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The contest is still on! I've gotten no submissions so far! So the field is wide open! You can catch the rules here.

In other news . . . Eternal Phoenix and I *are* going to start posting again soon. It's just been a really slow time of year. But watch for new stuff!

Do you like all those little buttons on the sidebar? I made some of them myself. The first three are mine. Pretty good ne? I like making little buttons so expect to see more of them. I still have to make buttons for *my* site here!

Anyhow . . . until next update! See you all soon! Jaa~! ^-^v!

Hitomi-sama   { 04.27.01 }

Here's a text link to the Keepers of Sailormoon until I can make a banner for it! Catch the Keepers here!

Also, catch the archive here for now!


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