What's the best thing about running webpages? Why, the recognition of course! And what better way to get that said recognition than through awards! Here's my (hopefully) growing collection of them.


Arigato to Yomoto Ashitaka Kytoshi for this wonderful award! Look, it's for both Envision and being the Hime of Insanity! Beautiful! What a great thing to see pop into my mailbox! Domo arigatou!


A big arigato to Jen-yu Chan's Escaflowne World for this kirei award! Look! It's kawaii tenshi Van, backlit and smiling! ^_^! I'm honored to receive this award! Domo!


This kirei award was given to me for my "Second Vision of Escaflowne" continuation series! Sugoi!!! Arigato Dilly-chan and all the judges of the contest held at "Escaflowne: For Lovers Only"! 


It's Dilandau! This award was for my "Match Made in Gaea" which was picked as "Best Parody" in the contest at Dilly-chan's web page! Arigato moo ichido!!!

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