed 

  • Due to the difficulty of this costume and the lack of members, this role has been deleted.

  • Folken Fanel yet to be decided 

  • Should we find even more people this spot will be filled . . . 

  • Merle tentatively cosplayed by Shorty's little sister 

  • Shorty's sister is considering filling this role . . .

  • Princess Millerna and others yet to be decided 

  • Who know's if we'll have enough members . . . but if we do then the rest of the spots will be announced. 

    Cosplayer's progress 


    Mission for the purple and green gym bag accomplished! Well . . . it's almost green and purple . . . okay, so it's more like aqua and some funky dark blue . . . it's close enough!!! Plus, this thing was on sale! 

    In other news, I finished sewing the hem on my bow! I feel so special! I finally learned how to sew! Alright! 


    I finally found my purple and green gym bag but . . . ::sobs:: I didn't have enough money for it! This vacation has temporarily rendered me broke! -_-! I'm sure they'll have it later. I'll go back and get it then . . . 

    In other news, did I already tell minna how much I suck at DDR? ^_^*. Well, I've only played like three times so maybe that's why . . . but a beginner like me should know better than to pick "Butterfly" on an arcade machine! Lucky for me barely anyone was around. But it did make me feel better to see everyone else that played fail too. ^_^. Guess I don't suck all that much after all . . . 


    Do I have a movie costume update? You bet! I went back and got my brown loafers. Boy, I never would've thought those things would be so comfortable! ^_^*. 

    Is that all? No way! White sneakers for my TV costume? Check! My costume shoe shopping is done now! And I can wear these shoes around too. Definitely a plus! 

    Don't have much more of my costume to track down. Maybe I'll actually be done with both of my costumes by Halloween. That would be great! At the rate I'm going now, I really wouldn't be surprised in the least if I did. 

    Can't help but wonder how the mecha groupd is doing right now . . . hmm . . . ::giggles:: I dunno but I'm almost done with my costume! I'm so excited! Way ahead of schedule too! Once I'm done, I can help the mecha group more. Maybe with my luck we can finish their costumes in no time too. 


    New anime day! Woo hoo! ^_^!!! Who knew I'd find a stor that sold anime on my vacation? I'm just lucky. 

    Sadly, the store didn't have the Ninja Scroll DVD (or VHS) that I wanted. Or the Blue Submarine No. 6 DVD I've been itching to buy since AX2000. I did find the subbed Kiki's Delivery Service I'd been looking for since I first saw Escaflowne and made up my mind that Minami Takayama was one of the coolest seiyuus ever. I also bought the remastered Ghost in the Shell DVD. Haven't seen it yet but I figured since it's one of the anime titles that really got things going in America, it should belong in my growing collection. 

    Matte, isn't this supposed to be a cosplay update? Well yeah . . . ^_^*. But new anime is so special it deserves to be shared. 

    Anyway, nothing new so far as my costume goes. I did find those brown loafers in my size. Only, the people I was with were in a hurry. "Hiyaku!" Geez, can't a girl cosplay-shop without being rushed? Tomorrow we're supposedly going to go back for the shoes. So hopefully . . . 

    Tomorrow's the day Shorty and Otaku In Training are getting together to work. I hope they actually do get work done. Too bad I can't be there to supervise. No worries. I'll have plenty of that to do on 8.14.00. And if they haven't done anything since 08.04.00 . . . ::cackles like Dilandau and pulls out Viole's squeeky mallet:: Let's just say double time will take on a whole new meaning. 

    However, if all goes well, part of Monday will be spent uploading this wonderful site. That in itself will be considered great progress . . . 

    I'd like to say arigato in advance to Otaku In Training who donated his web space and old non-functional site for Envision. I remodeled! How does it look? ^_^. Arigato Otaku In Training! 


    ::Dramatic narrator enters:: Even amidst Hitomi-sama's vacation where she is supposed to be relaxing to her heart's content without a worry in the world, she diligently manages to work on her costume. ::Narrator leaves:: 

    Factory outlet shopping is ideal costume territory. Everything is there . . . and cheap too! Well . . . almost everything. I wasn't about to pay $75 for a G-shock watch . . . Mine's just as nice. So it isn't an expensive G-shock? Big deal. And the sports bag I was searchin for at Oshman's the other day was no where to be found . . . but I did get some great deals on some costume items! ^_~! 

    I wasn't even expecting to find things for my series costume, but I did. A white shirt with a collar really is no big deal, you can find those anywhere. It was on sale . . . and it looks very similar to Hitomi's. But my pride and joy is the tan jacket I found. Granted, it needs the sailor collar and cuffs added . . . (which will make it the perfect length) . . . and it needs an extra button or two . . . but the color is pretty close and it even has two pockets in the front! Alright! 

    Nothing new for my movie costume yet. Tried looking for loafers but no one had the exact ones I wanted. Maybe tomorrow. 

    I did manage to find some pink stones that if I file down and polish (if anyone has any ideas how I can do that email me onegai!!!) . . . and drill a hold in for the chain and things . . . will do nicely for a pendant. But they need a lot of work because they aren't the perfect shape . . . 

    I'm ahead of the mecha group now! Hee hee hee! ^_^! I got behind after I helped them out with their pieces but I'm ahead again! I know, they have more to do . . . but it gets them into gear when they're being lazy and unproductive . . . I've gotta keep 'em motivated. I am the manager, after all. ^_^! 


    So far, I've only been lucky enough to find a watch for my movie costume! ^_^*. I looked all over for the darned thing too. Finally found it and thankfully it didn't cost me an arm and a leg. When I went out with the Envision group I found a stone that'll serve as my backup pendant piece. It's a shaped piece of rose quartz that's got silver melded around it in order to let it hang from a chain. It, sadly, isn't the pendant stone . . . but it's in case I can't find anything else. 

    Other than having to look all over for a blue watch and a disappointing search for a pendant stone, finding a bad like Hitomi's has been rather fruitless. What's wrong with the colors purple and green together? Why does Oshman's only sell black and the like? You'd think they'd have one. Oh well, I'm not giving up. There's still plenty of time and lots more costume to track down and piece together!