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There's a new fic up! It's called "Shinjitsu" (Truth). I hope you all enjoy it. I worked hard on it and even made a little piece of fanart for it. Look all you want but don't steal, onegai shimasu! Enjoy!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.29.01 }

Added a new page today! So if anyone's interested in what the story is in the Escaflowne RPG I'm in, now they can take a look for themselves. I'll update the list maybe every week or so . . . depending on how my schedule is and how the posting goes. Unfortunately, no image link as of yet . . . but I'll work on it . . .

I also added the link to the Escaflowne RPG on the side bar. It does say "Escaflowne RPG" but it'll take you to the main page of "Escaflowne Fortress." They're always looking for new members and they really would like to see more members in the RPG! There's a whole slew of characters not yet taken guys! Van, Dilandau or Celena, Millerna . . . this is your chance if you've always wanted to RPG as them!

Well, I'm off to keep working on "Second Vision." Expect something soon. I hope you'll all as excited about it as I am!

Hitomi-sama   { 05.06.01 }

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