Funny conversations
(Note, names have been changed to
protect the insane)


The other night the moon was a funky orange red color. It was really freaky. And anytime the moon looks freaky, I go into one of my "Left Behind" frenzies.

Me: You'd want to go to the moon after it looked that creepy last night?
Cameron: yes, it's become cheese flavored!
Me: Eep! ::hides::
Me: The apocalypse is coming! Eep!!! ::hides::
Cameron: *ducks*
Me: Demon locusts!
Me: Quick, get in the Range Rover!
Cameron: *hits them with a tennis racket*
Me: Yay!!!
Me: You go Buck!
Cameron: *gets in the range rover and drives like mad*
Me: Wait for me!!!!!!
Cameron: I thought you were already in!
Me: No! ::runs like crazy:: Let me in, Buck!!!!!!!!!!
Cameron: *stops the car*
Me: ::opens the door and jumps in::
Cameron: zzzzzzzzzzzz
Me: Don't fall asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: You'll crash into a tree!!!!!!!
Cameron: WAI!!! *CRASH*
Me: Oushie!
Me: You crashed! I could've done that.
Cameron: *dead*
Me: BUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cameron: *verrrry still*
Me: ::and then the angel Michael comes and brings him back to life::
Me: Buck?
Cameron: *dies again*
Me: Stop dying, Buck!!!!!!!!
Cameron: *falls out of the car and onto the road*
Me: ::summons the Great Will of the Universe to resurrect him::
Cameron: *gets run over by a passing oil truck*
Me: ::pulls him from the road::
Me: Bad corpse.
Cameron: *dead silent*
Me: Buck!!!!!!!!
Cameron: *is cold to the touch*
Me: Don't be dead.
Me: ;_;
Me: ::cries::
Cameron: *sneezes*
Me: You're alive?
Me: o.O!
Cameron: *allergic to being dead*
Me: Yay!!!!!!!
Cameron: *but is still dead*
Me: Boo! ;_;
Me: ::Michael brings him back to life again::
Cameron: uh, thanks Mike
Me: Yay Mike!
Me: And you're alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cameron: wheeeeeee!
Me: Hurrah!!! But you wrecked the Range Rover.
Cameron: I'll get us a Hummer
Me: That's right! Yay!!!!!!!!!!
Me: What'll you name it?
Cameron: Hummy
Me: ;_;
Me: <---- thought he'd name it after her
Cameron: but you don't look like a big ugly car!


Roleplaying is always fun. Especially when you get crazy confused people in the room! Here I'm roleplaying as Nicolae (surprise, surprise) though he's not evil here. Nicolae has recently been ill and as he's heading off to bed, a visitor comes knocking.

Nicolae : Oh . . . I am sorry.
Nicolae : I was speaking again? (note: speaking in his sleep)
Kirsten nods
Nicolae : I do that sometimes when I am not well.
Kirsten : More reason for you to be in bed!
Nicolae nods after a long moment of thought
Nicolae kisses her forehead and says, "This I will do."
Kirsten smiles a little shyly and yet triumphantly
--->Cloud Strife has joined the conversation.
Cloud Strife Drives motorcycle and parks it
Cloud Strife Goes upto Nicolae's Apartment
Nicolae rises and takes his blanket with him. He pauses by a paper long enough to scribble something on it
Cloud Strife Knocks on door
Kirsten : I'll get it.
Kirsten rushes to the door and opens it
Kirsten : Can I help you?
Cloud Strife : Hi
Kirsten : Hello.
Cloud Strife : You Prolly Don't Remember me...
Kirsten : You're right, I don't.
Cloud Strife : i used to live next door to you when u were lil
Cloud Strife : we were friends
Kirsten : Really.
Cloud Strife : n then i moved
Nicolae stops and looks at them from where he stands
Kirsten : Where did you live?
Cloud Strife : next to nicolae
Cloud Strife : Me cloud
Kirsten : Ah, see? I haven't lived next to Nicolae until now. And when I was young, I had no friends.
Cloud Strife : oh
Cloud Strife : im sorry
Kirsten : It's okay.
Cloud Strife : may i come in?
Kirsten looks to Nicolae
Nicolae : For a moment, yes.
Cloud Strife : Thak You
Kirsten gestures him in saying "Please."
Nicolae nods
Cloud Strife Walks In
Nicolae looks apologetically at Kirsten and sits back down
Cloud Strife Puts his Spiked blonde hair down so covers his eyes
Kirsten sighs and joins Nicolae, smiling as if to say "I know, it's okay."
Cloud Strife : Can i sit down?
Kirsten : Please do.
Cloud Strife Sits Down
Cloud Strife : Thank you
Cloud Strife : Wow
Nicolae : Hm?
Cloud Strife : i never thought i would see you again
Kirsten : See who?
Cloud Strife : nicolae
Kirsten : You know him?
Cloud Strife : we were friend when we were Little
Kirsten : You lived in Romania when you were little?
Cloud Strife : i came back here to see her
Nicolae : Her?
Kirsten : Her?
Cloud Strife : i wanted to see how you(nicolae) was doing
Nicolae : The "her" you are referring to is me?
Cloud Strife : yes
Nicolae : I have been called many things, but never once a woman. I hate to disappoint you but I am male.
---> Cloud Strife has left the conversation.

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