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So you want to leave?
If you really must, check out these great sites!


  • AnimeCow

    Here's an anime site that's got everyting. It's got fan art, fanfics, anime news, info and other goodies! There's tons to see! Check it out! This site is still heavily under construction.

  • Studio Unmei

    Yet another plug to my home . . . Studio Unmei! Come here and check out all of the awesome anime/J-Pop/Manga related things!

  • Hitomi-sama: Hime of Insanity

    Here's another link to my pages at Unmei. Check them out! Especially the Escaflowne one! ^_~!

  • Anime Expo

    The entire reason why Envision Escaflowne exists. Go here for news about the convention!